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May 31, 2007

INTEC’s Anatomy Part 1: Food

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I can see a surging demand for food nowadays. Coffee shops and restaurants are booming exponentially and though the competition is extremely strong, all these stalls and restaurants still manage to survive. The same goes to INTEC. All right, I am sure that those who will be coming in to INTEC will find this fairly informative.

Food place #1
It reigns as the best cafe that INTEC has to boast about. It is an indoor cafe, fully equipped with air-conditioners around it, and also around 20 tables outside the cafe.

Top 10 Best Things About AUSMAT Cafe
10. It is a stone’s away from all the AUSMAT blocks and most of the science labs.
9. It is located extremely near to a computer lab, so you can hang out in the computer lab after food.
8. It has regular workers who clean the tables in the cafe, pushing a trolley around collecting rubbish in the cafe.
7. It has it’s own “Today’s Special”. Therefore, you can still get a variety of food choice there.
6. Ala Carte ordering is available during lunch hours. It is the only cafe that takes Ala Carte ordering during lunch hours.
5. It also has a small waffle stall just outside the cafe itself. More choices of food.
4. It also has the most choices of food and drinks in a cafe compare to the other cafes in INTEC.
3. The average price of the food is the most reasonable ones compare to the other cafes.
2. It has the best fried chicken in INTEC.

Top 5 Worst Things About AUSMAT Cafe
5. Though the tables are clean regularly, sometimes they still feel sticky.
4. Food supply run out extremely fast especially during lunch hours.
3. The workers can be quite snobbish at times, when you ask them for favors.
2. The air-conditioner in the cafe makes your shirt feels like the smell of the cafe if you stay in the cafe for too long.
1, It is hard to access by other students except from AUSMAT students. Its location is far away from ALG blocks, ADFP/ACTP blocks, Music & Education blocks, Russian Program blocks, Korean/Japan Program blocks, ALM Blocks, and ALED blocks.

Leen’s personal view on AUSMAT Cafe: Why does an egg have to cost 60cents when all other cafes only charge 50cents per egg? = (

Food Place #2
This has to be the second best cafe available in INTEC after AUSMAT cafe. Even though it is not as big and as lavish as AUSMAT cafe, at least this cafe still provides decent food with decent price.

Top 10 Good Points About ADFP/ALG/ACTP Cafe
10. It is widely accessible to everyone from various programs. It normally caters to the need of ADFP/ACTP students, UiTM students, Short Program students, ALG students and Middle East Program students.
9. It is located just in front of the library. Therefore, you can always enjoy food easily after doing your homework in the library.
8. You will always get to listen to some guitars once in a while because the music department students will normally gather in this cafe.
7. It sells the most local delicacies in INTEC. No other cafe sells as much local kuih-muih as this cafe sells. (3 pieces of delicacies for RM1.00)
6. It starts operating very early in the morning. I used to arrive at college at 0700 and they already have their food on the tables.
5. It is quite easy to get a 10cents or 20cents discount from the cashiers.
4. It uses only disposable materials for cutleries and plates. Hence, you don’t have to fear about the cleanliness of your spoon or fork.
3. For those who want to get to know people, this is also the cafe where people interact a lot with others. To simply put it, it is a better melting pot than AUSMAT cafe.
2. The workers speak Bahasa kelate. XD (You’ll get to learn a word or two from them.)
1. The eggs only cost 50cents per egg.

Top 10 Worst Things About ADFP/ACTP/ALG Cafe
10. It is too small.
9. It is open-air type cafe. If it rains, then you will be in some kind of inconvenience.
8. The male workers can be quite irritating sometimes.
7. The food choices are limited and same most of the time.
6. The noodles are simply too spicy (for chinese) most of the time.
5. The cashiers keep an eye on you all the time so that you don’t take extra nuts in your nasi lemak, or they will charge you more.
4. You can only take a certain amount of food(noodles and fried rice for breakfast). If you take more, they will charge you more. It isn’t the case in AUSMAT cafe.
3. There is only one water pipe for you to wash your hands before/after your meal.
2. The service is quite slow because there are not enough workers around.
1. The vegetables taste like poison.

Leen’s personal view: They can and should provide more tables and chairs. And don’t make everything so oily.

Food Place#3
ALM Cafe
It is ranks last in almost everyone’s ranking due to its pricing, mostly. Some ALM students will rather walk some distance to AUSMAT cafe to enjoy a proper meal rather than eating in ALM Cafe.

Top 10 Worst Things About ALM Cafe
10. It has limited space for people to walk around.
9. It is the only cafe that doesn’t sell ice-creams.
8. It has a roof on top of you but when it rains, it can still get a little troublesome.
7. You can’t get your own drink because the machine is not within your reach.
6. They look at you all the time when you are taking your food from the counters.
5. They are often closed during holiday season. Other cafes still operate during holiday because certain students from certain programs will still be around.
4. It does not offer much choices of food, nor do they taste exceptionally well.
3. It is not recommended by seniors. Well, they know better, don’t they?
2. You can hardly get any discount from the cashiers.
1. The price!! They are just TOO expensive.

