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May 23, 2010


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(I’m writing this just about two hours after my final Campus Alive meeting, one that was riveting, moving and definitely one to remember. For me, CA has been a journey so meaningful, yet at times so tough and tiring, that I feel something so precious is being removed from my life. But times call for moving on, and I pray you juniors will continue to carry the flame of Jesus’ name in campus.)

he and she...

My name is Larry, and two years ago I stopped a relationship with a girl I believe I loved very much. Two years ago, I’d just completed my SPM, and was off to short-term mission school. If you’re wondering what missions is all about, it’s basically bringing the love of Christ to people/nations that do not believe in Jesus yet. I was a hungry for purpose and meaning. Little did I know that I would find it in that one month spent in Sibu. To cut the (life-changing) story short, I received two challenges during my time in missions school. One was to be a tentmaker (it means someone who has a career, but is also a full time missionary. His job supports him, and his passion is to evangelize). The other call was to end my relationship. No, I didn’t hear from God say, “I command thee to break up!” I learned how to talk to God there, and through my conversations with Him, through counseling with a close aunty from church, I realized that the relationship was taking top position in my life. I could not seek God wholeheartedly while being in such a relationship. You see, relationships aren’t wrong unless the timing, intention and physical involvement isn’t right.

My friends would later scold me and ask why I didn’t just let go of her for a while and wait. I knew, however, that what I was involved in would have to stop. In case you’re wondering, I wasn’t a radicalized over-emotional young teenager fired up by any feelings-of-the-moment! I prayed it over, I talked it over, and I struggled with the thoughts of losing someone so close to me. I knew she wouldn’t like it.      She didn’t. The breakup itself was unkind to both of our lives (until today I am needful of God’s healing and grace to wipe clean some old smudges). We moved on, eventually. We’re talking now, but there are still things she doesn’t understand, and I can understand why. It was so abrupt; because God had changed my ideals and values so much that I was no longer who I used to be. I could no longer be her boyfriend.

(I must be careful not to put her down, because she was an exceptionally wonderful soul. However, in our conversations I had asked whether she’d ever live a missionary life. I know it’s very far-looking to ask, but she said ‘no’ and that she wouldn’t bear to have me leave her side for more than a few weeks. That was part of the reason I realized we wouldn’t last long, not even from the missions side, but if we would separate ways to study, it wouldn’t work. Relationships take wisdom, and my example is not to become a must-method). Was it wrong for me to look so far in life? I knew that God was worthy of my best. But I would learned it the hard way.

Tonight, I was moved to share this story with you all, because I believe out there there’s someone facing a similar issue. When it comes to our social lives, I know that one of the greatest moments is hearing someone tell you “I love you”. But thinking about it, since God is love, shouldn’t I learn to tell God “I love you and I live for you” before I tell it to a girl?

eternal LOVE...

Young men, our hormones are at a raging stage, and we struggle with the need for a “closer” someone, maybe even a kiss and a hug, someone to ‘love’. Let me tell you something, there are wonderful girls in CA. So many blessed lives that reflect a beautiful story of God’s etches. The challenge for us as Christian brothers is to love them like Jesus, without overstepping the boundaries of a friendship. It is to forge a bond of family, while guarding their hearts. This means that there is a need for self-control. There is a need to realize, as my senior Chewie said, that “you are not a man, you are yet a boy.” And in many ways, that makes us realize how far we are from becoming real men that God wants us to be. Girls, you would want a real GODLY man. Not a hot guy. Not a nice guy. There’s a challenge for you, guys! For this I quote Elizabeth Elliot, “The world cries for men who are strong: strong in conviction, strong to lead, to stand to suffer…glad to shoulder the burden of manliness.” I pray and hope that each and every one of you becomes that sort of man.

the Man...

