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October 23, 2009

Campus Revolution #18

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Dear Campus Revolutionaries!

Do you ‘twit’ or facebook about Campus Revo? God has been teaching and pushing me towards “making mountains out of (spiritual) mole hills” lately. This week, I want to speak specifically to the so-called “smaller” Campus Revo groups. Week after week, you receive a Campus Revo Mail from this guy called Dave who just can’t seem to shut up about the various testimonies of campus students gettings saved, blessed and making waves on campus. And maybe for some of you, the more you read, the more you get discouraged. Thinking that your Campus Revo is lousy or weak. Perhaps you’ve even thought about shutting it down because you don’t seem to be making a difference.

I’m writing to tell you that you have never been more wrong!

Many times we judge our own spiritual walk by the same standard that our mom and dads judge us, i.e: the better our grades are, the better our report cards are, the higher our marks are; the more they approve of us and love us. But that is not how our Heavenly  Father sees us.

Do you know that you can be a one guy or one girl Campus Revo group and God will still be proud of you?

Do you know that God still loves you even if your Campus Revo hasn’t yield any fruits or results yet, despite meeting weekly for the last 3 months?

Do you know that even if your Campus Revo group has dwindled in numbers, God still has faith in you?

The bible teaches tells us not to despise the day of small beginnings and that’s what I mean by “making mountains out of mole hills”. What you have now in your hands might seem small or insignificant compared to other Campus Revo groups

but don’t give up.

First of all, Campus Revo is not a competition, it’s a revival movement. Secondly, if your group is small, so what? Do you know that you can be the only Christian praying for your campus but God is still being glorified? When you call upon the name of Jesus in your campuses, you’re acknowledging HIS Lordship over the land.

Matthew 10:32 reads,

“Whoever acknowledges me before men, I will also acknowledge him before my Father in heaven.”

Instead of buying into the lies of the enemy, why don’t you prophesy that your Campus Revo will grow over Twitter or Facebook? Why don’t you reply to this mail with an “Amen” and claim that testimonies will soon be birthed in your campus? Why don’t you register at and join with your fellow Campus Revolutionaries in “making a mountain, out of a mole hill”.

So coming back to my first question: Will you tweet or Facebook about Campus Revo?

(e.g: Just met for Campus Revo. We might be small now but watch out world, we’re gonna get you!”)

I pray that you will! Besides, maybe more people will find out about Campus Revo after you tweet or Facebook about it.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and do great exploits for God.

Conviction. Courage. Commitment. Continuity.
Dave Yeow (
Pastoral Intern for Acts Campus (

P/S: If you’re wondering why the CA blog is posting this up, I’d like to just say that this e-mail is a great encouragement for us who are still going strong at the CampusRevo prayers every Wednesday. And truly, we are so blessed to be able to come together and glorify Him as we pray. Just like to encourage all the rest as well, to be part of the Revolution. Would post up further truly encouraging e-mails by Dave. Want them all? E-mail me or go to their website. :)

And Now My Lifesong Sings

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I wanted to say this just now. But when I went up, I guess the slight fear I have of speaking in front of crowds made me forget exactly why I wanted to go up and speak. :) And then I start saying funny things. Hee.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that I had a trying time doing the Booklet yet again. I used new programmes this time, and learning exactly how to use them was a little complicating. I spent the entire night after Biology exam molding it to completion.

But what I wanted to say was not how I spent the entire night, and next morning finishing it up for today. (I took less than 24 hours doing it! Shocker!) What I really want to say is how God is the one who was truly in control of it all. I couldn’t have done all this without Him. There wouldn’t be any testimonies if He didn’t step in to take control. There wouldn’t be this booklet if it weren’t for the fact that He helped me through the production.

He is truly awesome.

And hey, if you weren’t here today, and want the testimony booklet, I could send you the softcopy version. :) Just drop me a line.

My Lifesong

It looks like that by the way. The front and back page. Hee. :) So happy God helped me through it. Wheee!

October 18, 2009

Campus Alive Finale ’09

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ca flyers

Hey there! Seems like yesterday, the atmosphere was filled with friendly warmed ‘hi and hellos’… and the handshakes that ignited the bright flames of friendship.

This friendship has become the vital reason why our life in INTEC is much more than about passing the exam with flying colours but also about love, friendship and on top of all…faith!

Stepping away from our comfort zones will never going to be easy but as we share this journey together, we support each others’ back and finally the time has come…

That time of the year again, to say farewell!

This Thursday (22 October 2009) is going to be the final gathering for CAMPUS ALIVE for this semester and the very last for our beloved ALGs and AUSMAT seniors… Come on and let’s give them an awesome time that they’ll never forget!

