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April 28, 2012

Grow and Change in FAITH

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Campus Alive has always kept my campus life alive. I never regretted for being His servant. In fact, I made a promise, to serve Him forever. (Long story, even before I came to INTEC)

I first heard of Campus Alive during the Minggu Mesra Siswa from my seniors. I couldn’t really recall my first impression to CA.

What kept me going is not so much of the place, or the food, or the people, or the music, or because everything was so new to me, but just the right feeling – the sense of belonging, the comfort that a family could give.

I tried to give my best in serving. I would get frustrated over the small mistakes that I made when I served in praise and worship team, or in Campus Revolution, or in driving because all my skills and talents are not what I deserved, but what I owed God when He gave them to me for free. He could’ve made me a lesser man, but now here I stood, a complete soul, so I always ask for God’s favor to teach me how to utilize what he has given me, even my weaknesses. He humbled me.

What I learned the most from CA is that when God has chosen you, it means you and no one else. Whenever I’m at the brink of giving up, whether it’s in academics, at a tough crossroads, in relationship problems, or any challenges, I will always be reminded of this – why did God put me in that situation in the first place? I was first an activist in voluntary work before He put me in Mission Ministry. But it was not always something that you’re already equipped with. I never really read bible before God put me as the leader for Campus Revolution.

When God chooses you, He said, “Go and I will show”.

During the Torch Run Session on the last CA, I wrote my story and put it in a box, together with others. I remembered this line the most – “Even the darkest darkness cannot put off a single light source.” A light is meant to light up a dark place. I caught this and began living out my principles, even if sometimes I felt like I am the only one. People observe what Christians are doing. Ask my roommates and they’ll tell you that I rarely sleep. As most of my friends have more than enough time to finish their work, I would spend my weekends in church, in volunteering, or in people’s ministry. What kept me going is just the satisfaction of giving. People often ask me, why would I make my life so hard? Well, Jesus didn’t complain that it was hard when He died for me on the cross.

After the Jubilee Torch Run, we were asked to write down things that we couldn’t stand and ways we are going to deal with them. I always have issues with discipline. The guards hated me for that and I can’t stand some of the INTEC rules. Although I was self-righteous about that, I chose to change myself for God, because I’m holding a banner under His name. It would not be fast, but I choose to follow what Jesus would do.

I’m a changed man. I will keep changing to be better, for Christ.

Jasson Shin

April 27, 2012

Passing the Baton

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Nearly two years ago, I stepped into INTEC, as a teenager and a stranger. Little did I know what I would discover there, and how much I would change. The truth is, I was not merely changed.

Yet, I was transformed.

I found myself a second home in Campus Alive, not because of the place itself (delicious Chinese food can be found here), but mainly because of the people and the spirit of unity. Above all, I found God. So real. So good. Two years passed in a blink of eyes. From a member, to a committee member, and to an ex-committee member, I see CA grow and change in its own unique ways. As generations after generations lead and impact CA, I believe CA will grow into a powerful tool for God to reach out to people, in love and in spirit.

Attending the last CA meeting was both an enjoyable and ambivalent thing to do. I would say the last CA went on quite smoothly, with a very energetic praise and worship session together with some special performances and a video presentation. It was indeed, touching to see how people change or are changed through Campus Alive. The last meeting was brought to a greater height with the Jubilee Torch Run conducted by FES Malaysia. Listening to how the torch has been passed and will be passed reminds me of how the “leading torch” is passed from one generation to another. It’s really heartwarming to see how God brings changes to people through people. Reading the different stories from different colleges is like tasting the delicious local food from the different states in Malaysia; you never get enough. And contributing our own stories to the story-containing box is yet another experience. I believe the stories, or rather, the facts and the histories, will bring changes to the people who read them, and they will then continue the stories left untold. And I pray that it goes on and on like a wildfire.

Receiving gifts from the juniors is a joyful thing to do. Who doesn’t like presents? Each of us was given a photo frame with a photo of all the committee members from our batch. The frame will definitely remain standing on my study desk until the day I go home. Although feeling sad that my journey in CA has come to an end, I know that God has a greater journey planned for us in the near future.

Be it trough or crest that we will be going through, His love and His blessings will always be enough.

This faith that I have, will forever be my guide and the light on my path. Glory be to God on high. Amen.

Sing Kiet

April 23, 2012

Searching for God in Japan

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Hey guys. I just wanna share something that happened to me recently and I believe our Lord Jesus had worked in me. =D It was on friday after got back from my class, I somehow had this feeling that i should go for a ride around my place. So I took my bike and ride along the road. While enjoying my sightseeing, a voice told my heart: “let’s find a church”. At that moment I knew it was Jesus who told me. It was my first time riding around the town alone and I took the challenge to find the church on my own. After 20minutes, I came across a beautiful church. It was an old church built of wood having an old-fashioned design.
               So I attended the mass on Sunday. It was really good despite the fact that they used Japanese for the entire mass. I was quite shocked when I first entered the church. Everyone including the ALTAR BOY is ‘aged’. It wouldn’t sound nice if I said they’re old. The mums are like 3 or 4 today and I was the only ‘teenager’ there. The ONLY ONE! Well, it was kinda awkward at first, but Lord Jesus had sent the Holy Spirit upon me to continue praying despite my awkward thinking. God sent people to places for His reasons. He has a plan.
               There was this father who had just been transfered to this church a week ago. To my dismay, I got to know that he is from Indonesia and he can speak both Japanese and English very well. I was really glad for meeting him, in case if I’m lost, I can just refer to him. Praise God for this.
So people, let us not give up on the Lord in any situation.
Keep the faith and He’ll truly guide you through.
 I have been praying to God that I may find a church in Japan and look, He answered my prayers and He even sent someone there to guide me through everything in Japan, especially in my spiritual walk with Him. Praise the Lord! Keep the faith! =DD

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