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August 23, 2010


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This time, we (the seniors) decided to do something different. Nothing was changed except that in this CA, we did not have any games. WHY?

Like every year, the Campus Alive committees will select one day (one CA night) to promote the ministries in Campus Alive to our fellow juniors. Unlike last year, we planned to do something new; Ministries Fair! Yeap, you heard it right…

Instead of having game session, usually at the beginning of every CA, this time, we opened booths (just the humble tables and laptops) to promote our very own ministry to the juniors. The juniors were given the chance to go to every booth they like or interested in. As for me and Sarah, we are responsible to promote our ministry; Publicity. We used a laptop to show the blog pages saved earlier to the juniors. It was fun promoting our ministry and at the same we got to communicate up close and personal to our juniors. It was rather an awesome experience watching those eager spirits searching for the right ministry for them. May God opens their heart to listen to His calling and sends the right ones to continue the legacy…

After the Ministries Fair, we proceeded to Praise and Worship session led by Jan. One of the songs sang was the CA anthem or CA first ever original! It was a very wonderful song, reflecting the journey the we had while serving in CA… We have learned a lot. Met a lot of people and at the same time spreading the LOVE of Christ… The praise and worship continued with an action song! I can tell, everyone had a very wonderful night.

The sermon (Loving Your Friends) was given by Pastor Joshua. He touched about how Jesus can be our friend. Friends are very important to us, especially when we are far away from our family. In CA, I have met a lot of wonderful people, friends and yes, they are my family. Friends share happiness and also sad moments together. However, there is no friend like Jesus. He is always there, and on top of all, He sacrificed for our sins. What a FRIEND we have… ;)

Later on, we had refreshment and the second CA for the second half of 2010 was over…  It was indeed another memorable night I had with all my beLOVEd friends…



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