There will also be a great sharing about Obedience from Pastor Joshua Lee… so what are you waiting for? It is going to be an amazing night… ^_^

Don’t be dismayed at goodbyes, a farewell is necessary before you can meet again and meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends.

Richard Bach

October 14, 2009

Reflection #2

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“Those who believe they believe in God but without the passion in the heart,

without anguish of mind,

without uncertainty,

without doubt,

and even at times without despair,

believe only in the idea of God,

and not in God himself. ”

~ Madeleine L’Eagle.

October 11, 2009

Stop, Look, and Go. 7th October 2009.

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“I remember nothing but knowing He is there”

On a beautiful Wednesday night on the 7th of October 2009(not long ago), there were things unspoken, feelings unseen and thoughts unrevealed. There was a knowing among many seniors that it was the last meeting planned in their hands; on the other hand there was a feeling of tiredness among some who served despite being stretched out of time, and to some, there existed a sense of nervousness to do things they never done. Some, however felt the joy of serving for the very first time. Amid all the kaleidoscope of emotions and thoughts cruising by in our minds, there was a strong atmosphere of excitement which seeped through every corner of the 5th floor in NLRC. From the all-senior worship band to the refreshment corner, precious hearts were putting in their best to put together what God would call a night He will remember.

The night started off with an interesting introduction between the two lovely and gorgeous girl emcees. They were the unparalleled match of wits, humour and pleasantness. Things took a turn when we did a warm up of shouting “Jesus is alive, the Devil is a liar and the I am on fire!” before all of us participated in the game ahead, which was prepared by Eileen and Lemon. How surprised and entertained we were by the good game introduced! All thumbs up to the pair of sweet ALM juniors. It was a game which involved animal actions, strong voices and agility of the mind. Groups were each assigned to be a certain animal, hence a particular action which characterized the animal. The game’s concept was to attack other groups by shouting and playing out their actions.

This was followed by a time of praise and worship led by The Exotic Star, Miryam and Bradley aka The one with the sexy moves from Ausmat. The specialty of the night was the all-star worship band, consisting of Graham the Unmatched Genius on guitar, Daniel the Next Bond on electric guitar, Esmond the Prince Charming on bass, Larry the Magnetic One on drums and Theng Theng the Sexy Fingers on piano. (All have glossed the hall of fame in heaven).

Just as the all-star band began to take their place in their heavenly positions and played majestic songs to the King of kings, there came an obstruction in the name of “LCD problem”. In desperation of not knowing what to do, God then sent the word which resounded “Fear not, I am there with you. I am in control.” Miraculously the LCD problem went away. (For those who are skeptical, I will tell you another version of the story). WE were clueless, we didn’t know who to turn to, as the LCD problem was way beyond our control. We prayed, sang songs nevertheless, and to our amazement, we saw invincible words appearing on the LCD. For the inside scope, I will let  The Truthful give an account of what actually happened.

“Before I actually give a testimony of how God can work eventhrough LCD problems, I’d like to first thank Steven and Carolynne for being so patient, and calm even as I constantly fretted over the laptop. The LCD could not detect Carolynne’s laptop, and even when it did, her laptop would suddenly hang. I think it must have been painful to see her laptop manhandled by both Larry and myself. We kept fiddling with her laptop, trying to figure out what was wrong. Thank God the speaker brought her laptop as well, and we tried to use hers. But even so, it just couldn’t work. Much time had passed since then, and I kept telling Steven to do something about the LCD. ‘Off and on it again!’ We were all really trying our best to have the slides back on the LCD but nothing seemed to work. Even Larry stopped playing the drums to try to help. Sam sat there and started to pray. I prayed each time I plugged in the LCD wiring thing to the laptop. Each time I pressed F5. But nothing seemed to happen. Finally, Larry and Sam decided to stop the worship. They both left, and started to approach the worship team when I prayed that one last time and said, ‘God, this time, let it work. You’re in control.’ And suddenly the screen flashed and the slide ‘You deserve’ came up. It was amazing how when we were so helpless and finally let God be the one in control of it all, He really saves.” (I didn’t read what Sam wrote before I wrote this, so the control thing being repeated really was God speaking. :D)

Even Mini Miryam the Marvelous had a great testimony of how helpless and disappointed she felt. But when she finally surrendered, God took control, and lo and behold, there the slides were!

After an amazing time of praise and worship, we were honoured to have Miss Brenda Lim share the word of God with us. The title of her sharing was “STOP, LOOK and GO”. We first played a game of STOP LOOK and GO to better relate to the topic she was sharing.( Everyone did a lot of mistakes except the author of this script). She shared from her heart on Luke 5 when Peter first encountered Jesus. We were challenged to stop and listen to God’s direction in our lives even as Peter first trusted God and allowed Him to be the Boss of his life.

