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August 4, 2012

My First Time…=)

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Hey! So, hmm.. i’m supposed to write a testimony on the first ever iCA meeting for this sem, held last Thursday, 26th of July. Initially I had no idea what will happen during iCA, as it was all very mysterious. Suspense made me go all the way to Cemara for the gathering; and of course, i want to be part of the CA family, so that’s why i decided to go- despite the piling up of assignments. We were given a short briefing, it seems, the boys are supposed to meet up in cemara whereas the girls in one of the rooms in akasia. But this first meeting for this semester, I guess it’s a special one? So there you go, girls+boys.

iCA started of with a short praise and worship, followed by a few ice-breaking games. It’s a little kiddy come to think of it, but I guess sometimes it’s still those kiddy things that brought laughter to everyone, aite?

Then it was the topic of the day! Environment. Yup, it’s a pretty general topic whereby we hear about it everywhere, on the radio, in the internet, newspapers, magazines etc. In fact, if i were to list down the possible topics which might be discussed in meetings like the iCA, environment would be one of the last in my list. I guess it’s a pleasant surprise. So we were divided into groups and we were supposed to share our thoughts on what can we do to sort of make the world a better place- environmentally. As the saying goes, it’s easier to say than to do it. I bet everyone would agree with the statement. There were many many suggestions on how to save electricity and how to keep the environment clean and green, etc. Easy to say, but sometimes, even the simplest thing for instance, picking up rubbish from the floor, we feel reluctant to do it.

Very quickly, time passed; and we closed in prayer. I thought we would all head back to our hostels, but nope, there seemed to be a tradition going on- ICE CREAM! So most if not all of us took a ‘night walk’ to stall beside Mydin, and we had ice-cream for supper. Kind, caring and generous seniors took care of the bill. I’m not sure about others, but Sharon paid for mine. Kamsahamida Sharon! While we savour our desserts, as usual, the never ending chit-chat session took place- all crowded there. Then it’s time to say goodbye.

Overall, it was quite an enjoyable evening. Although the mind is worried about the assignments (some even had exams the following day), for that 2hours that we spent together, the stressed up feeling was sort of forgotten. At least for that moment, we got to relax and destress a little and at the same time took a step closer to God. Right now, i can’t help but wonder what’s gonna happen on the next iCA meeting- feeling excited since all the girls will gather in a room. Female-bonding time! *no offense*

Whatever it is, girl or boy power, the meetings ahead will certainly be better, greater and just awesome, knowing that God is Always with us. [:D]

Elaine Pang


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