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April 22, 2009

A Mustard Seed Today, A Legend Tomorrow.

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Deep thoughts playing in minds, memory had started to occupy the atmosphere. This very night, the Atmosphere was not the atmosphere; it gave out a unique smell due to some indescribable emotion combination. Perhaps, you never notice the smell, it does exist. It was there when the first time it opened its door for us. Perhaps, you never know, every time you walked out the door, you carry a trace of the smell with you. This smell was a memory, telling me that I was there. Yet, the smell was a whisper in my ears, telling me that He was there too. No eyes could see but hearts could feel. Let your imaginations go wild at the moment: if carpet was not what we used but sand, maybe we could see many footprints on it. Left by His children, batch after batch, every footprint had their own journey walked with Him, and none of them ever walked alone. And the best part is: there is more to come.

The door was opened, like a father’s arms always ready to embrace those who come to Him. However, it was not alive without His children. The ushers who offered the warmest smile to every children of God who stepped into His Temple, truly showed the glitter of Christ’s love. Believe it or not, a smile can melt the wall and a hand shake can join the friendship bond, even far more effective than a thousand sermons preached about His amazing love. Though some may think ushering was the easiest ministry, I could tell you that it was so wrong. Observing the ushers in a close distance, it was not difficult to hunt down the overdose adrenaline in their bloodstream: the excitement of seeing His children coming in triggered the stimulation, every faces they met caused their hearts to skip a beat. Might they wonder had they given their sweetest smile and the firmest hand shake and whether the comers felt welcomed. It was the biggest challenge for the ushers, undoubtedly.

Time passed, and people started filling up the space in the Atmosphere. Never expect a rest for your eardrums, when two or three people come together. How much more they could rock the atmosphere when there were around 70 of His children filling the place with laughter, updating each other, or introducing themselves to newly-met brothers and sisters in Christ. Taken a glimpse at the people, it was not difficult to identified different clique in the midst. God’s creation is too unique in terms of biological and chemical, the variation among them was a barrier to cross. Thus, it was when the 21st century ice-breaker intervened, to break the ice and shorten the gap. It was a simple one, but good enough to get everyone shouted at top of their lungs and got crazy for a few minutes. I would never cease to stand in awe of Him; by the way He inspired His children in bonding each other together in such a creative way. My heart in Him has taught me to see thing through His eyes: to recognize the treasure in the simple; be it a hug, a golden sunset, a gentle tap, or a simple game.

There was a bunch of new faces in the crowd, wearing black t-shirt with very eye-catchy words on it: I CAN’T SAVE LIVES, BUT GOD CAN. These people are definitely Christ addicts and living their everyday on Christ’s injection, not difficult to picture how they go around asking someone to try Jesus. They might small in number but big enough to make a difference in the world, they might look cool but actually they are very HOT. The passion burns in their hearts are contagious, their crazy love for Christ is not confidential, and their hearts are driven to tell the world that Jesus lives! Their heart of worship was clearly unfolded in the light of His Spirit and their sacrificed dinner, spiritually ushering His children into His presence with their hearts. What they gave to Him was more than songs and music, I reckoned.

To the brothers and sisters in Christ whom they know not their names, these HOT people from KTT had prepared a lovely song for them. “You will never walk alone” was echoing in the cold atmosphere, giving a trace of warmth to the hearts that heard. What they did is to give a cup of cold water in Jesus’ name, to offer a word of encouragement to struggling hearts, quietly and anonymously pray for wounded souls, and to share the message of Christ with people who need eternity. I am amazed by His love through His children.

When it came to History, it was definitely not my cup of tea. However, His Story would be a different story. He quietened down the over-exciting hearts and sat His children down at His feet, guiding them to collect the pearls of His words when Holy Spirit was guiding Pastor David to bring us back to the His Story written about Campus Alive. Expected, it was not a smooth-sailing process yet one sure thing was God’s hands never leave. Hudson Taylor once said:” God’s work done in God’s way will not lack of God’s support.” It was exactly a reflection on the evolution of Campus Alive! It started small in the size of a mustard seed yet its potential to grow into the biggest tree of legacy couldn’t be hidden, for little is much when God is in it. A seed which was constantly showered in prayers, faithfully taken care by His children, would eventually grow into a biggest harvest in His own timing. Imagine every branch of it would have to leave a vibration in the world, how terrifying Campus Alive could rock the world? Unquestionably, God rises up capable leaders every years, it does not mean that people without a leader tag were to be any lesser in His Kingdom.

Campus Alive can’t be Campus Alive due to only two super-duper leaders, for the interest of God will never lie in the strongest horses or the bravest soldiers, yet He looks into the hearts which trust in Him. No one would be too small to serve Him; after all, it is the heart that matter most. What else, if it is not the unity of God’s children in oneness in Him that blossoms Campus Alive into a sweet-smelling place?

