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February 28, 2011

Embracing God’s Creation in CG

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Thanks to our ever-awesome CA leaders and committees, we had the luxury to flock Taman Pertanian Shah Alam for Cell Group while appreciating the lush greeneries and salubrious nature on 15th of Feb! there were tonnes of laughters coming from us this bunch of boisterous youth, loud enough to send a giant wave that sweeps the entire crowd in that area (imagine all the fun you have missed if you were not there) Some were treating their stomachs with finger food so good that they make your tummies go rumbling even after your meal! But of course, apart from fellowshipping with each other we had a fruitful time doing devotion and sharing under the trees(it was Oh so romantic!) *Again, I am trying to make you regret for not coming hahaha* alright, put those aside, serious stuff here: please do not try to be heroic flying down the steep hills on your bicycle because that would be tantamount to death. what i’m saying may not instill fear in you, so here I have a great example: A cute little prominent girl in CA with long hair fell from her bicycle, got herself badly injured XD But we know that our God is a good God, she is healed, praise The Lord! haha=D

Enough with words, now the photos shall do the talking

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