Ladies, trust me when I say that the modest girl that doesn’t try too hard to be noticed, will eventually find genuine relationships and (I suppose) a solid marriage. I have a Christian sister who challenges me to be a better brother and a better young man. Some of the values she holds on to would make a liberal cringe! But I know the Bible and God’s love shapes her ideals! She knows that God’s love is her priority at the moment, so she’s not trying to gain attention when there are guys around. She knows the preciousness of God’s Word and it shaped her with wisdom. And it is simply AMAZING. This is the challenge for the ladies. The world tells you of beauty in two ways. Conventionally, it was physical beauty. Attract the man and make him drool! Now, the spin doctors realized not everyone was a supermodel and they advertise clothes that fit your figure, “10 HOT TIPS TO GRAB A DATE”, etc. However, the Bible is clear about the woman you should be. Just read Proverbs 31. Here’s an example. Verse 25 – “She is clothed with strength and dignity.”

I’m still praying and waiting (patiently; most of the time!) for my second chance to be “in love” and I intend to keep the second chance the final one. If you share such a hope, don’t rush, and don’t be hasty. Grow in the Lord, and He’ll reveal the best time for you. If there’s one thing that I’ve learnt from my journey in INTEC, it is this: Hold on, serve faithfully, trust like a child, and He’ll show you more and more and more! I’ve seen it in my life, in my friends’ lives, in my family’s life. To Him be the glory. I will miss CA so much.


Journeying with you always,


May 9, 2010

Triple L-iving, -oving, -egacies

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The grand finale for Campus Alive this semester was a much anticipated one for me. Aside from obvious reasons that it was the farewell for our beloved seniors (who have blessed us in uncountable ways!), it was also because a very special speaker was due to preach that same night. =)

The evening started off with not too few hiccups because of the massive number of people with the desire to attend that night. Hannah and Howard did such an amazing job coordinating the transportation and getting us all safe and sound at our destination, a little late, but still awesome. God’s faithfulness pulled through.

I was greeted with enthusiastic ushers at the entrance of the Atmosphere (for quite a number of times) and I knew then and there that it was going to be a night to remember, with God as our focus. Starting off with Xavier, my compadre host, we got everyone settled down. For games, Samantha got opposite genders screaming (at each other, seemingly) with such zeal and excitement that some people were left with sore throats. ‘Human Tic Tac Toe’ was the source of this oh-so-very interesting occurrence. =D

Worship was led by Larry and the team. Prior to that, the theme song for Campus Alive was presented – ‘Generation of Faith’. =) We were reminded of God’s love and faithfulness once again as we entered His courts with praise and humble worship.

After which, I had the privilege of introducing the speaker for the night – my very own father. =)

The title was ‘Living Loving Legacies’. We were given the example of Mary, of her love for Jesus and how she humbled herself before him and gave him her very best. We were called to respond in love to Love, because Jesus showed us the ultimate example of love while we were still drowning in our own sins. A call was given to those who were willing to respond to God’s love, to accept Jesus into their hearts, and also to those who were willing to commit to fulltime for the expansion of God’s kingdom. There were a mere few for the second call, but I was moved and encouraged nonetheless.

Before the night ended, we had a few special items lined up especially for the seniors – presentations which were prepared in a rather flurried but honest manner. Special kudos to Sarah who directed and edited the video we made for our seniors. =)

The night adjourned in seemingly no time. We had special refreshments prepared by Ivy, Hannah, Cindy and Morgan and although everyone was rather reluctant, we had to disperse and return back to our hostels anyway. And that was an undeniable fact for the sake of adhering to our curfew.

It was an amazing night. Not perfect, in terms of organization, but I strongly believe souls were blessed and God is pleased. Because only God is perfect, humans make misteaks. =D

__________Jan =)

Hello! The last CA for me was GREAT :) The game that we had played reminded me of last time when I played it with the seniors. I will especially remember the sharing from Rev. Tie. It was very witty and a good reminder for me of my journey here in INTEC. I was particularly amused by the song sung by the committee members and also the video presentation. The song was CUTE and it was very nice of everyone there to sing for us seniors. I appreciate that a lot! As for the video presentation, it was very funny! Samantha is “motherly” and I am “fatherly”. I can understand why Samantha is “motherly” but me “fatherly”? I cannot figure out why but it was funny and I was laughing my heart out! I laughed the hardest when Tang Ja Houng was described as “driver”! I saw many other seniors and juniors enjoying the video. It was good to see everyone smiling  I saw Mr. XXXX and Miss XXX shedding tears after the video! I will definitely miss everyone at CA and I hope to see the family of Christ in INTEC growing in great numbers! My prayers will be with everyone of you and I hope the incoming juniors will experience the warmth and hospitality which I have felt at CA!

