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April 19, 2010

Living Loving Legacies (2010 First Semester’s Final CA)

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months passed by, gatherings after gatherings… finally, we have reached to the Final CA for the first semester of 2010!

unfortunately, it is the final CA for our dearest ALM and ACTP seniors! aww…

sad, but-that’s life… there are hellos, there are goodbyes…

so, what are you waiting for? come and celebrate the last CA for the first semester for 2010! it is also the farewell for our seniors. see you there! ^__^

p/s although some of us cannot make it due to BTN… :( hahaha! but i can tell, it’ll be A.W.E.S.O.M.E!!!

April 17, 2010

…with All Our Strength…

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“Loving with all your strength”—that was the topic for the second last Campus Alive for this semester. Quite a number of people turned up on that night despite the ADFP and ACTP students could not make it due to some program in INTEC. Praise the Lord, all the seniors from class 9M3 came and joined us during the service—well, all the non-Muslim students, of course!

After the opening prayer, the game session was led by Lemon. We were given a piece of paper with some questions about a person’s characteristics, abilities and experiences. We had to go around and looking for someone who have done this, done that, has this, has that and… etc. It was a game to get ourselves familiar with each other, get to know each other better and just to mingle around. At the end of the game, Morgan and Eileen were asked to prove their dancing talent. The crowd was very entertained when they danced “Sorry Sorry” and “Nobody”.

The sermon was very entertaining and very enlightening. Pastor Sandra was really friendly and full of expression! It was almost like we were watching a one-lady show because she was not just talked the talk, but she acted the acts! It was really fun to listen to the words of God from the way Pastor Sandra shared with us. Loving with all our heart is not as easy as it seem, there will always be temptations and circumstances but as long as we open our heart for His grace and glory, He will lead us to an everlasting journey.

After that, Jan announced about CA’s latest mission. We want to sponsor a kid (or two) a month. The child will be chosen from the underdeveloped countries such as Mongolia, Vietnam or Africa. The first collection for this mission was collected during the service. We pray that this mission will continue and achieve its goal.

Jan, giving announcement on Mission

Let’s hear what they have to say about the last Campus Alive…

p/s Catch the amazing testimony from Phillip about his experience dealing with the severe dengue fever.


Thanks God for CA yesterday went on so smoothly and indeed it was a prsperous one with ten new comers! Among them, there was an assistant lecturer of ALG programme. She is Lea.

The game session entitled “BINGO!” led by Lemon was fun.  The purpose of the game was to give opportunity to let everybody coming to CA mix together as a big family and get to know each other better. Later, at the session of announcing the winners, we have dances from Morgan and Eileen which drew everyone’s attention and shoutings from the audience.

Moreover, at the praise and worship session, Philip and Grace’s leading was fantastic! I felt of the presence of our Heavenly Father with us. The songs were so peaceful and soul-touching. During the worship session, I could feel of the consistent of the tempo of the drum and the piano. It showed that there was indeed tacit understanding between the drummer and the pianist. It was great to see everybody gather together as a family in Christ name to worship Him. How great is our God foe He was crucified because He loved everyone of us so much! Thank you, Father!

Piano Man, Jien Lee

The part that I enjoyed the most in last night CA is the Pastor Sandra’s preaching. She is so lively and she likes to act. Not to deny, everyone is pay full attention to her. The title “Loving With All Your Strength” is indeed a life-time homework to me. Her words “ Never compromise because other temptations. Live for God and in Him, nothing is impossible”, still lingered in my mind. That’s so true.We need to seek His face everyday in our life as He is the Father that created us and He knows what is the best for us.

the Cute+Jolly+Entertaining Pastor Sandra :)

Not to forget also when Jan makes the announcement of the new project under mission ministry regardint of sponsoring a child in coordination of World mission. I was so touched to see everybody filled in the donation box with their love and caring towards the child that they did not even know. To add on, the new comers who are non-Christian donated too. Woa…it was so touching. It was so good to see people to pour their concerns towards the child who are in poverty.

The refreshments were so tantalizing! I liked them so much. Big thanks to J-cyn, Nicole, Samantha and Siau Hui for preparing the food for us. May God blessed the hands of work.

Last but not least, I want to thanks the emcees Pek and Caroline by making this CA happening! I was amused to see this combination of abnormally tall boy with a sweet and pretty-hearted girl.Haha.. A deepest salutation to the drivers too. Not to forget David whi is in charge of the LCD, Yen Mei who is in control of the money flow and also our CA leaders, Jan and Jien Lee. Thank you so much!


