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April 29, 2009

Senior’s Farewell 2009

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On 22/4/2009, Campus Alive organised a simple yet memorable farewell party at Dataran Cemara exclusively for seniors who will soon be leaving Intec after respective external examinations.

At 7.30pm, the court was filled with chatters, laughters and anticipations of seniors and juniors gradually. Party kicked off at 8.00pm with a mouth-watering feast, served with Pak Li’s Golden Fried Rice, sausages, potato salad, fried chicken, icy cool soft drink and juniors’ home-prepared spaghetti and two bowls of pasta sauce. For the first and last time, both juniors and seniors had dinner together, where both parties could get a last insight into the personalities and interest of one another. Food was simply fantastic as 2 pots of pasta sauce were wiped out in a short while, leaving some people eating plain spaghetti, though it was still finger licking good.

At approximately 9.20pm, when people had pampered their stomachs, the game started. It was a Crime Solving Game, flavoured with some intellectual elements along with a mysterious plot to be unveiled. The Game was ingeniously, cautiously and wickedly plotted by Samantha, who was the game master and the narrator of that night. The main objective was to devise a theory in explaining the motive and a series of events, as well as identifying the murderer, which led to the death of Prof. Plum. 8 pre-selected people had to take up the role of 7 characters as listed below.

Characters : Prof. Plum, the wife Scarlet, secret wife Penelope, secret son Henry, Family Doctor, butler, maid and detective.

In aid of crime solving, each group was provided with suspects’ profiles. Additional information was presented verbally by suspects themselves while groups of investigators must link and eliminate any misleading information or lies. Before time was up, each group presented their own theory in hilarious ways. Only Samuel’s team succeeded in capturing the murderer.

At 10.20pm, participants sat in a circle and had their heart set for sharing. Fortunately, all the seniors made it in time to share their feelings and thoughts, whether if it was a life changing experience or some pieces of advice for future CA leaders, which they had encountered in these 2 years. Sincere wishes and advices were given to the juniors to lead CA well and be blessed in the coming next few semesters life. Seniors expressed their gratitude towards the juniors and all the seniors who once entered their lives, while some testified how CA and God altered their lives in Intec, the journey to knowing God, their faith and trust in God. Sharing session ended with praying.

At 11.10pm, photo session was on. Participants were instructed to snap some photographs of them. With a heavy heart, everyone lined up along the stage and presented the most cheerful face to the camera. To their surprise, two buckets of water were hurled and splashed onto the organised photo parade by some cheeky juniors (Cedric, Tze Jun, Esmund, and Graham). A cooling photo session would never be too bad. While the cameras were flashing, another gush of water was splashed to the juniors by seniors (ALG seniors). Nonetheless, everyone had oodles of fun. Signs of satisfaction were vividly portrayed on participants’ face. CA flag was officially passed on to the younger generation leaders.

At 11.30pm, round headed river stones with seniors’ names written on them were given out. The party ended with souvenir giving to seniors in commemorating their effort done to CA.

1. Organising more of these activities can strengthen the bond between two generations.

2. Special thanks to CA committee for all the hard work and time.

3. Special thanks to juniors and van driver who travelled from Cendana.

4. Special thanks to those in charge of dinner.

5. Special thanks to Game Master for designing such creative game.

6. Deepest gratitude to those in charge of souvenir.

7. Deepest gratitude to God.

Reported by Derrick Chow (ALM – MMMC)


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