__________Cedric Stewart Lewis

A warm and friendly ‘HI’ to all of you, God’s precious children, who are reading this…=)

This is my little report about our last CA with the theme Living Loving Legacies. Well, for me, I am very glad to see so many people attending that night. And to be honest, I was quite worried about transport as people begin flooding the small humble Akasia Bustop, all excited about CA. All glory belongs to GOD, for He provided us with enough transport to and fro. (Love You, LORD!) And big THANK YOUs and KUDOs to our dear uncles, aunties, seniors and juniors who humbly serve God with their time and energy as drivers. Indeed, you guys are AWESOME!
(p/s: If you can drive skillfully and/or have a car, and you wanna serve God—this is your golden opportunity! Pls feel free to contact Howard or Hannah and join our drivers club! Yes, YOU—God’s chosen one! ^^)

Alright, back to CA…the night started off with an interesting game—The Battle of the Sexes! The game imediately sparked off excited chatter from the crowd and after this entertaining human tic-tac-toe game, the LADIES were finally proven to be the more competent gender! Woohoo~girl power! *high-5s to all lady readers* xD Thanks to sweet Samantha for such entertaining fun time!

I really enjoyed the tangible presence of God with us during praise and worship session. The worship song “Who Am I” ministered to me personally as it clearly describes God’s unconditional love towards us insignificant puny humans, who are here today and gone tomorrow. Surely God looks upon us with love and regards us as His ‘dears’! What a wonderful God we serve!

After that, we had a wonderful time absorbing the Words of God through Rev. Dr. Tie. His message was about Mary, the living loving legacy of Jesus’ time. Although others criticize her for anointing Jesus with expensive perfume, she did not stop loving Him. What touches me is that she gave her most precious, her very best, to honour the Lord. Dear everyone, we are challenged to do the same! In spite of peer pressures and worldly trends, we should not be afraid to love God with all our heart, soul, mind, and strength…for Jesus was not afraid to die on the cross for our sins! In this, we need God to constantly strengthen our faith so that even if we stumble, we will continue to walk with Him.

The juniors also prepared a singing performance and short video for the seniors. Hope you (seniors) liked it! =) Right after that, we had a family potrait taken—CA family!!! During refreshments (sandwiches, nugget-hotdog-fishball ‘satay’, Sprite cocktail), we got to chit and chat, many quickly seized the opportunity to snap photos. There were smiles, laughters, hugs going on everywhere…it seemed that everyone was reluctant to leave! Overall, a night that I wish would never end!

A little something for seniors: Thanks for being great supporters, encouragers, and friends! You are indeed living loving legacies in my heart! May GOD guide you and pour out abundant blessings upon you and every area of your life! Continue to be His light and salt, that others may know God’s love through you!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” ~Jer 29:11


22th April 2010 was the last campus alive for this semester. It was also last CA for ALM  and ACTP seniors. It was an amazing night for me. Although lots of ADFP and ACTP students couldn’t turn up that night due to their final exam, there were still lots of people, especially seniors and new comers. The MOST important thing here is it was fully recorded throughout the night by our video recorder man, Pek. It was really an awesome night for all of us.

As usual, Campus Alive was started with an opening prayer which was led by our emcees, Jan Tie and Xavier. After the opening prayer, it will be the most exciting session, which was game session. Game session was led by Samantha. It was a competition between boys and girls.  All the girls and boys were first separate into two groups which were Boys group and Girls group and each of them was numbered. The game was just like a “Tick tack toe” game as there were (4 x 4) 16 chairs placed in the middle. The game master will call out the number, and each boy and girl with that number will quickly ran out and sit on their chosen chair. The purpose was to get a row of four girls or four boys before the opponent does. Boys and girls were all tried their best to win for the game. It was really funny and mesmerized when I saw they were playing the game with full energy. Finally, Girls group won the game.

