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June 10, 2008

Australia, and I’m still growing.

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Hi everyone. Hi hi hi. Hello and g’day mates! That’s how the Aussies say over here.Ok, before you all scroll down to the bottom and try to see who wrote this post, let me save you some time. I’m Jim by the way. Ya, I’m an Ausmat senior. Very senior. Er..not that senior actually but I was in Ausmat 18, 2007. This year, the Olympic year (woohoo!), I’m doing first year in Engineering in UWA. Ok, let me see, where to start?
Firstly, I want to talk a little bit about UWA(Univetsity of Western Australia) over here and to make a little promo(haha). Then, I shall proceed (briefly) about my life here in the land down under and also how my spiritual life had been .
So, for those confused Ausmatians who will be going to Australia , and for those doing engineering, dentistry or medic, UWA is the place for you. Ya, if you ask me, UWA is the best uni in Western Australia. If you mention about UWA in Western Australia, people will go “wow……!”. Perth is a nice place to be. If you are those people who feels a little uncomfortable with the hustle and bustle of city life, like KL, well, Perth is perfect for you. It’s not that “kampung” like till you like have nothing to do and all. Perth is still a city and it’s just nice. It’s less hectic than in Sydney and Melbourne but much alive compared to Adelaide in South Australia. Yup, I guarantee that you will definitely like it here. For those who intends to do pharmacy, choose Curtin. Why? Coz UWA don’t have pharmacy..haha. For engineering, there’s a catch. UWA forcuses more on theories. It’s theories theories theories all the way. That’s why, there’s a lot of researches done in UWA itself. For Curtin, they focus more on the practical stuff. In other words, it’s more hands on. For now, you do not need to worry so much about which uni you want to go. Focus on your Ausmat test first. Then, like one month before your trials, I think that’s when you need to decide. Well, pray and ask God to where He wants you to go. Choose wisely I should say. Again, focus on your SSABSA. Don’t worry about when you should apply for this and that, haha, no need to kiasu. Intec will tell you when. If you desperately need to know all, go IDP and ask. Then, while applying for unis , you can also start applying for accommodations. It doesn’t matter if you are still not enrolled in a uni. Just apply, cause accommodation is a hot topic. Haha, I could actually go on till morning but anymore further questions, e-mail me,
Eversince stepping foot in Australia, I felt that I had been growing , spiritually! The first few days here was a little tough though. Ya, I faced a lot of things that troubled me and all. I was having anxiety and I worried like mad. The main one was money. Anyway, as time past, God spoke to me through His word, and through people and finally, I snapped out from that and I was myself again. From that day onwards, God had been teaching me new things. I feel like I’m growing bigger and maturing faster, spiritually. I was attending two churches. Subiaco Church of Christ and Zion Praise Harvest. After prayer, God spoke to me, and I decided to settle down in Zion Praise Harvest. Since then, I made many many new friends. Before that, I do not know anyone here in Perth as there’s only like 2 of us from Intec being sent to UWA. A little lonely I am ya…I made super many friends and I felt so at home for the first time in the first few weeks. Things are great! I say it again, things are great over here! Most of my friends are from Singapore. Then, I have Malaysian friends(from taylor’s college, Kuching High, UEC, KK..), a Burmise friend, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, China, haha, lots more. Most of them, 90% are those whom I know from church. I’m so happy that God had blessed me so much. You know, God had put me here in UWA for a reason and I know He put me here to prepare me for something big. Something super big that He had to bring me all the way here to Australia. Yes, and I’m sure that when the time comes, I shall be ready for that ‘something big’ that God had planned for me. To summarise all the time that I’d been here in Australia, I’m growing each and everyday in Christ. God is teaching me new things, bringing me to new places to let me gain experience, to gain new knowledge. I’m just growing haha, and nothing else. The best thing is, I’m peaceful and joyful in Him, knowing that He’ll take care of me no matter what. Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God….” . In other words, relax, chill, cause God is in control. Let God be God. Yup.
Haha, guess what, though I might had left Intec, left CA and all, I’m not taking a break unless God tells me too. It doesn’t mean that my duty had ended. Nope, it’s just the beginning. It’s just the beginning. Think that you are a super senior, haha, there’s always someone more senior than you. There…the one that you called God. Take CA or Intec as a place where God will train you and mould you , shape you to build up your foundation. When your foundation is strong, then only you can stand firm when the trials of life comes your way when you leave Shah Alam. I tell you, and I tell you boldly. Yes, I jump, I lift my hands up during worship. What will happen 30 years down the road? Will you still continue to do that when you are 50, 60 70? I tell you boldly, I will. Even when I’m 60 or 70, the way I worship my God will not diminish. Will God get bored of you ? Nope, so, I shouldn’t too. My passion will still continue to burn stronger eventhough physically and outwardly, I look hagged and old. Nothing will stop me from worshipping my God. What about you?
Yup, I think that’s all that I want to say. To all of you , all the best in your tests and exams and some “perjumpaan blok” haha. Oh ya, just want to let you all know. I’m too excited to keep in to myself but ya, I will be attending this year’s Hillsong conference 2008 in Sydney. Yes, I’m so excited. God is good right? hehe…take care. God bless.
cheers, from the Land down under


  1. yo… hope to visit australia one day !!!

    Comment by Pat — June 10, 2008 @ 10:30 pm

  2. nice promo for uwa uncle jimas usualu r so spiritualn tats good

    Comment by rem — June 10, 2008 @ 11:18 pm

  3. Keep up the good work.

    Comment by Adah — November 11, 2008 @ 7:24 am

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