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October 10, 2011


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Last Thursday was an awesome day, filled with excitement and a series of meaningful events, but the Campus Alive gathering was the highlight of the day. It was a night of friends or should I say brothers and sisters in the family of God spending time with each other.

I was sitting on the couch with the Cendana boys or I like to call them my “children” when Joash came and he said ‘Come guys, take a picture.” So we smiled for the camera and let Joash do his thing. What hit me was in smiling for the photo, I realised those smiles were not forced, but a mutual feeling among us. I looked around and saw everyone else smiling and laughing, and it struck me of such an awesome movement all this were. I was so blessed that I found CA the first week I came here. Through prayers and worship, all of us are truly a family.

God has had definitely blessed CA, as not only real but also real happy. That was something that calms the soul of those who had emotional struggle that day.

I did have one in the previous CA but new hope came after this CA.

After that, there was a game, which I was confused of and still am, but hearing those laughs and seeing those smiles, I was sure that God was establishing a bridge among us. Following the game session was praise and worship and it was stunning to see how the hearts of those present opening up to God.

There was then a talk from Mr. Pax Tan. He said how God placed us in our respective places and destinations for a wonderful purpose and that we should never forget our roots in God. It was asked why God let His only Son, Jesus Christ to be born in a barn. Was it done deliberately? One I could remember was the senior said it is that God accepts everyone no matter how lowly the person may be.

The talk was surely an inspirational message from God so that we would not doubt his purposes and that He planned something awesome for everyone. With that, it concluded the night.

I hope everyone realised how great God’s love is and for sure, God will speak to all of us to shine a path for our dreams to still be on the road He built for us.


Alleluia and Amen.


Chris Patterson


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