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April 23, 2012

Searching for God in Japan

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Hey guys. I just wanna share something that happened to me recently and I believe our Lord Jesus had worked in me. =D It was on friday after got back from my class, I somehow had this feeling that i should go for a ride around my place. So I took my bike and ride along the road. While enjoying my sightseeing, a voice told my heart: “let’s find a church”. At that moment I knew it was Jesus who told me. It was my first time riding around the town alone and I took the challenge to find the church on my own. After 20minutes, I came across a beautiful church. It was an old church built of wood having an old-fashioned design.
               So I attended the mass on Sunday. It was really good despite the fact that they used Japanese for the entire mass. I was quite shocked when I first entered the church. Everyone including the ALTAR BOY is ‘aged’. It wouldn’t sound nice if I said they’re old. The mums are like 3 or 4 today and I was the only ‘teenager’ there. The ONLY ONE! Well, it was kinda awkward at first, but Lord Jesus had sent the Holy Spirit upon me to continue praying despite my awkward thinking. God sent people to places for His reasons. He has a plan.
               There was this father who had just been transfered to this church a week ago. To my dismay, I got to know that he is from Indonesia and he can speak both Japanese and English very well. I was really glad for meeting him, in case if I’m lost, I can just refer to him. Praise God for this.
So people, let us not give up on the Lord in any situation.
Keep the faith and He’ll truly guide you through.
 I have been praying to God that I may find a church in Japan and look, He answered my prayers and He even sent someone there to guide me through everything in Japan, especially in my spiritual walk with Him. Praise the Lord! Keep the faith! =DD

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