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Page updated on 3rd May 2010

Frequently Asked Questions.

What is Campus Alive?
Campus Alive is a Christian fellowship in INTEC, UiTM that is open to all! It is a place where everyone can gather, worship God freely, have fun and to form meaningful friendships during fellowship.

Why do we have Campus Alive?
– To provide a place of belonging for students, friendship and encouragement for living their Christian life out on the campus.
– To proclaim the name of Jesus, spread the gospel, to let people know that Jesus saves and is the reason for living.
– A place of relaxation in the midst of a stressful week in college

How is Campus Alive different from church? Why should I go if I’m already going to church?

Campus Alive provides a more open atmosphere to interact, worship, and get involved, since it’s organised by young people, for the young people of INTEC. Also, we are NOT church. Our focus is to help our members discover a personal, loving God. Since our members come from so many church backgrounds, you’ll find a wonderful mix and unity of different styles of worship.

We believe in the call of Hebrews 10:24-25 “Think of ways to motivate one another to acts of love and good deeds, and let us not neglect meeting together…”. Campus Alive extends beyond the Thursday nights, it is a movement that seeks to build love and faith in everyday campus living. So why not come and get involved!

Who is in Campus Alive?
Students of INTEC, with some from the UiTM main campus. It is looked after the pastors of NLRC (Newlife Restoration Centre), and a youth worker from FES (Fellowship of Evangelical Students). However, it is a Christian fellowship run by the students; for the students.

What goes on in Campus Alive?
A lot! Meetings start off with food (dinner), and end with food (refreshments). After dinner, everyone gets together, and plays games to break the ice among us, and to strengthen existing friendship. Shortly after that, music and a time of worship begins. Every week, we invite a speaker to come and share about a specific topic, like that of God, and all that you can apply to your life. You’ll surely be blessed as you listen! Of course, there’s tons of time to get to know new people!

What is our mission and vision for the year 2009 ?
Mission: To reach out to our non-Christian friends, through missions, so that the world may know of Jesus.

Vision: To see revival break out among the students in INTEC. Revival involves everyone, not just non-believers.

How can you help to serve?
God has given every believer specific talents and abilities. There are many ways you can help out in CA. We have 10 ministries, namely:

Transport Ministry
Refreshments Ministry
Worship Ministry
Multimedia Ministry
Missions Ministry
Cell Group Ministry
Hospitality Ministry
Housekeeping Ministry
Administration Ministry
Prayer Ministry

Can you play the guitar? Are you good in designing? Feel like driving the van? Just contact any of the committee members if you wish to serve. For more info, do check out this website on how you can be a part of the Campus Alive family!

When do we have our meetings?
Campus Alive main meetings are held fortnightly on Thursday nights, 7.30pm. Check out our blog for updates, or look out for the flyer!

When do we have cell group meetings?
Cell group meetings are held on the Thursday nights when CA isn’t meeting.
*Please contact Philip or Grace should you need more information on cell group meetings.

Transport details?
Getting to Campus Alive requires a lot of logistics for the transport committee! We have three vans and a team of drivers. Pick-up points are at Cendana hostel, Akasia bus stop and INTEC bus stop starting 6.00pm sharp. For those in UiTM Main Campus, do kindly contact the leaders if you require transport to attend Campus Alive.

If you are a non-Christian, how does Campus Alive cater to your needs?
Campus Alive aims to help, support, and care for you, spiritually, emotionally and socially. That means, you’ll learn, discover, grow, and find purpose in life, and get to know the greatest friend you’ll ever have: Jesus! It’s not just another gathering of young people.

What should I do if I require more information and cannot find any of the committee members?

Please feel free to e-mail us at and we will try to get to you as soon as possible.

No matter who you are, all are always welcome and highly encouraged to come to Campus Alive..

Please be reminded that no photo-taking is allowed during the time of worship.

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