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March 14, 2011

Prayers for Japan

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Hey people, we know that prayers work right? Let’s pray for Japan and the people. Care for the nation that God has created. Let this post not be an effort that goes to naught. Say a word of prayer for Japan and believe that God will do something that brings Japan out of darkness. I believe that as all these prayers go up to heaven, God’s miracles will be evident in Japan. This will be such an experience with God for the people there and testimonies after testimonies will surface.

Japan sees a potential disastrous deterioration to their health due to the damage at the nuclear plant. Generations of Japanese afflicted with illnesses like cancer? ='(

No one should be destitute of a prayer. If you love God, love the people He loves so much. Pray, that’s the wee bit you can do.

For God is gracious,


April 14, 2010

Prayer Request: Let’s Do Great Things For Him!

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Hello everyone! :D This has already been posted in Facebook, but let’s just spread the word around. :)

I sensed God telling me to keep praying about this, so I’d like to ask everyone to pray with me?

Some of us seniors are planning to make bookmarks for the entire school = ACTP, ADFP, ALM9/10, AUSMATS, ALUK, ALG…. You get the drift. These bookmarks are bookmarks of love, encouragement and support for the coming exams WHICH ARE VERY VERY CLOSE.

I wanted to get the bookmarks done by tonight but God tells me not to be hasty and to pray about it. Because this bookmarks shall go to non-believers as well, and we want to bless them with God’s love!

So let’s pray that a revival will come upon INTEC and that they’ll be so blessed even with little things like these bookmarks.

If you’re willing, pray for a verse, or just send me an sms about a verse that God has placed in your heart that you want to share with the people in INTEC. I can make different versions of the bookmark as well. Verses have to come before Friday though. :)

So come on people! Let’s pray for a breakthrough even with small things, glorifying and honoring His name!

To be even more motivated, go add Campus Revo and read the amazing testimonies there of little things done in college, in the name of spreading God’s love. Because He doesn’t just love us Christians. HE LOVES EVERYONE.

That’s how awesome our God is.

Let’s pray together! Prayers move the hands of God.

:) :) :)

Pray for:
1. Breakthroughs!
2. Inspiration for designs.
3. Verses
4. Open willing hearts to seek more of Him.
5. Curious minds to find out more about Jesus when they receive the cards.
6. Wisdom to spread the Good Word.
7. Courage!
8. People to help make them. :D :D

Yeay. Thank you!

Spread the word ya!! :D

November 2, 2009

Prayer Request #1

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The Ausmatian seniors are having their finals for the next two weeks. :) Do pray for them. ALM-ers and ALUKians, ALG-ers are going to have their semester finals, and ADFP-ians are on holiday. Pray that they continue the race even after school, haha.

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