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August 17, 2009

Chocotopped Delights!

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Wow. What an amazing combined CG that we had last Thursday. Honestly, well, I didn’t quite expect that many. And wow, I love you juniors for coming!! And dedicated seniors too, of course.

I’ll just keep it brief, but will add up all the sharings from various dear wonderful adorable lovely people who went that night. We had a game led by Esmond which was about blindfolding three people and to allow three other people in the same group, to lead them around Dataran Cemara. They had to choose something to help them in a situation, which described by Esmond, was them being stranded in an isolated island.

Some groups grabbed 100Plus (Or Sprite) saying that it’s isotonic and is good for the body! And another took Miranda Orange! Cause it had Vitamin C… Much better right, they say… LOL. I clearly remember another group took Larry’s bible and said that God definitely will help them through, and when they’re done with it, they could either eat it, cause it’s paper, or burn it for a smoke signal.. SWEAT. Then there were slippers…. And lots more fun and laughter. If you were there, you’d know. If you weren’t… Come to CG next time! :D

And after that was walking to McDonalds where we treated them all chocotopped ice cream!~ While they slurpped, Larry shared about CA calling which you should know by heart k… LOL. (Actually I can’t remember all also.. errr. Hahaha.)

Then it was heading to KFC! (Wow, we’re doing a lot of travelling and walking, eh? Good exercise!) And had a wonderful group discussion. Note: If you still need more advice, talk, or feel the need to ask questions, and to seek anything, do not hesitate to come to us no matter how trivial or serious it is. If you think no one will understand, you could be wrong, so do approach us even if its scary at first. We don’t bite, promise. :)

And that’s all for the night. So, let’s here from a first round of sharers! Hannah Kwan, Daniel Tay and Lemon Sze Jia!

Hi! I’m Hannah!

Thank God for the combined cell group! Haha…2 of my prayers are answered that night…though they are puny tiny unimportant prayers. That particular Thursday afternoon I actually prayed out loud in front of my Buddhist friend for God to give me free ice-cream, and also for God to let me have a chance to go McDonald’s or KFC. Then, I just laugh the prayers off and didn’t think about it anymore.

What amazed me was that upon meeting up with the CG gang, seniors told us that we’ll have FREE ICE-CREAM, at MCDONALD’S!!!! Haha, I almost can’t believe my ears but GOD IS GOOD! (I shared this little testimony with my friend later) I am touched by the fact that even small prayers like these are answered by Him, how much more then prayers for our friends and prayers for revival!

I praise God and thank all the seniors for their efforts in making sure that we juniors had a great time during the cell group. I found the game interesting and fun, because I get to lead three blind mice! …And of course, because of the lesson behind it.

The short sharing outside McDonald’s was also timely for me because I was thinking of my purpose as a Christian student in INTEC, and found that I have a calling to share God’s love with my friends and those who come my way. I also enjoyed the group discussion as I found out that I am not alone in my fear of sharing the Gospel. I thank God also for the encouragements from my group members about sharing the Good News to others.

Finally, from the bottom-mest bottom and with ALL of my heart, I thank God for every senior who planned and organised this cell group. I am very much blessed by it. Keep up the good work and may God continue to bless all of you richly in every areas of your life…SHINE FOR HIM!!!

By Daniel, the cute cheeky fella!

On the 13th of August 2009, a combined CG took place at the Dataran Cemara involving all CA goers from Cendana, Akasia and Cemara colleges. The adventure begun with the rolling out of two vehicles; a heavily powered van and a small but swift viva heading out to Cendana to pick up the boys.

After the gathering of everyone at the Akasia bus stop, we headed over to the Dataran Cemara for games! Thanks to  the amazingly handsome Esmond, the games went on very smoothly with everyone grasping the true meaning of the calling of God by the end of the games session.

Following the games, we then headed out of Cemara to McDonalds for free ice-cream, courtesy of the seniors. As Larry shared on the faith and calling of God, everyone listened on while slurping away joyously on their chocolated coated vanilla delight. With that aside, everyone moved on to KFC for group discussions on the few questions that Esmond prepared that night.

After the discussions finished at around 10-ish, groups ended in prayer and a noisy fellowship followed suit! Finally, as CG ended, the tables were cleared and the Cendana boys were sent back while the others took a night stroll back to their respective colleges. What a night it was, everyone enjoyed the company of brothers and sister in Christ and the presence of God in all the activities. Praise the Lord!


By the brave Lemon, who shouldn’t be feeling guilty.

It’s a hard thing to write in english, but i just try my best to write a sharing that can be understood by u all…

About the CG that day, i think i did learn many ways of worships through u people’s sharing that day….
For example, beetree (It’s actually spelled Beatrice. :D) told us some differences btw christian n buddhist…
this will help us in asking our buddhist friends to come to church.

n through thier sharing, i discover that i pray for to purpose of “pray” but not for the purpose to have a conversation with God.
I read the bible for the purpose of “reading it”, but not thinking the meaning n do what god ask us to do….

I really feel guilty after listening their sharing….. (Do not be guilty darling, we’re all still learning and growing.)
n i know i gonna change my attitude………

n i m trying to discover my talent now….haha

Wow. Thank you so much dears! I do hope more people will share about that night! And yes, I’ll post it up before the holidays lar!

Have a good week!


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  1. Awesome testimonies..!! ; ) this is what makes CA what it!

    Comment by LarryDude! — August 20, 2009 @ 2:26 am

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