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September 9, 2009

His Kingdom Come.

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Campus Alive on September 11th was indeed a ‘different’, firstly being held on a Friday evening (good timing, as the Ausmat seniors were taking a break halfway through their trials). Second was the fact that we had Hannah Yeoh as our speaker. For many students, it was indeed a valuable opportunity to meet and learn from this state representative. Transport was hard-pressed that night, with over 80 people attending.



After yet another awesome dinner (an economic stimulus for the hawker stalls downstairs indeed!), we were greeted in the Atmosphere by MCs, Steven and Rachel.


Then, it was fun time! Games was lead by the always enthusiastic Deb, who brought down the house with the “Do You Love Your Neighbour” game. Laughter was evident, especially when the last person running was caught, or when everyone fell into the ‘RUN’ category!




Worship was lead by co-leaders Sam and Nic, together with an all junior musician team (Jien Lee, Philip, Morgan and Howard) and backup singer Abi! Praise God for such talent in the junior batch. Being a musician myself, I commend the team for their unity and solid sound. They really ROCKED it for Jesus as songs like “All the Way” and “Beautiful Saviour” were sung and played, and God’s presence filled the place!


During the worship, Elsha felt compelled to share, and she went up after the offering to share of her life before coming to West Malaysia and how God had been faithful and good. Indeed, He chooses to speak and encourage others through ways, and in this case worship was one of the ways.


Then came the much awaited moment, the sharing! This was indeed, the juice of the night. Hannah came up, dressed in a ‘baju kurung’, a reflection (in my opinion) of her views about cultural acceptance. The first thing Hannah shared of was her college life story. She encouraged us to come back to serve in our country, and not leave just because it seemed “greener” on the other side. God had called her back to Malaysia, even against her plans; when she was refused a PR in Australia, even with a job! She shared of how she made it to the March 8 elections, and how it was all really God’s hand moving. For me, this was an amazing testimony of how God calls people to situations that they don’t expect to be in. All He needs is willing hearts and hands.


After that, Hannah showed us what she was doing in her constituency, the struggles and victories faced; that it was God who had seen her through a very tough past year, providing her strength. One significant question she asked was, “Do you know when the trash truck comes to handle your rubbish?” The only reply was a few chuckles, a sign that a lot of us in fact never really cared about the little things in our community. Later, Hannah challenged us to reach out to our society and change the little things that would help in their lives.

There were much more said that night, but to sum it all up, I and a lot of us saw that God is moving in Malaysia, that He works in ways unseen, that miracles are possible. We learnt that life was much more than just our own lives, that there are people out there who suffer, that justice and righteousness need to be brought into this land once again where it has been lost.



The sharing ended with a heart-warming rendition of our national anthem, with a slight change in perspective. If God were to speak these words, would we see our nation differently?

NegaraKu, tanah tumpahnya darahKu,
Rakyat hidup, bersatu dan maju,
Rahmat bahagia Tuhan kurniakan,
Raja kita selamat bertakhta

The words took a while to echo into my heart, “Jesus DIED for Malaysia and its people.”
What’s stopping us from loving our neighbours? What’s stopping us from making a difference?

That night, the refreshments were prepared by Chee Ann from the Korean program. As we enjoyed the food, many of us pondered our purpose and lives, with a renewed hope and perspective. It wasn’t just a good CA, it was one that challenged us deeply to continue living for God.


By Larry.

More feedback. :)


I love CA so much. I felt comfortable everytime i went there, especially the last week one.
There, I would forget all my troubles,I don’t know, may be God was guiding me.
I love the worship time most.

It was great when you saw people on stage trying their best to perform the best worship for God.
It was great when you saw people around you enjoying in the melodies although some of them are non-christians.

It was greater when you saw a non-christian trying to learn a church song and sing with us.
So, the thing that we all cannot deny is, Father Lord is always with us, Holy Spirit is always with us, Jesus Christ is always with us.

I was so touched, so excited at that time.
I was filled with joy, and I wanna share the joy with everyone.
I seldom pray when I worship. Normally I would only pray after worship, but…
I really longed to have a conversation with God at that time, so I prayed,
to thank Him, to ask for His grace so that we all can be encountered by Him.

Before I listened to the talk during last CA,
I hated politics very much. I think that it is dirty and what…selfish…
so I was never interested in politic talk, or a talk by a politician.
However, i don’t know why, I was so concentrate when she gave her talk, didnt feel boring at all.
yup, our countries development depends on us generation.
our countries will disrupt if we generation don’t put an effort.

and the words most influencing me is
“you are not a chinese, you are not a malay, you are not an Indian, you are not a Iban, you are not a whatever, you are a malaysian.”

Yes, All of us are Malaysians, all of us belong to Malaysia. Malaysia belongs to all of us.
so, we must unite. Sure, we must unite!!! for one Malaysia.

let’s make a better change for Malaysia.

Before that, let’s shout “I love Malaysia” for 3 times like what Tunku Abdul Rahman shouted “Merdeka” out for 3 times!!! LOL

By darling Lemon.


And last, but not least, dearest Sarah.

This is Sarah here =)

These two CAs (the Edward Ling and the Hannah Yeoh one) have been awesomely empowering. First of all, my heartfelt gratitude again to everybody who made the last CA a success (the cool drivers, amazing cooks, lovely worship team, terrific games master, wonderful projectionist, etc. ). After the praise and worship session, a super senior gave her touching testimony, about how she came to accept and fully understand the very reason God sent her to INTEC. I’d just like to thank all these super seniors, who actually made the effort to share their testimonies with us. These testimonies, I believe, have assured us that God reigns supreme, above all, and that in every happening, lies God’s purpose in our lives.

And now to the Hannah Yeoh part of CA =). On the whole, the message of the sharing was straight to the point and clear. I especially love the part when the national anthem was explained in English terms, in which it contains the words ‘King’, ‘Blood’, ‘Reign’, and ‘Land’ (my apologies if I got the translation wrong!). She also reminded us that we were born in Malaysia for a reason, and that we should not make rash decisions to leave the country before asking God.


I was encouraged by her story, about how she got involved in politics, when all odds seemed to be against her. Her sharing, I believe, have given us a fresh new perspective of politics in Malaysia, looking through the flaws of the system, as portrayed by the media, and has empowered us, youth, to be aware of the political situation in our country and to make a difference in the lives of Malaysians.

Thank God for the entire CA! Loved it =)



The awesome Jan says:

Twas’ a happy day.

Why? It was Friday. And Hannah Yeoh was here! Which meant CA was here. Or is it the other way around? Anyways, I learnt a lot and was really inspired by Hannah Yeoh. Her talk really opened up my eyes to the fact that we have a mission field right here, right where we are living now. I admire how brave she was to give up everything she had worked hard for, to give up her dreams and answer God’s calling for her to become a politician.

When Hannah first started her talk, she seemed tired and lethargic. Yet, her message was delivered so well despite her fatigue. She spoke very fluently, and even though she wasn’t a dynamic speaker, she connected with her listeners, pausing at moments to drive her point across and making us listen as attentively as we could.

It’s amazing how God works through people and how He speaks to us through His faithful servants. I believed many were inspired by her that night. Because God was, without a doubt, present that night.



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