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September 12, 2012

The Reason to Worship

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Hello everyone! 안녕하세요!

This is my very first time to write in CA’s blog. And thanks for such a precious opportunity to write a testimony here. So I’ll just make it short and simple as I don’t have much time to write even though there’s a lot in my mind to share it out.

Firstly, talking about my first time serving in CA’s worship, it was such a great experience! To be honest, I’m quite surprised to be asked by Yen Fong to sing in the worship team because I have been serving in my home church in the worship team but never in singing. However, the mixture of excitement and nervousness got into me and I decided to say YES (Well, at least once in a lifetime). So throughout the praise and worship practice we had on last Tuesday I’ve gained a new experience in serving our Lord. Probably, revelations upon revelations rain all over me :P But the most important thing of all is, in whatever situation we’re in, whether we’re in pain or joy, we always have to worship the Lord our God. One thing that we as Christians have to be clear about is, we worship God it’s not because He gave His blessings to us. That’s why I mention just now in whatever situation we’re in, even in times of difficulties when we’re really in a situation that we’re not supposed to be in, we must always praise God! We don’t worship God only to get blessings because we’re already blessed when we get to worship Him. We worship God because He is good. God alone is good. Don’t settle for the second best. Of course during worship we should express our gratitude towards God and hence we must make ourselves ready before we worship Him.

To cut my long story short, I just wanted to tell you that ever since I entered INTEC, Campus Alive and also Acts Church, my spiritual life has change a lot, positively. Sometimes God just place us in a position that we never expected to be but somehow we feel glad because God is walking together with us. Here’s a Scripture about God’s goodness in Psalm 16. The psalmist explains just how good God really is: He is our preserver (v.1), our total goodness-giver (v.2), our counsel and instruction (v.7), and the One who makes known “the path of life” and fills us with joy in His presence (v.11). Now that’s what I call good! (This is taken from ‘Our Daily Bread’..)

Thanks for reading and see you in the next CA meeting! Have a nice week ahead and God bless!

2 Corinthians 13:14 – May the grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of God, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all. :)


September 1, 2012

What is Faith?

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This is my first time writing a testimony for our CA blog (can’t believe it) but anyway i will just keep it short and simple. =)smile

The third iCA of this semester which simply entitles ‘FAITH’ was such a great time spent i don’t even know where should i start. haha.

Well, this time instead of using Cindy’s room, we were INVITED to go to Kar Suan’s place instead. (She was so excited to welcome us to her place. haha) So jealous that her room has two fans and so many lights!!! ahh but anyway lets get to the main thing.

The worship was great (as usual), and i like worshiping with people in a small area, it makes our voice sound so angelic, really! lol. But of course beyond that, the presence of God is there and its encouraging to hear the desire in every of our hearts to worship and praise our Almighty.

The mini ice-breaker is as usual so creative and interesting. We were divided to two groups and Esther asked each group to choose the one person who is the noisiest and i wonder WHY they chose me. Im always quiet wan. LOL. Anyway, the game is related to faith and i was blindfolded and given something to hold and the others in the group have to convince me that that thing is this or that n i have to end up choosing who i believe in. Love Esther’s creativity!!! =)smile

Well, the discussion was really good! We were asked some questions bout faith like,
1) what is faith?
Most of us answered:BELIEVE.
But what Esther said struck me, when we talk bout faith is always bout believe, why do we not answer ‘actions’ ?
It works together, we cannot have one without the other.

2) when someone ask u bout ur faith, how wil u describe to them?
Most of us answer: We Believe in Jesus.
And again the wise Esther challenge us to describe it based on our personal experience. Cuz she said, if all u can say is that, who is going to be convinced that ur faith is true? anyone can say anything. Doesnt mean its true. So that got me thinking too.

Esther made us read through the whole Chapter of HEBREWS 11. As the whole chapter is about faith. She gave us homework to ponder on this chapter by ourselves.

After that it was more of Fiona asking us many many questions about things regarding this. And through different opinions given by each of us, i believe all of us in our group were really blessed to have had this amazing time of discussion and sharing of opinions. I believe each of our lives were impacted through this discussion.

I would love to write more in details but i should stop here as i already said in the start, this will be SHORT and SIMPLE. I only wanna stress the few points above that all of you should ponder as well.

Yen Fong

Without faith, it is impossible to please God. =)smile

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