What’s the best thing about CA? Meeting friends? The good food? The good speakers? I think it’s the word of God that’s the best.

Surely, our Almighty Father has given us strength to live on each day; to face the exams, assignments, stresses from family, peers and sponsors. In return, I believe all of us should use that strength to love God, for from Him comes all our needs. Pastor Sandra, our speaker that night, has definitely delivered a very interesting and powerful message to us all. We should not ignore God and only seek Him when we are in trouble times, but to seek him everyday even when we are happy or sad. We should always shine brightly for Him too, and never let the burning fire of passion for Him in us die out with the flow of time. Live strongly for God, His Glory and His Name!

_______________________________Zombie Man (Pek)

I’m Philip Yong Cheng Hong from Ausmat 21. In the early January 2010, I suffered from dengue fever. Thanks God for protecting me and showering His love and care upon me during that tribulation.

My situation is worse than I could imagine because my first impression about dengue fever is just joint pain or fever. However, mine is quite different and life-threatening. My platelet count is dropping dramatically without my knowledge to 60,000 platelets per mm3 (a normal person should have at least 100, 000 platelets per mm3) I had a high fever and been admitted to a public hospital in Klang for supportive care and treatment.

In the hospital, my situation didn’t turn out good but deteriorating. My gums and nose start to bleed and my body temperature started to fluctuate. Nurses drew my blood six times a day for blood test to obtain my platelet count. I did pray to God that I wanted to recover and went back to school to continue my study. Ausmat is tough and I really didn’t want to spend too much time lying in the hospital. However, the blood reports did not show a good progress. My platelet count dropped from 60,000 platelets per mm3 to about 50,000, followed by 30,000, then 20,000 and finally below 10,000.

Finally, I was admitted into Intensive Care Unit when my platelet dropped to 5,000 platelets per mm3. I couldn’t sleep the whole night in ICU, where the temperature was way too cold for me to sleep. Even worse, my platelets count was keep on dropping without any sign of increasing. All I can say now, I was at the brink of desperation and disappointment.

However, my largest support in this predicament is God. He has sent many people to help me during that period. Many people were praying for me, be it the church in my hometown, Sibu, in Subang Jaya, in Shah Alam and Klang. I was so glad and surprised when my friends from INTEC and Campus Alive paid several visits to hospital. I never knew how important praying for other is until I experienced it in the hospital. To be frank, the only thing that keeps me alive and sane was that many people cared about me and they prayed for me at the back. I was so touched when CA prayed for me in one of its Thursday meeting and their prayers have kept me alive and accompanied me throughout this hardship.

Within two weeks, I recovered and continued my study. I praise God for placing me in this wonderful Campus Alive family that I felt I have been cared and supported. To Him be the glory and Praise. Hallelujah!

Phillip, Worship Leader of the Night


April 14, 2010

Prayer Request: Let’s Do Great Things For Him!

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Hello everyone! :D This has already been posted in Facebook, but let’s just spread the word around. :)

I sensed God telling me to keep praying about this, so I’d like to ask everyone to pray with me?

Some of us seniors are planning to make bookmarks for the entire school = ACTP, ADFP, ALM9/10, AUSMATS, ALUK, ALG…. You get the drift. These bookmarks are bookmarks of love, encouragement and support for the coming exams WHICH ARE VERY VERY CLOSE.

I wanted to get the bookmarks done by tonight but God tells me not to be hasty and to pray about it. Because this bookmarks shall go to non-believers as well, and we want to bless them with God’s love!

So let’s pray that a revival will come upon INTEC and that they’ll be so blessed even with little things like these bookmarks.

If you’re willing, pray for a verse, or just send me an sms about a verse that God has placed in your heart that you want to share with the people in INTEC. I can make different versions of the bookmark as well. Verses have to come before Friday though. :)

So come on people! Let’s pray for a breakthrough even with small things, glorifying and honoring His name!

To be even more motivated, go add Campus Revo and read the amazing testimonies there of little things done in college, in the name of spreading God’s love. Because He doesn’t just love us Christians. HE LOVES EVERYONE.

That’s how awesome our God is.

Let’s pray together! Prayers move the hands of God.

:) :) :)

Pray for:
1. Breakthroughs!
2. Inspiration for designs.
3. Verses
4. Open willing hearts to seek more of Him.
5. Curious minds to find out more about Jesus when they receive the cards.
6. Wisdom to spread the Good Word.
7. Courage!
8. People to help make them. :D :D

Yeay. Thank you!

Spread the word ya!! :D

April 4, 2010

Loving With All Your Strength

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Loving with ALL your STRENGTH

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