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June 11, 2007

Luck: The Myth and The Story Unfold

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Since I am too full to eat anything at the moment due to my low metabolism rate these few days, I’ll share about my thoughts on this little topic here.

Yesterday, after a pleasant and fun service in church(witnessing my friend’s baptism and all), I headed back to my own place in a bus. Being a seasoned air traveler, I was confident that I would be able to endure the whole trip smoothly. Not to mention, I had a book and some food with me in the bus. Doesn’t sound too bad, does it? Of course, little did I know that my little cough and running nose would swing my mood upside down in the next few hours of bus ride. I began to feel dizzy and uneasy after 4 hours of what it seemed to be a never-ending journey back home to me.

After around 4.5 hours of bus trip, I decided to get down from a bus even though the bus had not reached the bus station. I figured that I could just walk a few minutes and got myself a Monorail or Light Railway Transit(LRT) instead of having to endure another 45 minutes of torturing ride on the bus. Somehow, I was “lucky” enough because the LRT station was just a stone’s away from the spot where I stepped down from the bus. I was again “lucky” enough to purchase my ticket using the machine, instead of having to line up for the counter. Just for your information, the ticket-selling machines are always jammed but this time, I just got the right one. Phew…

Because of my little daring act, I managed to save around 45 minutes of time and RM1.20. After my LRT ride, I took on a commuter to get back to my place. Again, I was “lucky” to meet some foreigners on the commuter sitting right next to me. *rolls eyes* I thought of introducing myself as *cough*a courteous and friendly citizen*cough* to the foreigners but I did not know how to begin. Later, I found out that the mother of this family of Caucasian had just bought 4 books for her discipleship class. I mustered some courage and I asked, “Excuse me, may I know where you are from?”

Then, I found out that they were a bunch of Americans from Alaska, and the mother is currently teaching in Indonesia. I did not find out the reason they were in Malaysia for that matter. “Alaska!” I exclaimed. “That’s what I did for my assignment last semester.” I felt so “lucky” that I did an assignment on Alaska last semester and now I could talk to them all about Alaska. Later, we talked more about Christianity and other things. In my mind, I was feeling very grateful and lucky that I had done an assignment on Alaska, and hence having a common topic to talk about to this woman in the commuter.

Before she left, she said, “I won’t say Good Luck to you because it is not luck.” So she said, “May the blessings of the Lord go with you.”

I gasped. I never really thought of all these things as God’s blessings or God’s planning. Very often, we brush aside a lot of things as coincidence or luck. Is it luck that I did an assignment on Alaska last semester? Is it luck that I got down from the bus at the right time at the right place? Is it luck that I met with this woman in the commuter? Are they all just coincidence?

Later, I thought of something that I once read in the book.
“The more you pray, the luckier you get.”
Similarly, there was one thing that I thought of.
“The more you fix your eyes on God, the more “coincidence” you will meet.

There are two sides of the coin eventually. We can either say that everything is pure luck or we can flip the coin over and see it as a wonderful plan of God and be grateful unto Him. If we can patch all these little “coincidences” and “lucky situations” together, we might just be able to experience a small fraction of what God has been planning for us all these while.

So people, are you feeling lucky today? Make sure you thank God for your luck because it is never luck if it hadn’t be for Him who allows all things to happen “by chance”. If you just stop now and think back of all the coincidences that happen in your life, you will start to appreciate what God has planned for you and how far He has planned ahead of you that you get to where you are today.

Indeed, it is never luck. It’s God’s blessings and God’s planning.



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  1. Nice testimony again Leen… no wonder I am short of “luck”, been immersed in worldly matters too much, must focus more on Him!

    Comment by not a scholar — June 17, 2007 @ 4:50 am

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