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July 22, 2009

Youth Alpha!

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People! People in INTEC! Let’s have a YA-wesome time! (Okay, so that’s lame, but whatever. YA’s awesome anyway. :D)

But! You’re about to ask what’s Youth Alpha (YA) aren’t you? Let’s just present Li Sia with what she has to say about Youth Alpha. :)

Hey there people!

Have you ever wondered whether Christianity is boring, untrue or irrelevant? Does God exist and if He does, who is He and what is He doing in our lives? Does He even care about us? Why all this suffering? Why does He allow poverty, and all those wars? Are all religions the same? Will I go to Heaven or Hell? Why must I simply believe?

Or maybe you’re just simply questioning the purpose of life… Well, if you do, or if you’re merely looking for fun, fellowship and interesting discussion, Youth Alpha is the thing for you.

So before we get any deeper on what Youth Alpha is, let’s just briefly take a look at the acronym for the word “ALPHA”:

A Anyone (…can come!)
LLearning and Laughing =D
P Popiah (and of course other food… =D)
AAsk (anything at all!)

In short, Youth Alpha is an open and casual group discussion for friends, young believers, seekers, free thinkers, those from other religions and backgrounds, and people who want an answer to life’s insurmountable questions, basically anyone who is interested. We’d like to emphasize that truly, it is an open debate, and if you’d like to shoot us with questions that you find people often avoid asking, we’d be delighted to try our best to help you find that answer. We won’t make you feel like you’re in the wrong when you ask the questions, because it’s rather like a debate, with open-ended answers.

Youth Alpha serves to help you understand the meaning and purpose of your existence, offering a different way to look at life besides providing a comfortable atmosphere for you to pour out your doubts and express your opinions. On the whole you can ask anything at all, and we will try our very best to answer you. In addition, we’ll have fun games, food and outings which unite us all!

The running of Youth Alpha is very simple, in duration of 10 weeks whereby topics every week are guided by the materials in the Youth Alpha handbook.

To incorporate Youth Alpha in our relatively hectic schedule we’ve adapted the coffee-break style of YA, which runs in short sessions, approximately 15-30 minutes per session, one session per week. And since it is casual and flexible, you and your group leaders will decide the place and time to meet.

At times there will also be combined sessions to double, triple or quadruple the fun, and also a weekend away in the middle of Youth Alpha just so that you could take a break from your busy life and enjoy fellowships with your seniors and batch mates!

Last but not least, it’s free! Interested? Don’t hesitate, sign up now!
For further information and to sign up, you can contact:

Li Sia, Samantha or Larry. Leave a comment, e-mail us, or just find us at school.

And so, please do take part in YA! You can try a few sessions with us, but we do want you to stay for a longer duration, and hopefully, complete the session with us.

If you’re weirded out, don’t be. It’s informal, it’s open, and seriously, it’s like you’re able to say anything, and everything you’ve always wanted to. So do come along and take part in YA. We won’t bite.

Love, Li Sia.

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