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November 23, 2011

Proud to be a Christian

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Hey guys, I haven’t actually done this before but I just felt the urge to after everything that has happened yesterday. Anyway, here goes my testimony:

Fear. Over the past 2 months, I have been under an incredible amount of stress, and I don’t mean just in academics. With finals just around the corner and the mounting pressure of doing the best I can in my assignments, the additional stress from across the miles that I was facing surely did not help. I was constantly distracted and worried.

While I succeeded in keeping it all to myself earlier in the months, it became evident later on that I wasn’t doing a very good job at it. I was fearful of my CGPA for this semester, considering the fact that I did not do well in one of my pre-calculus tests and was still struggling to even get a satisfactory score afterwards. I did practices but I could see only minimal improvement, if there was even any. My self-esteem was so low at that moment it was to the extent where I felt trapped in my own fears and self-pity. There were moments when I felt as though I was too caught up in my worries, I forgot about God. I attended services on Sundays but I tend to be unfocused during preachings, always thinking about the problems I thought would never be resolved. I started drowning gradually as the days went by.

Alright, so CGPA was one thing. Then came SAT which was drawing nearer. Aware of my lack of practice, no wait, my NON-EXISTENT effort, I was sick to my stomach already fearing the worst. I had intended to get myself well-prepared for SAT since I decided to take it in Nov but nooooo, I ended up occupying my time with other assignments and test preparations. The week before the finals and the SAT day, I was beyond tensed, tired and was on the verge of giving up. I even did, at some points. But with constant encouragement from a friend I hold close to my heart, I turned back each time I did and attempted to do better, although I am still not sure until today if I actually made any progress. :)

That weekend, I decided to leave my worries for one night and just give my all to God at the Planetshakers concert. Little did I know, that night was all it took for me to snap out of my reverie and sort out my priorities. I could feel God’s spirits as we sang worship songs but nothing could make me feel the warmth of God’s love and His power as what I was able to witness after. Touched by God’s love for us, a dear friend of mine who was a non-believer, gave her life to Him there that very night. And that was a wake-up call for me.

I came to fully realize and remember that our God is truly an awesome God and that He would never forsake us.

I went back that weekend, strong in my faith in Him. I prayed, I started reading my Bible every night no matter how busy I was in my final preparation for the exams. I put complete faith in Him that He would be there with me as I walk into the exam hall. I was no longer afraid of my results after, I told myself that I will be grateful for whatever God gives me because it is what He knows is best for me. Although I was concerned and worried about SAT that weekend knowing I should have put in more effort, I still left it all to God and kept Him close even as I was answering the questions. Yesterday was the moment of truth. PRAISE THE LORD for I was overwhelmed when I received my scores for SAT and also my CGPA for my finals. I was overjoyed with my CGPA and my Pre-calculus GPA, both of which had exceeded my expectations. And when I received my SAT scores, I KNEW God had heard me and I knew it was He who had made all that possible. It may not have been the most amazing score, but it certainly wasn’t a bad one either. He had rid me of my worries and had given me the strength I needed to do my best in all that I was most fearful of. For that I am grateful.

I am not here to testify that God will bless you with things you hope for but may not have worked for as hard as you should have to attain, but I am here to testify, as many others have, that God listens and that He knows our desires and dreams. He is always here for us, even when we sometimes forget that He’s there. I can only say to all to always have faith in Him.

Never once doubt Him, never once push Him aside, and never once forget Him because our God never doubts us, never pushes us aside and most definitely NEVER forgets us.

All glory be to God for the wonders he has done for me this semester and will continue to do in my journey ahead as a proud Christian.

Karen Ho


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