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November 16, 2011

Experience Being Lost and Found

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Everyone has had the experience of losing a precious item. Once we discover that it is lost, the next thing is hormone adrenaline will turn our mind into a confused state. We will be frantically searching for it high and low till we find it. However, if you find yourself lost in a cross road, how many times will the degree of fear in us rise especially for a person who gets panic easily like me.

Miraculously, I didn’t let panic triumph on that day neither did I break down. Surprisingly, I calmly controlled the steering as I drove in the heavy downpour at twilight.  The downpour started after I dropped the future drivers at cendana and its intensity reached its peak during the moment when I was lost. Maybe due to the poor vision I turned into a wrong direction. Alone in the van, with my stiff and icing-cold fingers, I drove carefully searching for the words ‘shah alam’ on every sign board that I came across though. The words ‘shah alam’ became my newfound hope. The battery in my handphone was running low. I don’t know who to turn to. Millions of thoughts ran through my mind : fail to attend the homes on that night is the first one, unable to make it to kolej akasia is the next and more importantly was ethics final test paper on next morning.

 The only thing that I could do is to turn to Jesus Christ, who has His cellphone that will never have battery running low and who is an alert shepherd who knows when his sheep goes missing and where to find it before lions or wolves able to engulf it. 

It was really on cue for the CA old van to break down in front of kolej akasia at the beginning of the first driving lesson for the future drivers . The van stalled and refused to start again in front of the side gate of kolej akasia before making a U-turn.  I was shouldered with responsibility to send the future drivers back while the seniors dealt the van with a mechanic.

I believed this was the longest period of driving I ever had.  I miscounted how many times I turned as one road led me to another road to Shah Alam. My biggest fear was that I’m no longer in Shah Alam region. Once I turned wrongly into a road which had only one way but could lead me to another main road. The wheels of the van went up the shoulder of the triangular separation. The impulse when the van went down sprang me from the driver’s seat a moment. Another fear rose up in my mind : what if I met an accident, being called to heaven is considered lucky but what if I survived and had to suffer from long-lasting injuries…. Though its only lasted for a few seconds, the shock from it lasted till now.  When I finally made into the main road, my sufferings had not ended. The main road was so congested with cars that it was a slim chance for me to slip in between the cars.  The extreme situation forced me to be daring and went in between the cars regardless of how the drivers had blasted their horns.  My only wish during the period was to get back to Shah Alam and despite of the accumulated fears, deep in my heart, I knew that Jesus will fulfill it and death is not in the hands of Satan but in the hands of our savior who had died and resurrected.

All praises and glory be unto God.  While approaching a Petronas station, I could sense that the Lord’s Spirit was instructing me to stop there. After halting the van, I used my handphone with limited battery supply to call one of my seniors. According to his instruction, I sought the address of the petrol station and was so relieved to realize that I was still in Shah Alam region. Thanks God for sending two ‘angels’ whereby one of them is a living GPS to bring me back to Kolej Akasia without any harm.

Whenever I recalled this situation, I truly believed that God’s hands were in control of it.  Usually when I lost something, I would become frustrated, panic and occasionally broke down without able to do other things. I’m so surprised under that situation I was able to drive calmly. Everything is God’s doings.

Sharon Tan

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