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July 20, 2007

not your usual post *the result of not joinin ICS*

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On 19th July …………..

That was how Pat started. But it sounds too formal. Let’s do this my way *Frank Sinatra song playing*…

Tired, exhausted, sleep deprived…I think that was what most of us felt by the time CA came..(at least that’s how I felt..)

Pat : It was all because CA came by during the ICS week (Intec Clubs and Society Week) and most of the committee are involved (not Eunice of coz)…btw, I (not Pat) thought ICS stood for inter-culture-shock. Hee…sorry..blur blur..

Anyway, let’s start from transportation… I was the back-up usher (as usual) in Cemara-Akasia..yea..poor me, tongue tied with all juniors surrounding me. I didn’t even know who to ask, ie whether or not they were waiting for CA transport..or aunty’s rice .(turns out half of them were waiting for the rice..sigh..). But we managed to pack off around half of the juniors by 5.40. record breakin’ it was one of the rare times when the DRIVERS WERE WAITING FOR THE PPL !! so anyway, Pat was there to er..usher..with me. We put all the ALG guys into Shiau Hooi’s van, and the rest of us were happily in the ‘new’ (kononnya) air-conditioned van..half way to church n I received this SMS : “why you put all ALG guys into my van!!?? I am suffering now..” yea..sorry, shiau hooi. But I couldn’t resist sending them into your van.. I thought you needed a communication skills lesson.

By the way, there was absolutely NO JAM throughout the transport time !! amazing, no? Really thank God for His Goodness n Mercy =) we got to eat dinner although we left at 6.30… non-halal food…yumyum…

Pat : This time there’s about 80 ppl who came. Whom 28 of them are juniors… a big applause to the juniors who so willingly came despite some having assignments and quizzes and even parade (for ICS)… even 1 ALG junior turns up… so proud of him!!! (thinking of asking him to drive… muahaha) *plus, he’s a foochow from sitiawan who, like Eunice, knows next to nothing about the dialect*.. and almost all of them are willing to serve in the coming CA!!! praise the Lord!!

This time around, Erika led the ice-breakers n games, and Jim led the worship. The LCD projector wouldn’t start at first, so Jim had to buy time by talking in particular.. but everything went smoothly after that. Prayer was by Jeffrey (he sounds like a pastor when he prays, no kidding. Especially when he prays in Chinese. Too bad he’s not a junior. If not I’ll pass prayer to him..n I’ll be free!! Haha,just kidding).

After worship we had somemore games (it’s laughter night, anyway). Then Joash gave a brief sharing about friendship.

Pat : Since Eunice is stuck at Joash’s sharing…(dunno why!!!) I’ll take over instead… He shared something about Chip n Dale (which is the theme of the first CA of this sem) about the friendship that they bonded in the process of saving the world.. CA is like them too… to complete the mission that God has given unto us… He once reminded the seniors of their purpose in INTEC and asks the juniors to think about their purposes in INTEC too… after the sharing, we all proceed to the 5th floor where we celebrated the July babies’ birthdays with a huge 2kg cake which we didn’t manage to consume after that… the guys(u know who you are…), as usual were busy talking with new juniors (female of course) and eating the not-so-good-looking-but-taste-superb fruit salad that nearly caused the death of Shiau Hooi…may I just add that I (Eunice) nearly fainted half-way through the refreshment preparations as well.. but it turned out well, thank God..

Transport home was a breeze, and *almost* all of us managed to arrive back before 11pm. Although I distinctly recall telling the guard that a ‘few’ people would be slightly late ( later I realized it would have been better had I said ‘about 20 ppl’ would be late..), we were a little nervous as we entered Akasia..

Well, that’s about it.. the rest we will leave to the pictures to do the talking..

Reported by 2 boring committee who didn’t go to ICS night,

Eunice and Pat


  1. BUAHAHAHAHAHHAAI got lost in the middle of the post. Who’s talking what? XDAnyway, it sounds like an interesting service. Good job, everyone. I believe everyone had a fun time there. Maybe except poor Shiau Hooi stuck with guys and refreshment. She’ll survive, eventually…

    Comment by Leen — July 21, 2007 @ 12:13 am

  2. me and eunice lah… i hav my name in front of wat i wrote… the others are from eunice…

    Comment by Pat — July 21, 2007 @ 1:41 am

  3. i missed CA!!!! ARGHHHHhhhh!wahhhhh……………….ICS rehearsal, thats y, but Im glad i made that decision, its the right choice, the choir needs me….but, but….i missed the 1st CA of the SEM!!! NO!!…d pretty juniors….*sobs*going crazy**crying*

    Comment by cal — July 21, 2007 @ 4:46 pm

  4. duh… calvin… pretty juniors pula… how come no handsome juniors de???!!!

    Comment by Pat — July 21, 2007 @ 9:48 pm

  5. Wow! What an eventful day for u guys=P I really wish that I was there for all the interesting stuffs…miss u guys so dearly..miss CA lar!!*sob sob*

    Comment by Josephine — July 28, 2007 @ 1:23 pm

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