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April 27, 2012

Passing the Baton

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Nearly two years ago, I stepped into INTEC, as a teenager and a stranger. Little did I know what I would discover there, and how much I would change. The truth is, I was not merely changed.

Yet, I was transformed.

I found myself a second home in Campus Alive, not because of the place itself (delicious Chinese food can be found here), but mainly because of the people and the spirit of unity. Above all, I found God. So real. So good. Two years passed in a blink of eyes. From a member, to a committee member, and to an ex-committee member, I see CA grow and change in its own unique ways. As generations after generations lead and impact CA, I believe CA will grow into a powerful tool for God to reach out to people, in love and in spirit.

Attending the last CA meeting was both an enjoyable and ambivalent thing to do. I would say the last CA went on quite smoothly, with a very energetic praise and worship session together with some special performances and a video presentation. It was indeed, touching to see how people change or are changed through Campus Alive. The last meeting was brought to a greater height with the Jubilee Torch Run conducted by FES Malaysia. Listening to how the torch has been passed and will be passed reminds me of how the “leading torch” is passed from one generation to another. It’s really heartwarming to see how God brings changes to people through people. Reading the different stories from different colleges is like tasting the delicious local food from the different states in Malaysia; you never get enough. And contributing our own stories to the story-containing box is yet another experience. I believe the stories, or rather, the facts and the histories, will bring changes to the people who read them, and they will then continue the stories left untold. And I pray that it goes on and on like a wildfire.

Receiving gifts from the juniors is a joyful thing to do. Who doesn’t like presents? Each of us was given a photo frame with a photo of all the committee members from our batch. The frame will definitely remain standing on my study desk until the day I go home. Although feeling sad that my journey in CA has come to an end, I know that God has a greater journey planned for us in the near future.

Be it trough or crest that we will be going through, His love and His blessings will always be enough.

This faith that I have, will forever be my guide and the light on my path. Glory be to God on high. Amen.

Sing Kiet

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