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August 21, 2007

CA Bond Free Report By Kong C.I.

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Despite the test that nearly drove most of the Intec’s students crazy, it did not dampen our spirit to go to the last CA service before the mid-sem break. CA was changed to Wednesday instead of Thursday because many of us will go back to the hometown that we miss so much. Starting from 5.30 pm, Erin was at the bus-stop already ushering both juniors and seniors. The transport was smoothly arranged as more people are willing to serve in transportation. Praise God for answering our prayer! Sadly the Chinese restaurant that we all used to go was closed that day as they had a meeting for all the hawkers there. (I peeped inside so I knew about it!) So, without much choice, Joanne, Pat, Eunice, two juniors and I went to Kalz.

CA started a bit late that day; around 7.45pm. Evelyn and Yi En were the ushers. This was the second time Yi En ushering during CA. I could sense that he enjoys serving the Lord. There is no one greater to be served than our Lord Jesus Christ. Guess who is the game master for that day? *drum roll* Billy!!! Personally, I found it was very encouraging when I saw him starts serving in CA. Before any games, we were asked to do some exercise which was a creative idea since it had never been done before. Then, we were divided into two groups. We had to choose a person to represent each group with the given criteria then with the tools given that person had to act so that we can guess what the item is. Basically, we enjoyed ourselves and the games did warm us up. Then, it was the section that I love the most – praise and worship time! It was led by Grace Ham and juniors were taking over this time. Let me introduce them to you guys! Andersen Kang was the drummer, Gareth played the bass, new pianist – Mark and Hui Ting were the back-up singer. The songs were superb and we had a fantastic worship! One of the songs was “I want to know you more!” by Sonicflood. I love the part – “ I want to know u, I want to hear your voice, I want to touch you , I want to see your face!” I was on fire for God again when I sang this song. Save the best for the last. We all could sense the presence of Holy Spirit when we sang the last song. The words “ Who am I in this world if without YOU!” made me think of the greatness of our awesome God. God created man in His own image!

Pastor Wong from NLRC Damansara Utama gave the sermon entitled “Bond Free!”. Real life sets in as we enter university life. It is expensive, ugly and competitive. We feel stressed, inadequate and somehow not quite as good as our peers. We feel poorer, less successful and less together. We are chained by our own conflicts which are haunting our minds all the time. Our personal life is in turmoil. Even though sometimes we think that we are free and happy after achieving something or after sharing your problems with someone, that’s not the true joy! We do not overcome the true fears in us, we do not release our true spirits, we are still so caught up in frenetic pace of life which left us breathless. However, everlasting joy can be found in Jesus Christ as He is the only one truly understand us. Why we want to carry around those sticky burden? God knows our burden and crosses. Those things that hurt, our trials and losses, He cares for every soul that cries, and wipes the tears from weeping eyes. We all are His beloved children and surely He has the best plan for us. Look up to the sky after rain; there is always a rainbow which symbolize the promise of God. God will help us to deal with whatever hard things come up when the time comes. So, don’t get tired, discouraged, and give up! Don’t worry about anything, instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, what you want and thank Him for all he has done in your colorful life. If you do this, you will experience God’s peace, which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His name will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Jesus Christ. Have faith in everything you do and find back your first love for God! Have the desire that u used to have when u first make the decision to give your life for Jesus Christ. The sermon was ended with prayer time by Pastor Wong to pray for those who want to break free!

Refreshment time! Surprise!!! William was in charged of the refreshment this time! of course with the help from Pat and Yi En! There were “tao sa pia” , wafer sticks and the syrup with lychee. It was simple but good enough as we all indulged ourselves in d wafer sticks. I drank countless cups of syrup as they overestimated the number of people who turned out that day which was my fault too. Pat, Jason and some other guys also helped in finishing the drinks. Learn a lesson!!