Next, Jan introduced our CA theme song. It is a nice song and thank to the Father Lord that finally we have our own CA theme song. Then, there was praise and worship session which was led by Larry. His leading was awesome. All of us revere God with an all-powerful God of love. All of us were full of Spirit’s fruit of joy. I came amazed at how God has reached for us and loved us. I thank to our Lord, that he is the one who getting all of us gathered at this glorious place where we can praise him with joyous.

The highlight of that night was the sermon given by Pastor Tie King Tai from Sibu, Sarawak. Sibu is my hometown and I was so great that pastor from my hometown came here to share God’s words among us. In between, Pastor Tie also our emcee, Jan Tie’s father. It was so funny when Jan introduced her father as pastor. Well, “Love In Response to Love” (Mathew 26:6-13) is the topic of the sermon. His preaching was really mesmerizing. I still can remember when he asked us that “What is the most precious to you and do you give your most precious to the Lord?” Truth be told, Lord has give us his most precious son, Jesus. What had I given to Him? I think this question will remain etched in my memory forever. Through the proclaimed words in sermon, I had learned a lot of new things. Lord loves us that he dies in love and we should give our priority to him and never delay our love to the Lord. It was really encouraging and amazing.

After that, it will be the most special part of CA. Since it is the farewell for ALM and ACTP seniors, CA ministry which was led by Jan, David and Howard had sang two songs for all the seniors. Besides, Pastor David also speaks a prayer to pray for all the seniors. The last but not the least is the video for all of the seniors which was recorded and edited by Sarah. It was such a good job. Thank you to all the seniors for what you had done for us and you all are always there to offer help for us whenever we are in the difficulties.

Before refreshment, all of us took a big family photo. This sweet memory will always together with us throughout our lifetime. CA was ended with refreshment which was prepared by Morgan, Ivy and Carmen. It was so delicious and sumptuous that I just managed to eat a piece of nugget. In short, our last CA for this semester was a great success. Everyone joyfully went back with an extra portion of love and sweet memory in their heart, all thanks to our loving heavenly Father.

__________Siau Ting

Hi there dearest ones,

The juniors are here!!! Japan juniors coming in on Tuesday (I have a junior from my school CF named Kenneth coming). In saying this I realize our finals are very very near, and just to reassure you, I’m not writing to ask you to “do” something. JUST PRAY. : )

I just want to inform you guys that I went to, and they have a Wiki now..all things Malaysian studies..what’s cool is that INTEC, Cemara, Cendana all have their own WikiRecom pages..and Campus Alive is there too! Plus the link for CA blog.

Now, I’m a BIG believer of internet penetration…EVERY soul coming to INTEC will be googling for it, and I’m sure there’ll be Christians in need of a family here. So I’ve started commenting on the Japanese program thread… and in a few weeks time, the site will be full of queries by the main program students.. weeee!!!

So if anyone in CA committee’s on recom, get em in!! : )

Time to harvest.


Silent steps move across the blue carpeted floor. There is quietness in the air, where laughter, chatter and tears have been spoken and shed; where friendships are built. Nothing stirs; even the familiar dark curtains and disco ball hang still. The stage is bare, with only loose song sheets as remnants of the praising that occurred earlier. The floor is bare, yet I imagine the countless hundreds of generations of students that have stepped into this place and encountered God. I turn up to the ceiling and close my eyes and whisper, “So it was all worth it…the whole journey, huh, God?”

Last Thursday was the last CA for the A-level Medicine and American Credit Transfer Program students, or known as the seniors (wooo, so old!). Being the last CA, I was glad to see new faces, even at the last CA, and a visitor from the French program students! Shout out to AMY! The night kicked off with MCs Jan and Xavier taking the stage to open the night with prayer (very essential, folks!). Then, Samantha (Sam) along with Nic lead the all-favourite game: HUMAN TIC-TAC-TOE. For Sam and Nic, it would be their last time serving, and what better way to do so that to pit the guys against the girls in a totally wacky version of our childhood game?

After games, the juniors went up to present the official CA theme song, “Generation of Faith”. Now how awesome is that title? You can read the lyrics at It was beautiful, really. A melody for God is everlasting!

