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July 22, 2008

Through Stormy Times

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18 days have passed for our juniors, 381 days seem to crawl by for our current rocking seniors and around 746 days staggered on for our ALG super seniors since they have stepped foot on the grounds of INTEC to attend the first CA event for the second half of the year of 2008..! On the 17/07/08, drivers huddled students to Kota Kemuning for a great praise and worship session to kick start the new semester. It was a heart-warming atmosphere as 73 young believers gathered as brothers on the wall, fellowshipped and caught up with each other, even before the MC’s Dian Han and Jiyi started the event with the theme: Through Stormy Times.

After Dian Han’s perpetually “lame” jokes set the crowd on a light note, we had a silent moment of prayer, in the light of concreting us as students who are the salt and light of the earth, armed as living testimonies of the Lord. Proceeding to the ice-breaking session led by Hui Theng, we were separated into a few groups to commence the game. The objective of the game was to hand over whatever items requested by Hui Theng to her, in conclusion an immensely simplified play of Treasure Hunt. The necessary items asked indeed raised eyebrows listing McD Breakfast cards, a shirt and even Mydin receipts!! Nonetheless the Green group won as they had successfully managed to scramble the weird itinerary within seconds. God must have blessed them with great nerve impulses and the ability to carry extra baggage weight, lol.

Worship soon started with Jia Jeng as the lead, backed up by Ken, with musicians Chewie, Bryan, Kevin,Anderson, Eliza and Grace rounding up the cast of the charged band insinuating our roles as faithful followers who have pledged our lives to preach and build His kingdom together through songs to glorify His name. The hyped crowd serenaded to God with love songs such as Majesty, God is Great, “Kau Yang Terindah”, Hosanna, and Amazing Grace. After we gave our offerings, there was a brief introduction for the rather ‘lost in transition’ juniors, the several churches they could attend on Sunday.

Then, Pastor David proceeded to give a sermon based on the theme ‘Through Stormy Times’. An extremely eloquent speaker, Pastor David managed to keep us on our toes with witty jokes and inspiring texts serving as the mouth piece and vessel for the Lord’s word. Here are the key text summarized from his sermon about persevering through harsh times; that in any single individual, there are 3 options in life subdivided into self-help, people’s help, and lastly divine help. In self help, it is self responsibility that constitutes such as having the right attitude in breaking through those hurdles in life, making us tougher and stronger to be a better person as God’s representatives. Quoting Pastor David, when God created every single creation, He called the animals ‘good’ but to the human race which He so loved, He basked in glory and said ‘very good’. That is why as valiant and mighty warriors of Christ, we should not compromise with the Lord, following his word and holy gospel with all our might.

The second help, people’s help, is described as burdens lightened by other individuals such as close friends or family. However, one must be careful in choosing relationships as some would parasite and misuse another for their own selfish, sinful benefits. Lets us be reminded with this phrase that “We are on a wall together, each building up a section of it. We feel this deep in our souls because we all came from the same kind or spiritual boot camp”. Lastly, and the greatest, is divine help and intervention. God would not abandon anyone, unlike selfish humans strayed by lust, greed and wrath. The Almighty Lord uses circumstances to develop our characters, and it is up to us to persevere and stand the test of time and patience to emerge victorious. FAILURE is not final, neither is it FATAL as something good always comes out of any crisis if you reach and call out for the Lord. Pastor David’s speech continued to remind myself of this phrase I hold dear, “Your life is like a coin, you can spend it any way you wish, but you can only spend it ONCE.”

Pastor David ended the sermon noting that we are individuals “standing in the gap” with courage and faith in the Lord. Have sturdy faith in God as in Matthew 14 verse 31 “Jesus immediately reached out and grabbed him. ‘You have so little faith’ Jesus said.’ Why did you doubt me?”God knows what we are going through, as through him we have found the true purpose in living. After the sermon, we were soon ushered to the adjourning room to feast on refreshments, provided by Winnie, Christina, Elizabeth and PeiLing . Our body were weary after a long day but our mind and soul were rejuvenated with the advancement of our Lord’s kingdom on this earth. As we departed from NLRC’s Youth Centre at approximately 10.30pm back to the hostels, the pledge of serving the Lord until our hearts are broken and knuckles raw seemed hoisted firmly in each believer while I breathed out slowly “Thank you Lord, and Amen.”

In His Service,




  1. 0_0746 days…never tot of tat… God’s grace is sufficient for us to survive 746 days in Shah Alam…juz jk, shah alam is a nice, quiet n peaceful town…

    Comment by Pat — July 23, 2008 @ 12:02 am

  2. Praise God for the new juniors! Get some drivers and drummers ready to rock and roll. XD

    Comment by Leen — July 23, 2008 @ 1:37 am

  3. Pat pat auntie…hehehe

    Comment by cal — July 23, 2008 @ 7:01 pm

  4. “In self help, it is self responsibility that constitutes such as having the right attitude in breaking through those hurdles in life, making us tougher and stronger to be a better person as God’s representatives. “It speaks to me a lot today. Learned a lot just from this report. Wish i was there. Good job for posting this report =)

    Comment by Vincent — July 24, 2008 @ 8:38 pm

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