I received an SMS from Miss Brenda a few days after, and it really encouraged me. “WE are smart enough to put stop signs or traffic signals on the road, yet are we also smart enough to put STOP-LOOK-GO signs in our lives as we submit to God’s directions?” For many of us, it is time to stop, and just listen to what our God has to say to us.`Miss Brenda, WE really pray and bless you in Jesus’s name even as you take the step of faith to reach out to people in Cambodia. Do visit us soon!!’

The night ended with angels singing around us and eating refreshments together with us. (This I see through the eyes of faith). Thank you so much, Dina, Siau Ting and Wendy for making such delicious refreshments.

Above all, there was one man who was behind the scenes in all our lives, and we want to give Him all the glory for that Wednesday night. Put your hands together for the ever awesome saviour and lover of my soul, Jesus Christ. :3

Written by Sammy, Dean’s lady.

October 8, 2009

Campus Revolution!

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How many of you know about Campus Revolution? It’s been a while since the CampusRevo prayer group has been going on in Ausmat Cafe at 1pm every Wednesday but I’m pretty sure that there are many of those who have been to CA, do not know about CampusRevo.

What exactly is CampusRevo? Why should we have a prayer meeting for it? What’s the point? These questions may be running through your mind even as you’re reading this, but have no fear! For Brother Dave Yeow from ACTs Church has provided us with an awesome sharing/message about CampusRevo and it’s an excellent read.

Without further ado, I present to you Campus Revolution!

Campus Revolution

Campus Revolution is a movement/mobilization of young people who desire to maximize their time in colleges and universities by making a stand for their faith and to bring about positive change (Revolution!) on their campuses. It is a coming together of like-minded and like-spirited individuals who believe that it’s “biblical to be radical”. It is not about students walking around and thumping their bibles on non-believers or being “mean street preachers”. Rather its about students being unashamed of the gospel and living a transparent life that showcases their faith for all to see.  It’s about young people bringing their friends to Christ, by making Christ’s love tangible on campus.

“How do we do this?”

Start “prayer Groups with a purpose”. Students coming together to pray on campus is neither something new, nor something outdated.

However, it is also very common for prayer groups to mushroom on campus and then wither out as assignments, exams, tutorials and other extra-curricular activity kicks in. Many times, this happens because there is a lack of focus, vision and purpose. We go about thinking that we pray because it’s the Christian thing to do. Unknowingly, we can end up praying about everything underneath the sky, thinking we’ve accomplished a lot but in actuality missing the mark God has set. It’s time to put purpose and targets back into our prayer.

This is what you do:

Step 1:   Strengthen Yourself in Prayer

Start the prayer group off by praying for everyone gathered. We all have needs (exams, personal walk, etc). So it is completely alright, in fact essential that you cover one another in prayer. This can usually be done by asking the group for personal prayer requests, followed by everyone praying for the person on their right (for example).

Step 2:   Have an Outward Looking Faith

After ‘Step 1′, get everyone to take the next five minutes praying for your unsaved classmates or course-mates. Because this is a campus prayer group, we need to target our prayers at our unsaved friends that God has placed us around with. Name them, pray for them and prophesy by faith for their salvation. Intercede for your campuses and ask God to open their spiritual eyes, spiritual ears and soften the hearts of your friends.

Step 3:   Faith + Action = Life.

Dare to do something radical! End the prayer time by getting everyone in your group to seek the Holy Spirit for the next five minutes on what HE wants you to do that week. It could be an act of kindness or even an evangelism opportunity. Ask God for specific instructions and then spend the next 5 minutes listening. After that, share with the entire group and encourage each other to get moving and doing what God has placed in their hearts!

In Campus Revolution we are guided by the principles of: Conviction, Courage, Commitment and Continuity.


-We are convinced that God’s word is true, and that we are a chosen generation, separated from a young age to preach the gospel and declare God’s love to the world.

-We are convinced that we are born for such a time as this. And that he has placed students in their respective campuses not by fluke, but for them to be the salt and light there.

-We are convinced that when we lift the name of Jesus up on campus, He will draw all men unto Him.


-We believe that conviction and courage go hand in hand. Conviction without action is a dead faith; and action cannot come without courage.

-We believe that if Christians are serious about taking “campus ground” for God, it is only logical that they need to be strong and courageous.

-We believe that Conviction + Courage = Passion. And it takes nothing short of true passion to win a lost generation.


-We believe that God is bigger than exams. And it’s time to make a stand that as exams draw near, students should draw closer to God. Not the other way around.

