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November 5, 2011

You Preach It!

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I have been to CA for a few times in last sem. As a non-Christian, I always regard CA as a place to meet up new people and mingle with friends from different programmes. When Victoria and Zhong Xiang asked me to come over this last CA, I hesitated as I need to prepare for my final. At last, I decided to go and my decision has turned to be a wise one as I have gained a fruitful experience from it.

The sharing session has made me realize that life is not just about studies, family and relationship with friends.

One’s spiritual growth is also very important. I was amazed when I saw how people are so brave enough to voice out their thoughts and awed by their mature thinking. During the worship and praying session, I felt touched. Never once in my life did i feel so near to God. When I looked back, God did listen to my prayers. I tried to pray during my trial, and God brought me peace and took away all my anxiety so that I can face my exam confidently. Thank God. God is amazing. I’m glad that i went. Special thanks to the ex-committee and junior committee for making this last gathering a successful one. I enjoyed it. Wish you all the best in future.

Jamie Chan


Close friends around me know that I am a buddhist, but religion will never hinder me from getting to know Christian friends. In fact, quite a lot of my close friends are Christians. I am glad that I nodded when Jayn invited me over for the first (and last) CA in my life. It was fun and well-conducted, *applause for the junior committee*, I enjoyed the music and the sharing session a lot. I’ve gain some insightful thoughts, and am awed with your participation in CA.

It gives me a feeling of family.

I love the place and the people. I am glad to meet Pastor Joash and all of you! Last but not least, thank you for the “farewell”, I feel the warmth even though it’s my first time here!With this, I wish all CA members, all the best in your future undertakings.

Mx Tan


I’ve never been to CA before for this 1.5 year and I’m glad to have attended the LAST CA of the year which was my FIRST and of course the BEST of all! I really appreciated                         everything and everyone’s effort in making the last CA a successful one. Thank you all! I really feel the warmth there and it is like a big family. Even though i didn’t                         know most of the CA members but all of you made me feel like I’m a part of this big family too! Thanks a lot for everything especially the junior CA committee! You guys                         have done a great job and keep the momentum up! Lastly, hope all of you enjoy your time in INTEC .

We have got to know the people but not just focus on studies only.

All the best! =)

Chern Chee


I went to CA for several times. What can I say? The last CA was a blast, filled with touching moments. I can truly feel the love from brothers and sisters in Christ. It was kind of regret that I don’t really appreciate every single moment I was in CA. I wish I can attend the upcoming CA(s)! Bravo to the ex-committee! You guys have really made CA a fellowship place, with God as well as with friends in INTEC. You guys are truly amazing people!

Campus Alive has inspired me to grow.

All the best to the junior committee! You all are chosen ones in INTEC to spur the Christ-like environment. God bless!

Victoria Yap

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