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July 14, 2010

Senior-Junior Meet n’ Greet

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Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new semester of Campus Alive meetings! No, it’s not going to be the first official meeting at the good ole’ Atmosphere of New Life Restoration Centre, rather it’s a very casual ‘Meet n’ Greet’ between seniors and juniors.

It’s probably a little late to be ‘promoting’ this gathering, but at any rate, here are the details:

Time: 6.45pm (Akasia), 7.00pm (Cendana)

Venue: Akasia bus stop, Cendana guardhouse

For girls, bring your eating utensils! Bowls, plates, forks, spoons, chopsticks…Anything you are comfortable eating with (although chopsticks can probably be out of the picture). And don’t forget to bring your own cup, as we’ll be serving some special drinks as well.

For the guys, well, “bring yourselves,” is suffice for me to say. =D

It’s going to be a blessed time of fellowship, food, fun, food, getting-to-know-yous, food and well…food!

And so, my dearests, I shall see you tomorrow, no?

I get the feeling that this post shall only be viewed after the gathering tomorrow though. But as they always say, “better than late then never”.

Sweet blessings =)

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