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October 8, 2012

The Unspeakable “C”

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Honestly, I didn’t know that that was our iCA theme for the week. I just knew that I need to attend iCA this week, and what is it really about. Even though the flyer is already being posted online, I wasn’t “THAT” concerned about the title. I was thinking to just attend it, it was like, some kind of routine thing for me.

Well, the day went on. As the time to go to iCA is approaching, I was a bit reluctant to go because I wasn’t prepare for my IELTS speaking test which will be held on the next day. Having biology reports and tests coming up, I was in a dillema whether to go or not to, because I did quite badly for my trial test the other day, so I wouldn’t want to screw this test up. Yet, I went. I think, if I didn’t go, the peace from God will not be with me.

And so, it was time and I went to our territory in Akasia, somebody’s unit. There’s quite a few of newcomers for iCA this week. Was really happy to see so many of them turned out for the last iCA, which reminded me of the CGs we had last 2 sems, with our seniors around. It was really encouraging to see the numbers.

It all started with praise and worship by Rachel. While I was worshiping God, tears just flew down. I didn’t know why. I guess this came because of all the stresses and challenges that I’ve been going through for the past few weeks. The songs somehow became a reminder to me, I heard a voice saying something like: “my dear, you’ve been too busy. I am still here. I am greater than anything else. I am waiting for you.” I couldn’t take it, seriously. It just went down and flooded my eyes.

I guess I should go on before I drag the post too long. The Unspeakable “C”, Commitment. For me, it is a responsibility that I cannot take it too lightly, but I just need to do my best and enjoy the process I’ll go through. I shared a lot  on that night. For me, being committed, it is not only just fullfilling the tasks perfectly, giving your best and all. It is more to have faith in God, at the same time have a balance in everything we do, and the priority must be right.

I really didn’t know how to write what God has spoken to me. It’s hard to describe. During the discussion, I noticed all of us had our own struggles. Being a student, I guess it is really hard to balance between studies and commitment in church. Especially being a part of CA, serving God definitely took quite a lot of time. Do grades really matters? After hearing to a few opinions, I think, for me, it is important. But the priority must always be given to God. He is our provider. What we’re having now were all from Him, why can’t we give back the time to God? For the time is not ours but God’s. That was really a great reminder to me.

Being commited to God’s work was always being described as a serious kind of resposibillity, must-do task…… But we forgot something, that it brings joy. God gave us the opportunity to serve, and thus we should enjoy it. Surrender everything to God and put Him first in everything. As it was written in the bible:

Matthew 6:33: But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.

Let us all learn to trust God and be commited, and do not forget that the purpose of everything we do is to glorify God. So, do your best for God. :)


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