Time slipped out of the room as His Story was finish poured. As the chairpersons wrapped up the event, I realized something that I never realized. It was the TWO chairpersons who caught my attention, not their good looks, or the eloquent speeches, but it was simply the number. It is always TWO, if you notice that. Have you ever think of why it is TWO not ONE? The answer given by Him made me giggled. Will it made you feel much better when you have someone to run the race with you? Will it made you feel secure when someone can cover up for you when you bite your tongue?

A definitely “yes” from me, and truly God understands us the most. No wonder God sent a companion for Jesus when He was hung on the cross, and the whole world had forsaken Him- Alone. Before calling off the day, once again we came before His throne as a family in Christ, to ask of His presence with us and favor upon us. It was true as what Moses said” If God’s presence is not with us, we are not going anywhere.” It is always wise to march into the world with God’s presence and His promises in our hearts.

After feeding our spirit, it was time to fill our stomach. The excess hydrochloric acids in the stomachs did not leave any survival chance for the yummy pieces to stay any longer in the plates. God’s children are hunger for His Words and their hunger for food would not be any lesser! Growing in Christ and growing in size at the same time. Not bad. I chuckled to myself as I looked at the food. Don’t get me wrong, the food doesn’t look funny at all. It was the off-stage people who drew the smile. I bet that not many of you had noticed that there were three ladies busy importing water from Atmosphere to Welcome Centre before the event started. I myself would not have known this if I didn’t accidentally bang into them. There were so many of them who had been staying off-stage serving Him silently while the spotlight was focused on the stage. While we were so engrossed in His presence during worship, do remember that the slides would never jump by itself; it was the finger of His little servant who did the things!

When we were comfortably resting ourselves in the van, the driver was actually killing his/her energy throughout the journey in order to drive us safety to the church. Not surprised if he/she was praying like mad at the moment. Not to forget the transport coordinator who had to oversee the bigger picture and cracking his/her heads to fit everyone into cars within the minimum number of trips. It was not easy, I would say. Imagine all these were done after a long exhausting day, when their energy level was almost dropped to zero. It was Him, who was, and is their strength that kept them going.

It was 10:45pm, signified that it was time to say good-bye. One last beat on the drum to tell Him: I have promised I would do better than this, one day. The music faded in the air, the light was turned off, and the atmosphere was clouded in dark, waiting for its next time to be turned on. I took a deep breath of the Atmosphere before the door was closed. It was the closing chapter for us seniors in Campus Alive. The smell helps me to retain the fragments of memory which I wish not to lose. It wouldn’t be the same when we seniors come back, there’ll be more footprints on it, more stories to tell.

I flipped through the pages of the booklet named “God driven, Heart given”, it was full with answered prayers, and stories of faith and love. Though my heart was heavy, but He said ”More and more of these stories will be told, for I have written it for all of you. Trust Me, for no eyes has seen, no ears has heard, no mind has conceived, what I has prepared for those who love Me.”

A little mustard seed that had been planted today; will be a legacy for tomorrow…

Names were not mentioned not because you were not important, for He said they were already been beautifully written in His Book. Don’t worry, man will overlook you for thousands times, but He never will. Not even once.

A mustard seed,

P/S: We really thank Zoe for her wonderful rendition of the CA on 16th April 2009. :) For the more conventional report, please do read on.

The ushers for that night were Kenlee, Pei Ling and various others whose name hasn’t quite popped into mind yet. They stuck on stickers onto our shirts to indicate our group for the team later. The stickers were written – Laos, Japan, Alien, Sri Lanka, and err. Two something else. :P

Games was handled by Krystal, the game mistress for that night, and the game played was actually, “Bomb!” Or something like that. All of us were separated into teams as indicated by the stickers. And yes, the team had to shout, “Alien bomb, alien bomb, alien bomb Sri Lanka bomb!” And Sri Lanka had to retaliate by bombing someone else. There was a twist somewhere in the game, and in the end, Game Mistress Krystal decided that Japan was the quickest and loudest – they won, naturally. :)

After that was worship. KTT was wonderful, with Su Ting as the lead. It was really a heart-warming worship, and God’s presence was definitely surrounding us.

It was then time for Pastor David to speak. He actually spoke on the history of Campus Alive and how it came to be. There were also many interesting stories and pictures that accompanied them. Mandy and Joash were also there that night, and their pictures graced the projector that night as well. :)

After that, Andrew from KTT came up to share about the history of KTT as well, and we were very blessed to see how God has truly worked in both campuses. God truly works in wonderful ways, even sending two angels, as KTT called them, from INTEC to KTT.

Refreshments was then served after some phototaking session. Refreshments was done up by J-Cyn.



  1. it’s no longer call report anymore.. haha.. anyway, it was a great and wonderful sharing that really make me (as a senior who is leaving) reflect lots.. i’ll certainly miss CA..

    Comment by steffie — April 22, 2009 @ 5:36 pm

  2. great job! U guys never noe how ca blog oso serve as an encouragement to ppl who left ca, everytime it reminds us of the ups n downs we had during those times n how God juz pull everything thru in the end, it reminds us of the love we experienced so much n also the genuine bond of friendship forged etc… Thanks for writing!

    Comment by Pat — April 23, 2009 @ 4:52 pm

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