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November 5, 2008

V-Day: Barack Obama, The 1st African-American President of the USA

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My friends will tell you that I stay at home most of the time and I don’t join any events. That’s partially true (hey, I don’t even have a facebook) but in reality, I don’t join those events because they are trivial stuff. If important things are happening around me, I make it a point to show up.

This is exactly the scenario today. While some people study for the coming exams and whatnot, I went to witness the most historic day of US, the 2008 election day. I was there since the beginning, when Sen. John McCain won Kentucky and Sen. Barack Obama won Vermont. Once Obama was announced as the projected winner, I, like many other people around me in the dining hall, cheered loudly.

Why do I care when I am not even a US citizen? Why do I go to this event when others choose to study at home? This is because I believe in a change. I believe in miracle. I believe that America is the land of opportunity. Sen. Obama proves to me today that miracle can still happens. African-Americans, who were once denied equal treatment, fought their way through and today, we have our first African-American president.

It opens my eyes to the opportunities lying in my country. Yes, we are minorities. Yes, inequality is everywhere. But we can make a change. Yes, We Can. It is such a touching moment to see everyone (literally) from all colors gather in Grant Park, Chicago cheering and hugging one another for Sen. Obama. It is such a privilege to encounter so many white people who rejoice over an African-American’s winning.

Will the same thing happen in our country in the near future? America takes 222 years for an African-American to become a president? How long will we have to wait for our country to elect a Chinese or Indian Prime Minister?

No matter what the answer is, today is still a historic day of mankind. It is an inspiration and a miracle.

Friends, we shall pray hard for our country. UMNO just had their party nomination. MCA just chose their new leaders. PKR leader is pressing into the government. Who is right? Who is wrong? Let us not be ignorant toward our country and start praying for God anointed leader now. Prayerfully, He will extend His grace and perhaps one day, we will see miracle in our land too.

God bless America…. and Malaysia.

P/S: I do realize that in the near future, my opinion toward this guy will change but for now, he is still making history. ^___^

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