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August 25, 2009

Moar Feedback!

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We adore feedback. :)

CG was pretty awesome. The seniors did a great job leading us juniors. We had fun stuff, serious stuff AND free ice-cream. But most of all, I could sense how much on fire the seniors are, a fire that is spreading fast. The Holy Spirit is definitely at work here at INTEC. To God be the glory!


Last Thursday i was attended CG for the third times since i was in INTEC. But it was the first cell group that combined us; the girls and the boys to be together in the name of sisters and brothers in Christ for this year erm…for my badge la. At 7.45 pm, we were told to wait at Akasia’s bus stop for CG. Then, the seniors brought us to Cendana where we played this funny game. We were divided into several groups which I was placed to be in the same group with Beatrice..a young lady who spent her time to be with us eventhough she is not one of the INTEC’s students. She’s really great and funny. The seniors then instructed us to blind folded 3 of the group members and with the situation given, the one who can see had to give instructions to those who can’t to pick a thing that were scattered on the floor. We then instructed and told them the directions in order to get the Holy Bible. As Johnathan picked the Bible up, he suddenly said, “Oh, it’s Larry’s Bible”. By that time, i can’t stop smiling. was fun although it was a short game.

Seniors also bought us some ice creams from McD. They were so nice!! Then, they brought us to KFC to continue our CG activity that is sharing time. It was all about ‘The Calling’, which was the theme for CA on 6th August. I was in the same group with Esmond, a senior, who was a passionate, great speaker and he told us many new things in life that we should be grateful to our Lord. He also shared most of his experiences and his opinion about what calling is to us. Soon I realised that, CG was a really great place to share our feelings with others about what we feel and think about our God. Well, it is true that serving and worshipping God is really fun and I enjoyed the last CG so much…Thank u seniors..May God Bless U Guys always. Amen..

From, yours truly,
Ivy (ALM Junior)

Last meeting was a blast…
Loved all the interactions that was made be it with God or everyone…
The game was a bit weird anyway the seniors tried their best…
It was meaningful and surely in an island i’ll never forget Larry’s shoe =)…
No one gets left behind was on our mind during the game and we nned sumthing or sumone to complete us…
That is when the topic of “Calling” came to mind…
Although the three question session might shone some ray of hope to ppl but i guess i did offend others and for that i would like to apologise…

p/s : Seniors … Thanks for the ice-cream =) …




  1. haha…

    this is so farnie…

    and sad tat we’ve never done combine cg b4…

    erm, we hav, haven’t we?

    oh no… intec seems so blur now for me…

    * having a hard time letting go of CA… noooooooo…

    miss you guys a lot lah… how?

    Comment by Pat — August 25, 2009 @ 7:23 pm

  2. Pat!!! *nudges* =D

    Comment by Jan — August 27, 2009 @ 9:49 pm

  3. Pat!! come back visit! : )

    Comment by LarryDude! — September 3, 2009 @ 12:29 am

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