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July 4, 2010

Ode to Juniors

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This ode is of course, a metaphorical one. It’s more of a letter, or a note to the juniors. This post is dedicated to the juniors of 2010. Welcome to a new phase of your life. =)

Dearest Juniors,

It is with an excited and loving heart that we, your seniors, welcome you to this place. It’s a new place, a new environment, with new friends; and probably a whole list of things beginning with ‘new’ can be written out (or in this case, typed out).

See, we’re new too; to this role of being a senior. We’ve had awesome seniors who have blessed us so much during their time here at INTEC. And we just want to bless you as we’ve been blessed. Personally, I’m entirely grateful and thankful that I got to come here and not another college. There have been just too many blessings that I simply would not trade my college time here for any other college life.

Perhaps on seeing the conditions of the not-so-perfect facilities here, you might feel a little scared and most probably homesick. It’s normal. And you’re not alone. What we want you to know is that, you’re welcomed in this place and that this is going to be an unforgettable journey. We’re here for you, and if even the slightest doubt begins to nag at the back of your mind, let us know.

Ask questions, learn, absorb, enjoy and cherish your time here. Because, believe me, it flies fast. Very fast. And after all, we only get to have a college or pre-university life once in this lifetime.

With love,

Jan =)

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