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March 1, 2011


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Get real… That’s a pretty common phrase used by today’s Y generation. But during tonight’s CA, the term took on a much deeper meaning as we delved into the question of who we really are in Christ.

The attendance in CA was noticeably reduced tonight due to the ongoing test season in several programmes. Nevertheless, it was clear that for those present, the passion and hunger for more of Him was not the least bit diminished.

CA started off on a slightly different note this time, with everyone gathering together to pray and commit the rest of the evening into God’s hands. It was a really powerful prayer session for as it is said in Matthew 18:20, “Where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.”

After that, we played an energetic game of Bingo where names from the bible were used instead of numbers. God’s presence was so evident during the awesome time of worship that followed.

Games Session

The speaker of the night was Rev. Kenneth Chin, the Senior Minister of Acts Church. Sharing from Matthew 16:13, Pastor Kenneth impressed upon us that getting real is about getting revelation. He challenged us to start thinking about who we really are in life and how much we think we’re worth.

Pastor Kenneth sharing

Everyone was listening with rapt attention to this anointed, energetic (and hilarious =P) speaker as he shared from his own life experiences and encouraged us to be the best at being ourselves. He also shared that one of the most dangerous words in the English language is ‘they’ and that we should stop living by what ‘they’ say.

Everyone received loads of encouragement that night. There were even a handful of salvations and rededications. Truly, the smaller numbers did nothing to make this week’s CA any less special or God’s presence any less powerful.

Rather than conforming to the ‘they’s in our lives, we should get real and get that revelation about who we are in Christ. God will come upon those who know who they are. All He needs is for us to surrender to Him and say, “That’s all I have, use me, Lord.”

As for how much do we think we are worth? Well, God thinks you’re worth the death of His Son.





  1. Hey you guys…So glad to hear you guys are growing amazingly. Praise God indeed. Keep servin’ and lovin’! Love you guys. =)

    Comment by Jan — March 1, 2011 @ 9:42 am

  2. yeah, it’s been a great year in which we see God’s hand working among us. both prayer n CA’s been growing both in numbers and in d spirit.. exciting, yeah! keep praying for us XD

    Comment by shuyoong — March 3, 2011 @ 11:46 pm

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