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October 15, 2011

Break My Heart for What Breaks Yours…

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As I write this, it has officially been a week since I’ve answered the call to be CA guy leader-in-waiting. The past week has been a time of learning, both about CA and how it works, as well as the people who I will be working with.

Thursday’s CA was a real eye-opener.

It is not the first time that I have listened to Pr. Elisha’s stories but I am touched each time I hear them. Coming to CA and hearing his stories on how he has encountered the marginalized has awoken in me again this desire to just do something for the people in need. Pr. Elisha really challenges me. How many times as a student I gripe about what I have? I complain when it is to hot in the hostels. I complain when my lecturers are not very good. I complain when the food is not nice. But, have I ever thought about those who don’t even have food? Have I thought about those who don’t even have a proper place to stay like I do? Have I thought about those who don’t even have a chance to learn to read and write?

It is really an eye-opening session where I started to realize that, I am blessed beyond measure by God.

What am I doing with what I have been blessed with? Am I changing lives? Am I impacting lives? What am I doing for those who encounter injustice? God’s heart breaks for those who are treated unjustly. Does my heart break when I see injustice? Personally, yes it does. But what am I doing with it? Am I acting on these feelings where my heart is broken because of this injustice that I see?

I came out of that sharing with a heart, a will to make a conscious effort to help out those who are treated unjustly or those who are marginalized.

Hopefully this is one way I can do it: To continue on with what Zhong Xiang has been doing, which is, to visit homes like Shelter, Crisis Home and so on. There was this discussion when I was with Pr. Elisha, chatting with him as he ate. He asked Zhong Xiang what he has been doing concerning reaching out to the marginalized this semester. Zhong Xiang explained what CA has been doing in the visitation of homes. Pr. Elisha commented back and asked, “So, is this just a one off thing?” At that point in time, I knew that I was to continue on what Zhong Xiang has been doing. Hopefully I will be able to continue this activity of bringing CA members to visit homes to learn more about the marginalized and to show them how they live in order that they might come to know God’s heart for the marginalized.

I think another thing that impacted me was the fact that Pr. Elisha said we will be the generation that will help these people. It’s a long hard journey to do so but I believe that if I am commit my heart to it, by God’s strength I will.

Will you join me in helping these people who are less fortunate than us?

Matthew Chan

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