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July 26, 2008

What Would Jesus Do?

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I am sure at least some of you are aware of the current happenings of this country.

The country is bombarded with all kinds of challenges every second. One corner of your ear caught the sobbing of a mother wondering why her son failed to secure a government scholarship. Another part of your ear overheard the voices of a Malay complaining how he is denied position in a private company. Everywhere, you see fear in people’s eyes. Price hike for oil continues, our bridges still fall down, projects never get completed, murder cases and corruption decorate the front page newspaper daily. There is not a single day without accidents, murder, kidnapping, corruption, or rap cases.

My question to you, what will Jesus do in this situation?
A better question will be, what are you going to do about it?

Some people choose to ignore the news and live an ignorant lives. The world is coming to an end, they said. So why bother?

God gives us this world for a purpose. I might be the only one, but at least, I believe that He wants us to take good care of it. That includes preserving the harmony and peace of the world. If Martin Luther King Jr. had the same mentality of ignorance, the segregation between the black and the white might not be erased up till this day.

Since ignorance doesn’t work, does actions work?
Hindraf and Bersih rally are two major rallies that get published widely in the news. These are people who believe in the power of peace rally (probably they got the idea from Gandhi but who cares) but take a look at their fates. The leaders of Hindraf are detained under ISA. Thousands of people in Bersih rally are sprayed with chemicals. Government personnel is even summoned to a broadcast company for explanation.

If both inaction and action don’t solve the problems, what will?

I guess that leaves us with nothing but prayer. I think, in accordance to the coming Independence Day, we should all pray for this country daily. There are less than 40 days before the “Merdeka” shouts are heard again on air. Will you join in the effort to pray for our country?

Again, going back to the question of what will Jesus do, I think He will first pray. If you have other ideas, feel free to shoot them too.

Prayer items that you can pray for:
1. God will send his chosen leaders to lead the country.
2. God will help trigger the heart of the ignorance to start acting by praying as a first step.
3. God will send you to help make a difference in the life of your neighbors and friends and families.
4. God will bring peace to the country and lead people to repentance.
5. God will be glorified at the end of the days.

I’m pretty sure there is a 40-day fasting and praying event going on right now. If you can join one, it will be great too. It doesn’t take a person to be physically in a specific designated area to make a difference in the area. Pray a big prayer and let God handles it from you.

That’s all from me. I’m signing off for now.

In His Service,


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