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August 10, 2009

We Are Purposed and Ready to Step Out!

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On the 6th of August, it was time for the second Campus Alive gathering of the semester.  All of us (yes, no exceptions) really crammed into either a van or a car to get to Kota Kemuning.  After stuffing ourselves with as much delectable Chinese food as possible, we headed upstairs, where were greeted by the smiling faces of the ushers who gave us tags with funny words on them.  Pickle? BBQ sauce? Bun? Huh? I thought to myself, “Man, I thought I had just eaten!”  Soon afterwards, while we were still confused about the tags, we heard the booming voices of Howard and J-Cyn, asking us to come closer to the stage.  Howard powerfully led us in the opening prayer + “Char Kueh Teow” and then it was time for games!



Krystal was the game-master and she told us that we were to be pickles, or chicken, or beef, etc. based on the tags we got (oh, now I got it). We were to make ‘burgers’ with at least two buns and two pieces of meat in between.  We scurried around the place looking for the guys labelled ‘bun’.  Finally, there were three burgers since there were only 6 buns.  Two were average-sized ones, while the third was just ridiculously humongous and could have been awarded a Guinness World Record.  The leaders of each burger group presented a hilarious description of their burgers and in the end, everyone was a winner, with a different title like ‘Largest Burger’, ‘Fastest-Made Burger’, or ‘Least Healthy Burger’.



Next up was worship.  Larry and Daniel were leading and playing the electric guitars. We also had three generations of musicians playing together. Very encouragingly, a lot of juniors were in the worship team this time and it was only their second meeting! We had a girl drummer, Jan, and the vocalists were Hannah and Ivy.  Manning the keyboard was yet another junior, Abigail. Super senior Bryan rocked the bass guitar. We had a great time worshipping before it was time for offering.


After the offering, we were shown two videos.  The first was about Youth Alpha, while the second was about serving.  The second video showed Larry and Samantha handling everything without any help from others.  While inaccurate of course, it was funny and effective in conveying the message that CA was not run by just a few individuals, but that more people needed to help out in making it a success.  Larry went through the various ministries and what they entailed (for transport: driving the VanAsia!).  The Youth Alpha and serving forms were handed out by the ushers, and the response was tremendous.


We were approaching the climax of the evening.  Then, young and handsome Pastor Alex stylishly went up on the podium to deliver his message on ‘Partnering with God’.  Man, he was seriously good in making these youngsters pay attention with his numerous wisecracks.  He taught us that all of us had different gifts, and that each one of us could offer something up for God’s ministry, be it our time, money, or sweat (I still remember his joke about using the sweat to make salted chicken- that was good).  We can work together with God to carry out His divine plan.  We can be the salt and light of this world to impact the lives of many.


Pastor Alex really encouraged many to serve God and he even touched someone to accept Christ! Praise God! We were encouraged greatly and there is no doubt that God was in our midst, guiding Pastor Alex on what to say and allowing the hearts to be open to His word.


After the inspiring message, we headed over to the next room to have even more food! This time we had sausages and fries with syrup (simply tantalising!).  Soon we had to get ready to leave (sob, sob).  I really must thank Ja Houng, Larry, Aunty Phebe, Pastor David, Uncle Yong, Krystal, Li Sia, Cedric, Daniel, Ji Dian and Uncle Ding, not forgetting his loving wife, for helping out with transport.  That’s all for my sharing and God bless!



Note: The report writer wishes to not have his identity disclosed, but we can assure you that he is one of the “English Experts” of INTEC. Well, find him if you can! XD

P/S: Click here to get to this album of photos.


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  1. great gathering…i love the movies you guys produced!!! love it…da editing was awesome! it was like a short movie we usually c in tv @ internet… 5 stars!!! & yea, da praise & worship was awesome too…as always! good job…!! i had great time…

    Comment by caroline — August 10, 2009 @ 1:54 pm

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