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August 5, 2012

An Interesting Experience

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The last few weeks was just like other typical  week. The only thing that sets it out from any others is because I found out that there’s a group  here in INTEC that caters specifically for the few strands of Christian students and I was quite excited to get to know more about the group which is called Campus Alive. Since I was still quite new to this town called Shah Alam, I was still unfamiliar to it, especially to the whereabouts of Churches. Thursday came swiftly during the first real week of studying at Intec and my friend, Covey, told me that there is going to be an iCA gathering that night and used his phenomenal persuasion skills to get me to join him there. Should he had not, I wouldn’t be writting about this because that particular Thursday was really tiring for me. Anyway, fast forward a few hours and I was on a retro bus with my friends heading to Cemara. I expected the gathering to be attended by a lot of the seniors and with the other newbies of Intec and by the time we got there I was surprised that those who attended the occasion were less in numbers than what I have in my imagination, but what lack in numbers they made up for in other activities such as praise n worship and some brain tingling games. I was actually amazed how CA actually tries to help others to be more aware of worldly issues and enlighten us on how it has to do with our faith in Christ. In the end of the day i got to meet quite a number of new people, get to know a few others better and more importantly became more interested in the future CA gatherings.

God Bless Us All ,



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