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October 10, 2011

Future Nation Builders

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It was my second time being the emcee for Campus Alive. The first was when I first took over the Ministry of Hospitality about a year ago. What a coincidence that the juniors will be taking over the next CA meeting.


Every beginning has an ending? Or God has a plan in everything? I opt for the latter.


So CA tonight began as it always has. The other emcee, Kar Suan and I had a hard time getting the people’s attention. I wonder why this happens to almost every emcee. Anyway, we, the emcees, had the event flowing quite smoothly in my opinion. Hopefully my opinion is true.


Worship session has always been my favorite way of drawing near to God. I like to sing and to praise God in a melodic way. And the thing about worshiping God in CA is that you don’t need to care whether your singing is good or the other way round. Nobody cares about that. All you need to do is just sing out and call out loud to God. Above all, I like peaceful worship songs which always make me feel the presence of God. At times when my mind is in a mess, listening to these songs never fails in calming me down. And that is one of the reasons I always attend Campus Alive. It restores me spiritually and physiologically.


We had a very interesting speaker today, Rev. Pax Tan – the senior director of Malaysian Care’s Prison, Drugs and AIDS Service. The way he talked was so humorous that we kept on laughing as he preached.

And he made a lot of points throughout his sharing about us being the future nation builders. Indeed, we are unique in the way that we are all scholarships holders.

We are very much blessed, and we should really thank God by putting us in this position that a lot of people envy and long for.


Rev. Pax Tan has given us a really beneficial preaching. Humorous as it was, it actually contained a lot of messages to build our characters and prepare us to be the nation builders in time to come.

It feels great to listen and learn God’s words, but it feels even better to apply the things that we have learned in our lives.


I hope the others enjoyed Campus Alive tonight as much as I enjoyed it.

Especially the refreshment. =)



Sing Kiet.


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