Then it was worship! I lead (for the last time), and was accompanied by a team of seniors and juniors. Here I’d like to salute Esmond and Tze Jun, two of my brothers in Christ. Esmond learned bass in CA, and improved much. Tze Jun is a maestro, and seeing him give his talents to the Lord is an encouragement. He pushed himself hard to learn the chords, because before this he’d been playing ONLY scores BY MEMORY. Go figure. Besides them, Michelle supported my vocals very strongly, and Sheila played the drums.  Thanks, guys!

Worship ended, and the sharing of the Word came. We were very blessed to have Rev. Dr. Tie King Tai all the way from Sibu! Rev. Tie expounded on Mark 14:3-9, or the story of Mary anointing Jesus’ feet with her hair and how we are to show love the Lord and others, or as the theme said, how we should be, “Living Loving Legacies”. His straightforwardness and humour got the crowd instantly attentive.

I remember distinctively being challenged with two things. The first, was to humble ourselves. To give God the glory and remember that all we have is His. The second was the call to become a missionary, tentmaker or go full-time (be a pastor).

Before that, I think I should explain what a tentmaker is. The term is actually taken from Paul’s life. He made tents for a living, while preaching the gospel to the people there. A tentmaker in our modern world is someone who has a job, and uses it to enter a country that is normally closed to pastors or missionaries (like say, Iran) and ministers to non-believers there.

Two years ago, I received a calling to be a missionary or tentmaker. I’m still not sure where and when I’m headed into that, but it was the reason I chose medicine. However, that calling had sort of died in me during the last two years, probably due to me not revisiting it. That night, when Rev. Tie spoke about it, I felt my heart warmed and recalled what my life was about. Who would have known that the last CA would be a renewal for me? After his sermon, he invited us to kneel, and made a call for salvation. Praise God someone responded! Another soul saved.

After the sharing, it was time for the seniors’ surprise. We were treated with a beautiful medley of “You Raise Me Up”, “Jesus Brought Me Here” (a slight change from “Angels Brought Me Here” by Guy Sebastian) and “My Wish”. I loved the last song. Then, there was a video presentation, made by Sarah. It was AWESOME. I was almost in tears. (I have the video with me so I can watch it over and over again!). Later, we had refreshments, special refreshments by Ivy and the gang. The mix juice was amazing.

We were blessed with a sending off prayer by Pastor David. Here I wish to salute this man of God, for being like a father to us, and who, about 20 years ago, responded to God’s calling to reach out to UITM students and start a student group which eventually became Campus Alive. Sending off means a lot for us, because we’re all headed to different nations.

In a way, we’re missionaries being sent out after two years of training. CA was indeed a training ground for me. Leading CA last year was a lesson of His grace and wisdom, and how precious individual people can mean to us. I will miss the people I served with the most, seniors and juniors included.

CA exists in an extraordinary way. Contrary to general perception, it’s more than just the Thursday night event. It is in fact, everyday living, whether in college or in the hostel or back in my hometown. It’s an international movement. Every time a CA member leaves INTEC, a missionary is sent into the world, to tell the world of Jesus. We’re reaching the nations, people!

Closer to home, I’ve been so encouraged to see so many lives blessed by Campus Alive. Maybe it was just a simple act of love, like giving bookmarks to our friends, buying them lunches, encouraging them with an SMS or a phone call; it has always been about loving people, because God loved us first. CA united seniors and juniors in a bond of love and family. I fondly recall my seniors. And gosh, how I will miss my juniors. I love you all dearly.

In the family of God, there is hope, and hope shines everlasting. Continue to “live with great expectation, and we have a priceless inheritance…when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honor on the day when Jesus Christ is revealed to the whole world.” 1 Peter 1:3,4,7. Juniors, carry the flame with humbleness and strength, knowing that CA exists for Jesus, and will continue to do so as long as the sun continues to rise and set. FUYOH! I am but a piece in a large mosaic of lives who have been touched. Talk about everlasting. God bless.

"My old committee. This is the ONLY photo of our full committee, before a few of them left for further studies. My greatest blessing."


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