-We believe that Campus Revolution is something God has started. And what God has called us to do, we are committed to pay the price to see it come into fruition.

– We are committed to show up, stand up and speak up on our campuses, even if we are the only ones to do so, because God can save by many or few (even through one).


-We believe that if we are committed to live out our convictions courageously, we will finally say goodbye to a fluctuating Christian presence on campus and hello to revival.

-We believe that no tree bears fruit overnight. Therefore, we are in this for the long run. If we only have one month left on campus, we will shine for God; if we have 5 years left on campus, we will still shine for God. However long it takes, we will give our all to build the wall.

-We believe in passing on good legacies to the younger generation and the raising of new leaders to fight the good fight and continue the revolution.

I hope that even as you read this, I do hope that you will be encouraged. :) Let’s gear up for a revival in INTEC!

P/S: If you would like to receive the Campus Revolution Mail, with testimonies of how CampusRevo has changed lives in colleges all around Subang Jaya and even to Penang, give the admin a buzz through e-mail, Facebook or even sms. :D

October 5, 2009

Night of Great Testimonies – 7th October 2009

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And we’ve decided. Wednesday’s CA night! You don’t want to miss it although juniors will probably be sweaty from Ko-PLN aerobics sessions. ;)


Flyer was wonderfully done by Steven. :)

October 3, 2009

Call for Testimonies

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A testimony is a personal account of what God has done in our lives and could be anything as simple as an experience of knowing God or an event where God has provided for our needs or healed our sicknesses. It could be anything that comes from the heart, as long as we are willing to share these amazing stories out in the open. There is also no such thing as a BIG testimony or a SMALL testimony. All testimonies work to put a smile upon God’s face and see Him glorified in our lives.

If you have a story to share, or an experience with God to encourage others with, just pen them down, and it all works in the end to encourage someone who might be going through a tough situation or waiting for God to answer them. Your stories have the power to inspire, encourage and uplift those who are broken hearted or in need. In fact, some people’s lives are changed through hearing these stories.

And you also must testify, for you have been with me from the very beginning. John 15: 27

If you are wondering and thinking whether you ever have a testimony in life, you are not alone. Many of us think that we can hear testimonies from others but do not believe that we can have our own testimonies. Probably we think that we are not as religious as others or that we are not God’s ‘chosen ones’.

“Sicknesses being healed, lives being changed? Nah, I am not capable of having a story like that. Only pastors, leaders and devout people have these stories.”

Sadly, these are the lies which are chosen by the Devil to block us from receiving God’s promises in our lives. Once we do not believe and have faith that God is going to intervene in our lives,our lives would be a pattern of “ whatever will be will be” and we will miss out on God’s best.

If you are going through a rough time in your life now, or if you are seeking for something desperately, this could be a moment when God is knocking on the door of your heart to let Him take control in your life. He wants to be the person who will fill that empty spot when you could turn to no one.

Will you trust him to handle the broken pieces of your life and piece them back together? Let’s not just stand at the sidelines and let life be without faith in God. I encourage all of us to let faith step into our difficult times and trust God even though sometimes we may not understand how things are going to work out. After all, He is a God of all impossibilities. As long as we root ourselves in Him, He will write an amazing story for us everyday because truly, His mercies are new everyday.

I challenge each of us to not let each day go by without living a life of faith. Let everyday be a day of testimony, a day for an amazing story to be written. All of us have these stories. Your story might be one prayer away from you.

“Don’t settle for less when we can have God’s best”

God bless.

Don’t worry about not being able to write well. Because the heart is what matters. In fact, if you worry about that, pray for wisdom, and for God to guide you to write the words that He will use to plant the seed for a revival here.

If any of you lacks wisdom, he should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to him. James 1: 5

The dateline for submitting in testimonies  is on the 16th of October. Please send it to her through e-mail. If you’ve sent in a testimony before, for the last publication, it’s okay to send in another awesome testimony of how God is working in your life. You could also write a follow-up of your last testimony.

P/S: I think that some of us are afraid to give testimonies. But I say now, that each testimony is just an amazing statement of how God has been so good to you, how God has moved in your life, and how He loves us so much. No matter how boring you think your testimony is, God can use that to work in someone’s life. Someone might say, “Hey! I go through the same things, but I didn’t see God working like that before. Maybe if I placed more trust in Him, amazing things might happen to me like her!”

Praise God for changing her then! Things like that could happen. The seed that you have planted in her through your testimony will be used by God to bring her to Him. He will bring to completion her growth in Him. But we, as his children, can start and help by writing testimonies of His awesome-ness in our lives.

I say, step up and just write. It will be amazing.

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. John 8: 32

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