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September 10, 2011

Reaching out

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After awaiting for so many weeks, Campus Alive was back again this week. It supposed to be a ‘normal’ fellowship to me, but you know what, it was just awesome! Actually I’ve already looking forward for this CA since the week before we had our Raya Break. What to say more when I got to know there’s CA for this week although at first I thought there will not be one because not all of the INTEC-ians are back here yet.

The challenging part is when, on Saturday afternoon, the worship leader, Shiau Xian texted me asking me whether to be the pianist or not. I was pretty excited and in fact, I remembered how I prayed for it because I wanna learn more through serving the Lord in this Ministry. Yeah, so I accepted the ‘request’ after knowing Fiona and Sharon were joining too. That’s why from Saturday I already looking forward for the CA!

After long waiting for 3days, finally it came to Thursday! I was so excited. For the past three days I remembered how 3 of us (me, Sharon and Fiona) keep on calling and inviting the people around us to join this week’s CA. Although people seemed to be reluctant when we called them, they had actually turned up on the CA night itself including our coursemates! It was just so relieved and amazed by God’s grace when we saw them coming out from the lift. I really will not forget that moment I saw them, it was just, so amazing and can’t be described by words.

The CA carried on as usual. We signed up to different ministries. I was attracted to everything, seriously. But then, I think I better make some choices. So I had three, hoped that it’s not too ‘greedy’. And after the signing up to ministries we had the praise and worship carried on. I was quite nervous because I did not really good during the practices I had. Furthermore this is the first time I’m serving in CA, which I suggested that I’m not really familiar with. Thank God that everything went on smoothly, at least better than what I’ve expected. This really reminded me a saying where I saw my friend posted in on facebook:

God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the CALLED.

He’s just awesome, right?

The message brought by the speaker was very inspiring too. I don’t know why, while He was giving his message I just simply, thought of all my classmates. He touched about the yeast story, where we, as Christian, should be like a yeast, not expecting someone sent by God as tasks for us, but to go out and make disciples as what is written in Matthew 28:19. It knocked me, hard, asking myself whether which type of ‘method’ was I using before this.

Sometimes we really tend to be waiting for God to do His work, but was it an excuse from preventing us to really reach out to people around us who doesn’t really know who our dearest Christ Jesus is.

There’s a story he shared which inspired me the most, where he said that a person will go 39792137871290 kilometres away to another country to reach out to the people in that country but just ignore the people who are staying in the next street.

What challenge is bigger than physical distance and spiritual distance? The main cause, I guess, is the discrimination to each other.

Think about it, people.

What to say anymore, Campus Alive is just awesome. No, it should be: GOD IS JUST AWESOME! The Almighty that blessed me so much. I had never thought that I’ll experience this kind of LOVE in my college life. May God continue to build each and everyone of us to grow in Him and bring out His love in our Campus, and next bringing more impact to our lives.

Kar Suan

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  1. Great sharing! Yea, ministry is a great way to grow and learn! :) And I love this : GOD IS JUST AWESOME! HE IS! ALL THE TIME!

    Comment by Hannah K — September 10, 2011 @ 9:41 pm

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