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July 18, 2009

Requesting Help!

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Oops! It appears that.. that this blog looks like a bore! Ouch.

It’s upsetting, its ohmygosh, we’ve gotta do something! And I’m bad at designing web pages and doing nifty things with this wordpress, which has quite a tough layout html-ish stuff to crack.

And so, here I am, requesting for help! Anyone, someone! Juniors woot! Do step forward and offer help to, you know, design something for this blog. :) The previous blog had an awesome layout, with help from genius seniors.

And this senior sucks. So, yeah. Help anyone?


P/S: This is a video of a sermon by Pastor Kenneth from Acts Church about God Making A Difference. And it is simply awesome.



  1. Me me me. I’m offering myself ;D

    Comment by CaMy — July 18, 2009 @ 1:46 pm

  2. Please please please help!!!! :D Thank you thank you!

    Comment by Nicole — July 20, 2009 @ 8:13 pm

  3. i can only use default setting… haha… sorry can’t really help…

    Comment by Pat — July 23, 2009 @ 9:58 am

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