Leen’s personal comment: I once ate a plate of fried rice that cost me RM3.20 when I can easily get the price of RM2.00 in ADFP cafe and RM2.20 in AUSMAT cafe. That’s a huge difference in pricing.

Of course, it is not THAT bad at all to eat there. It does offer something special there, like burgers and hotdogs. It looks quite nice too, with some greeneries around you, not to mention the clean look of the cafe.

All in all, all three cafes offer similar food, with AUSMAT cafe having slightly more choices than the rest. You can also get free sky juice in all three cafes. Tissue papers are also there and free of charge. In addition to the cafes, there is also a little convenience shop in INTEC selling test pads, daily products, food, and so on. I don’t have a camera with me, so it’s hard to display their pictures so excuse me for that part. =D Now you know how to make your way to the right cafe that suits your personal preferences best. If you want ice-creams, never go to ALM cafe. If you crave for waffle, you can try AUSMAT cafe. That’s about it for food in INTEC.

Craving for eggs,



  1. Nice one, Eileen =)I hope I will get to try all the cafes for myself too.And if any scholar ever gets tired of INTEC food, can take the free transport to Campus Alive because there is a lot of variety at New Life “Restaurant” Centre including Chinese food.p.s. INTEC’s Anatomy!? I thought you were an economist xpVery much looking forward to Part 2 =)*Craving for eggs too*

    Comment by not a scholar — June 1, 2007 @ 2:07 pm

  2. I thought you were an economist as well? =P And why are you so free all the time huh?

    Comment by Leen — June 1, 2007 @ 2:57 pm

  3. I <>were too free XD<> *quotes that frowning girl* all the time because I am not a scholar =(

    Comment by not a scholar — June 1, 2007 @ 3:19 pm

  4. as an experienced*ahem*consumer*cough*,i strongly recommend AUSMAT is THE place to eat.of course,ALG/ADFP isn’t that bad either.n ALM usually has decent food at the beginnin of each sem(food quality deteriorates as time passes).the tauhu in ALM tastes all mushy and at times may exude toxic fumes (im exaggerating.but the smell really bugs me).the vege in ADFP tastes like poison.i strongly agree.haha

    Comment by eunice — June 1, 2007 @ 8:33 pm

  5. yes…the vege really taste like poison…and i agree with you eunice, d taufu sux!

    Comment by cal — June 3, 2007 @ 9:31 pm

  6. the tofu use to taste nice but lately it turned sour everytime i go there eat… by the way, calvin can u plz contribute one article on ausmat programme??? thanz in advance… eunice, plz write one on alm too~!@@ this is an order!!! haha

    Comment by Pat — June 3, 2007 @ 9:41 pm

  7. Pat – Hey, but the invitation to post on CA blog that you have sent to me did not work leh…can send to me again? Thx…i will be more than willing to talk about the stupid AUSMAT prog…haih…its really KILLING me now!!

    Comment by cal — June 5, 2007 @ 1:30 am

  8. ah..but you duno the secret..the lady in charge of the counter likes guys…we always get cheaper food:D

    Comment by 5M4 — June 7, 2007 @ 1:55 am

  9. sorry cal… can u juz send to my email instead… its patriciating88@hotmail.complz do it asap coz we need to compile everything and post it up asap…

    Comment by Pat — June 10, 2007 @ 9:35 pm

  10. Intec food…I would agree that it’s the best of the best compared to other cafes. Though it benefit us people like the Ausmat people, students from other programme wouldn’t mind walking an extra ‘mile’ just to savour Ausmat Cafe’s food? As a regular customer of Ausmat Cafe, this is what I recommend. Only eat the friend chicken when you need to. Sometimes(most of the times), it’s uncooked, and you do get uncooked blood oozing out from the drumstick(unless you don’t mind becoming a dracula).Vegetables are nice. Who says they taste like poison(calvin)? They are cheap too. Vege and rice, RM1.20 ONLY.Other than that, I think Ausmat Cafe rocks…(not).

    Comment by Anonymous — June 16, 2007 @ 9:36 pm

  11. you do get uncooked blood oozing out from the drumstick(unless you don’t mind becoming a dracula).<>I’ve had horrible personal experience with this one. Ugh.Why are the tables at AUSMAT cafe always so sticky anyway?

    Comment by Shalini — June 17, 2007 @ 6:35 pm

  12. Haha=)Good job!Eileen=P Hmm..seems like nothing much has changed lol=)Wow!Eileen, u really cares a lot abt the eggs huh?Haha..I never realise that the eggs in Ausmat Cafe are actually more expensive than elsewhere le..eventhough had been studying in Intec for more than a year,haha XD

    Comment by Josephine — July 28, 2007 @ 1:48 pm

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