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June 18, 2009

Welcome Juniors!

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CA flyer third sem

The second half of 2009 brings exciting news! Cedric, Charis, Li Sia, Krystal and the ALG seniors have begun to reach out to our new juniors, especially the Japanese program ones. Now as we prepare for the return of the Ausmatian, ALM seniors, and the new arrival of the other program juniors, we are reminded of our responsibility as seniors to love and care for them.

Early January 2009, we launched CA calling for this year. To build a generation of faith and love in hope of a revival, by reaching out to our fellow friends. People! Revival is imminent, and will come, but at a cost. Our love, our lives, our energy and time. Indeed it will be God who brings change and hope into people’s lives, but it is our hands and hearts that show His love. We are called to walk the talk, and talk the walk. Jesus is the best thing that has happened to us, so let’s share His awesome friendship with others too!

Campus Alive will start officially in the second week of June. Thursday night, as usual. Look out for the flyer!

And for the juniors, welcome to INTEC. We hope that your stay here will be life-changing. We hope to see you and have a really great time knowing you. God bless y’all!


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