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August 23, 2010

Boy Girl Relationship

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Hey there! I’m Hannah (senior^^) and this is a short sharing about what I experienced last CA.

I really thanked God for the message by sister Sharon on boy-girl relationship, which was personally relevant. Many times, my roommate and I find ourselves discussing and sharing our thoughts about this issue. Hence, I soon realized that although I claim to commit “everything” into God’s hands, this was one area that I did not let go. Yes, I did pray, asking God to take control and prepare the right one for me. Yet, truth be told, I continued to worry and fret: Will I have a boyfriend? Who will he be? Will I ever get married? if yes, to whom? When? etc., questions which I cannot answer but yet kept pondering. On a night not long ago, God revealed to me that this obsession has gradually begun to replace the passion towards my first love—the Lord Jesus who had been loving me UNCONDITIONALLY. I must have grieved God each moment I allowed my heart to wander away from the perfect love, in search of an imperfect one! I thanked God for this wake up call, opening my eyes to see that He loves me so deeply and dearly all this while, and that I am to love Him whole-heartedly; to seek His kingdom first. Through sister Sharon’s sharing, God was gently reminding me to first focus on the most important relationship of my life—relationship with God alone, and all else will fall into place according to His timing. Praise the Lord!

Birthday Babies

Besides the sharing, I felt touched to see a vibrant new generation serving in CA—the juniors! I really felt welcomed when the new ushers greeted me warmly at the entrance. Zhong Xiang did a great job emcee-ing with Carol, keep up the good work! And kudos to Kenneth and Melvin who prepared the cool and awesome refreshments—ice-cream and wafers! And to others not mentioned here, thank you for making this CA a success! All glory belongs to God! =)

Worship Team



Game Session

It was another awesome night at CA! Even though it wasn’t my first time being an emcee, but sometimes usual things in a new environment still makes us nervous (still don’t understand how the name Pastor Patrick came into my mind…). The topic was on Boy-Girl Relationship, and Pastor Anthony’s sharing was just accurate to give youngsters caught in love a new perspective about their blooming “romance”.

Cats & Mouse

Many a time people ask me when are we “mature enough” to start dating? (I am sure it’s not only me wondering about this, because the ENTIRE world had been debating on this since history started) After spending time searching and pondering, I came to a conclusion: “When a boy becomes a man. (Or when a girl becomes a lady)” Then the 2nd question comes along, “What then, is a man? How old are you to be a man?”

This is where the main point comes in. (Not being gender-biased, but I will discuss this from a more familiar viewpoint of a male, haha!) Boys don’t naturally grow into men; it is a process of training which transform them into men. Being a man is never about having specific physical difference from women, it is never about how good you can fight and flirt, and it is never about how old you are. Remember guys, Pastor Anthony said that it is never too young to get serious with God!

At around the age of 13, I was reading a few books on this topic (How to Raise a Modern Day Knight by Robert Lewis & Mark of A Man by Elisabeth Elliot, 2 books I really recommend if anyone out there is trying to find their identity as a man). A quick summary of what I learnt: A man (1) rejects passivity, (2) accepts responsibility, (3) leads courageously, and (4) expects a greater reward, God’s reward. Judging from this, it is never too young to be a man, we can start practicing to be one! And don’t be surprised that at the end of the journey, you will find many males older than us, but yet not as “manly”. Don’t worry about the girls, God will bring them (and the Special One) to you. When God sees that we have done our homework well, He will entrust us with greater things!

As for the girls, sorry that I am still on the way to “fully comprehend” all of you, so I have not much to share. But to have a standard or guideline to live your lives, you can always refer to Proverbs 31: 10-31.



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