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February 28, 2011

Gong Xi Fatt Cai!

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Red Orange Yellow were the colours of the day.

Chinese New Year – a time of reunion.  a time of joy. a time of family.

and in Campus Alive, it’s who we are, Family ; )

to be honest, the committee was a little worried, thursday to sunday was suddenly declared a holiday – lecturers’ conference. and most people went home to be with their families. hhhmmm, how many will turn up? should we estimate half the number and cut down on food? then again, what’s with us worrying about things out of our control? just surrender it to God la.. aaaahhh just order la!


n praise God!

He totally woww-ed us!

80 turn up to celebrate Chinese New Year in CA, at least half of which being our new friends!

yap, u guessed it, we had a super duper great time getting to know one another, borak-memborak, blah blah blah…..

we kick-started with caryn on her erhu. gaya giler!

then had a great time worshipping our Lord God and King.

Father, Bridegroom, Friend.

 ever faithful, ever true, our strength and our song.

and i can go on and on, the one we adore, the love of our lives XD

and talk about the food!!! *drools*

credits go to the awesome people in the Hospitality Ministry who spent 3hours+ cooking all d amazing food in d akasia pantry

tnx girls!

we were so bloated, our stomachs screamed, Enough!

oh, n here’s a testimony!

talking about God being our Provider!

planning an event, money is always an issue, true?

but the thing was, us being selamba n all, we somehow didn’t even think of it, haha.. gosh, we didn’t even pray for money!

Harvest Generation Church offered to sponsor us all the food for the CNY event without us even asking!

woowww! we were amazed ourselves, seeing the hand of God providing and just being so real!


next was games

it was a total wahaha!

hhhmmm.. our allow pictures to speak for themselves

credits to ekwei for the pics

here’s d link to more of it –!/album.php?id=520758005&aid=296861&closeTheater=1

some seniors felt too old to join the kiddos? *wink*

well, it was indeed a great time of family!

treasuring and simply loving one another

our family of God





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