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June 8, 2011

Keeping It Real

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Thunders roared, followed by the crackle of the lightning.
The sky opened up, pouring down rain. Heavy rain.
It was as if the rain was never going to stop and it looked as if the sky was going to burst anytime soon.

From afar, under the umbrella; there was a group of people, at the usual spot, under the shade of the Bus Stop. Familiar faces.

Feel the Atmosphere.

Everyone was busy – rushing here and there or coming back from college – getting ready in time for CA or preparing for CA.

The last CA, for the semester.



Let us draw near with a true heart in full assurance of faith, having our hearts sprinkled from an evil conscience and our bodies washed with pure water.

Hebrews 10 : 22


Time really flies, isn’t it? It was as if we’ve just started this Jan-Jul semester and to say, it’s already over (well, to some of us it is). And, here I go, talking as if I’ve lived for hundreds of years – I sound like an old hag.

Instead of the usual Thursday meet up, the last of this Sem’s CA was done on a Wednesday and was kick-start with the ‘Appreciation Dinner with your Date.’


‘I’ve been to four farewells throughout the four sems, and right now, I thought – Oh, it’s my turn now, eh?’

It was the last CA for the semester – yes, I’ve mentioned that; but for the seniors, it contains a meaning a lot deeper than that. It was the last CA – the last meet up in this place, alongside with these people – of their two years here in college. Certainly, one would have known, this last CA had a much bigger denotation that day; because it also served as a farewell celebration for them.

It might not have been clear to them or maybe it was on how thankful everyone feels for the service – effort and hard work – these amazing people sacrificed into making sure CA was carried out smoothly throughout.

These Servants of the Lord are all worthy of an applause. With thanks and thanks over and over again, there’s really nothing much we can say or do – because what they did were far beyond description; just thinking of the time alone, that was spent regardless of the busy schedules they have or even the possibly forthcoming exams when CA or CG was held, they’ve never let these slipped away from their jobs and let these affect their performance before.



 Real God. Real Love. Real Faith.

And what does this mean to them?

‘To be honest, I am still searching for my God. My real God.’

God doesn’t want pretense, He wants our honesty – being honest and real to ourselves, and to Him. In fact, these – all these – of admitting our hopelessness and despair and doubt, can be a statement of faith.


The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.

 Galatians 5 : 6

‘God is real, no matter how we may feel.’



A Piece : Something New




Skinny Boy


 *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Filled with emotions.

 In the short period of two years (yes, it passes by real quick), these seniors of ours have formed relationships in ways they themselves couldn’t have imagined – both with the people and most importantly, with God. And, of this reason, some find themselves strongly attached.

Family of God – that’s what you call it.

It was sad to think that we may not see them anytime soon, with them leaving far-off to pursue the mighty dreams of theirs. Being able to know and meet, let alone form bonds with each other in this place was truly something magnificent, and we all know it isn’t a coincidence. All part of His plan.

With what they have had experienced, this is sure to be something that will prepare them for what’s to come in the future of their lives.

CA welcomes you all back, anytime, any day (if there’s people there to welcome you =P).


For the past five months, it has been a wondrous passage with the Lord. I’m sure there are people among us which have been touched by the Lord throughout the journey here in CA.


Success – To know Jesus and to let Him be known.

Success is what all of us will still continue to do together, serving in the family of God.

It differs only in that, while we are doing so, we are all in different parts of the earth.


Never weaker, only stronger :)

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  1. Reading these posts warms my heart. Let’s keeping running the race with our eyes fixed on Jesus. =)

    Comment by Jan — June 8, 2011 @ 7:42 am

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