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August 13, 2011

Cell Group Outing

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Make yourself available for your very first Cell Group Outing for this semester! Campus alive welcomes you to join us this 17th August 2011. Contact the person in charge if you are interested;)

August 2, 2011

Reconciliation. God, people and I.

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Always blessed. This time round CA had an invited speaker Dr Living Lee from UM to share with us the topic-Racial reconciliation. I believe that on that night itself, many seeds were sown on good grounds. Many who were there opened their hearts and allow God to make changes in their lives- to love people beyond their own circle of friends, people of different races and cultures. Truly God wants us to be His agents of reconciliation and He is already working on it! You see Intec students of different programmes mingling around, seniors and juniors alike. Blessed to have wonderful juniors who have hearts for people and for God. A simple favour of writing a short paragraph of experience in CA is returned with a delicately written testimony from fellow lovely juniors. Now, feast your eyes =D

Hebrews 13:1-2

Keep on loving each other as brothers and sisters. Remember to welcome strangers, because some who have done this have welcomed angels without knowing it.


I found this verse when I was randomly flipping the pages of my Bible after coming back from my second Campus Alive gathering. Three weeks ago, the people whom I met were strangers to me – and I was a stranger in this place too. As a Sarawakian who has never been far away from home, I came with all sorts of feelings. After attending CA, Campus Revo, Cell Group and prayer meetings, I discovered how wonderful is God’s love in this place.


Last Thursday we had our second CA gathering. We were welcomed by the emcee of the night, Caryn and had fun trying out all of the musical instruments before everyone else came. As this isn’t the main agenda (hehe) let me skip to what happened next. We had a fun game of forming body parts in groups (hand, nose and finger picking the nose – err should I mention that?) before the praise and worship session. Then, there was a talk about racial reconciliation by Dr. Living Lee. Living in a multi-racial country, I find this topic interesting especially when a lot of classmates (and random people who I met during MDS) kept on asking me about which religion and race do I belong to.


How important is our race to us? Despite being the only junior Iban girl in CA so far, I have never felt that I’m different from my other friends and seniors. There is something special that I have learnt from seniors in CA, which is to love, encourage and portray kindness to one another no matter from which race you belong to. Sometimes we never know how a pat on the back or a simple high five can make someone feel better. I’ve also learnt that the fellowship we have unites us regardless of race and social background. Here in INTEC, everyone comes from different backgrounds and we have a variety of races and religion. Yet, God’s love is amazing and He leads us not to focus on the differences but to show mutual love and respect.


Like the rest of the juniors who have been here for almost a month now, I am really thankful that even though I am far away from home, I have found a place which makes me feel like being at home.

To those who haven’t joined CA yet, why not come and join us to feel the awesome experience! :)


Thanks and God bless.


– Fiona Anyau.

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