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August 17, 2012

1st Girls’ ICA…<3

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I know I’m writing this quite late compares to others but at least you have something to read during this holidays, yay! I was supposed to write about my experience of the 1st Girls iCA which was held last Thursday. To be frank, it was quite a busy and stressful week for me because exam is coming near (very near indeed) and yet I got a lots of activities going on especially that day.

But my race against time just started when I end up my class that day. First, I have to meet my ethics lecture regarding my assignment which she can’t explain through email but then later it was cancelled because she has others activities. At least I have a few minutes extra to proceed doing my second activities, which is doing a survey for my CO-PLN about the price of foods for the proposal things. But, the greatest challenge is when I received a message from my MDS group (MingguDestiniSiswa) saying that our group will go and eat together with our PM (pemimpinmahasiswa) on the very same day as iCA but thanks God they started early which was 7 pm. Not wanting to offend my PM I made the decision to go to the dinner. I know I can still make it for iCA despite the dinner . I pre-booked my meal for the dinner so that I won’t have to wait so long for the food to be serve. So, after a really nice talk with my MDS friends and good food I rushed back to Akasia. 

By grace of God, I manage to arrive there sharp 8 (according to my watch) only to find out there’s a lot of CA members already arrives at the “famous Akasia’s bus stop”.Then, we went to Cindy’s house. I think there’s about 16 of us cramping in Cindy’s living room. After our praise and worship, we were given a short introduction about the theme of iCA by Esther which is (W.W.G)2 Why we go Where we go? 

Then, game time. We were divided into three groups. Each groups consist of five persons and everyone must pick a character with a disabilities in each character. I be the mother (blind), Kar Suan be the father (cannot speak directly), Theresa be the sister (dumb), Fiona be the baby (the traitor), and Cindy the brother (no hand). Actually it’s quite hard to choose who be the brother and the baby because both Fiona and Cindy wanted to be “brother” (believe me, it’s a strong competition). So back to the game, we were asked to find the name of a place according to the letters that has been given to us. Our group was the last group to guess the word because I can’t describe the word that was given to me (sorry guys ). But, despite of all that I’m lucky to have a very supportive members (Thank God for that). From this game, everyone of us have their own disabilities and abilities and God made us to compliment each other. Thumb-up for Esther for such an amazing game

Later we were divided again into two groups for the discussion regarding our theme for iCA . What is church to you? Why do you go to church? It’s quite an interesting topic. Then, we were divided into pairs to discuss verses. This time I paired up with Hannah. Our verse is 1 John 3:16, feeling excited both of us begin to search for the verse and started to compare the verse as we were using the different version of bible only to found out that our verse doesn’t have the same meaning. It was completely different and doesn’t make sense. How could the verse could be so different? So, we refer to Rachel because she is just sitting beside us. Her bible match with mine’s BUT NOT with Hannah. That time, only God knows how nervous we were. Then after we check the verse again, we found out that Hannah was reading 1 John 2:16 instead of 1 John 3:16 . We burst into laughter and all the worries gone. It was a “quite” an experience that night. Eventually, after iCA the girls will have their ice-cream but not today….and the rest of story has been told by INTEC Shrek’s wife….I’m sure all of you have read it. Overall, it was a an awesome night despite all the exam things coming up. I get to forget about my worries and just enjoy my times that night. Honestly, I can’t wait for the next iCA where we can learn new things and experience and strengthen our faith in God. God Bless…. 


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