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August 29, 2010

Forum: The Church & Malaysia

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Truth be told, I was preparing myself for a very small number of attendance. What with the week being the mid-term and prime week of tests, I braced myself for the worst. Then I fretted about the forum, wondering about the ‘what-ifs’ and thinking of worst-case-scenarios in which no questions were going to be submitted. The fact is I was worried.

And it was for no hugely particular reason, because God proved otherwise. He reminded me once again that, with Him, absolutely nothing is impossible.

Suffice to say, I was deeply moved by the level of commitment my brothers and sisters had; to come and to serve even in the midst of tests. It’s not to say that we should just ditch our revision time entirely because that would be kind of suicidal; but rather, serving and putting God first allows God to multiply your time, and to bless you. There always has to be this balance and good time management.

That night, I was blessed by our panel speakers as sms-es came in with questions in regards to the Church and Malaysia. Indeed, so many were the sms-es, that we did not have enough time to answer all of them. I believe everyone learnt something that night, and our God was greatly glorified.

I guess God likes to work that way – the smaller the resource, the larger the effect; the smaller the possibility, the greater the outcome.

What a wonderful God we serve!

In His service,

Jan =)


” On Wednesday (1st September 2010), I got back my Physics test paper. However, I failed. I asked God” Why, Lord father? I’d been studying so hard, praying so hard and I’d been praying to invite you into my study life. But do you not hear my prayer of are you not love me anymore.” I was extremely down at that moment. Just on that very night, I suddenly have very terrible headache. I couldn’t study but my next test is approaching and I don’t want to fail again. I also wish so much to attend CA the next day. But if I couldn’t finish my revision, I will not able to attend. Therefore, I started to pray. I claimed God’s healing power in the name of CA, hoping that our Father in the Heaven will listen to my prayer and heal me so that I could concentrate on my revision and able to attend CA the next day.

God was so great. Just after my prayer, God heal me instantly! You would never believe how great God’s healing power was if you never experience it by yourself. Just at that instant when I finish my prayer, I could feel God’s healing power working in my body and the feeling was so real. I recovered instantly and able to do my revision. Praise the Lord! In fact, what I actually gained is more than God’s healing power. Our Father’s healing told me that He still loves me and he never leave me alone. He is always be with me. Something just swap through my mind after my healing, “

Everything that happens in my life, God has a reason behind it. Eventhough he see me fail, but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love me anymore. It’s just like when all of us are young kids, learning to walk, it will come to a point that our parents will just let go their hands and let us walk on ourselves. Sometimes, they see us fall down, but they didn’t carry us up. That doesn’t mean they don’t love us, but they want us to stand up ourselves and continue to walk. They want to build up our strength and let us be able to face failure with courage. This is out of their love which makes them teach us. Same with God’s love. God is our Father. He will never let his children fall into a deep dent and never be able to climb up again. He actually teaches us in our life. It’s just that sometimes we don’t notice it and thought that he doesn’t love us anymore.

Being a new believer, I could actually see that God brings me up in a way that like a father teaching his children, teaching me how to walk in the journey with him. As for God’s teaching, sometimes it’s hurt, but it’s worth. Everything comes with a reason. Failure can also be a beautiful lesson that God teaches us. God’s love is more than what we could think about.”

That’s all my testimony about. God bless.



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