It was Eunice’s 18th birthday that nite! So, people don’t ever treat Eunice as small kid anymore because she is an adult now. Evelyn who was the project manager that night asked us to gather near block 9 after coming back from CA. More than 20 people turned up to give a surprise to Eunice including her Malay classmates. She was upset (according to Evelyn) for the whole day because we purposely pretend that we didn’t remember it was her birthday that day. We didn’t even announce it during CA. she must be heart broken. Poor Eunice! *evil grin*Everyone was excited. After confirming with Pat that Eunice was taking her bath, we all silently climbed up to the fourth floor. Sad case. We didn’t get the right timing. She was in her room when we burst into pat’s humble room. She was surprised but happy (could tell from the sweet smile on her face). After singing the birthday song, me and Eve had a hard time cutting the cake for more than 20 ppl. Surprisingly, it was more than enough. What a memorable birthday celebration for Eunice.

Can’t wait to have another CA where we all can not only gather together to worship God and listen to the words of God, but also a place to refresh ourselves.

Prepared by
Kong C. I.


  1. nice report miss Kong!愿上帝保佑你!since you scholars crave for Chinese food… next time if that New Life Restaurant Centre close… an adjacent Chinese Restaurant Centre is only a five minute walk away… walking also helps to burn off adipose (and MSG too?) after eating those greasy hawker food… 讚美主!

    Comment by not a scholar — August 23, 2007 @ 2:33 am

  2. who is this miss kong???WOW BILLY HANDLED THE GAMES?hahahhah GOOD JOB!!WILLIAM HANDLED THE REFRESHMENTS??even GREATER JOB!!claps hands!!!cheers,ej

    Comment by ej — August 23, 2007 @ 2:59 am

  3. sigh…missed this one again caz of spec math test…sobs…

    Comment by cal — August 23, 2007 @ 8:52 am

  4. poor cal… oweys miss those most controversial and fun CA… esp the easter one…

    Comment by Pat — August 23, 2007 @ 2:09 pm

  5. adui… no one noes the famous kong cheng ing meh… duh!!!

    Comment by Pat — August 23, 2007 @ 2:11 pm

  6. sobs. dun remind me of easter play!! remembering myself in those stupid boring moral lectures during BTN while u all hving fun!! grr…

    Comment by cal — August 23, 2007 @ 4:54 pm

  7. MSG? itu benda mana boleh burn…ahahahahha

    Comment by Anonymous — August 23, 2007 @ 8:06 pm

  8. *sigh* :(eujeen: u dont know my full name?My sir name is kong

    Comment by cheng ing — August 23, 2007 @ 10:44 pm

  9. ej, even this outsider knows that her full name is Abby Kong Cheng Ing.

    Comment by not a scholar — August 23, 2007 @ 11:36 pm

  10. aiyakzzzzzzz…SORRY SERIBU SORRY LOH!!i didnt know ur full name..! so now ur helping out with the postings too!!thats great!!!regards,ej

    Comment by ej — August 24, 2007 @ 10:27 am

  11. Oh, that’s because I asked her to do so.And apparently, her 1-am-essay is better than her during-the-exam-essay. =P

    Comment by Leen — August 24, 2007 @ 11:46 am

  12. yeah!!! agree… next time we all take turns and write… kedekut too!!! then i will post photos then…hee hee..

    Comment by Pat — August 24, 2007 @ 5:57 pm

  13. WOW!!! cheng ing! i salute u for this 1000 word report!! i really need to 拜你为师!!haha….u all so evil…poor eunice… well, at least she had a surprise birthday bash! how bout erin? her’s was 2 days ago rite?i really thank God that CA is still goin strong. u guys will always b in my prayers! i’ve currently having CAWS (CA withdrawal symdrome). miss CA SO MUCH!!!pat, thx for the photos!! but i want MORE!!!

    Comment by doreen — August 26, 2007 @ 2:50 pm

  14. wow got so many Sibu Foochows here…

    Comment by not a foochow — August 28, 2007 @ 2:33 pm

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