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August 5, 2012

An Interesting Experience

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The last few weeks was just like other typical  week. The only thing that sets it out from any others is because I found out that there’s a group  here in INTEC that caters specifically for the few strands of Christian students and I was quite excited to get to know more about the group which is called Campus Alive. Since I was still quite new to this town called Shah Alam, I was still unfamiliar to it, especially to the whereabouts of Churches. Thursday came swiftly during the first real week of studying at Intec and my friend, Covey, told me that there is going to be an iCA gathering that night and used his phenomenal persuasion skills to get me to join him there. Should he had not, I wouldn’t be writting about this because that particular Thursday was really tiring for me. Anyway, fast forward a few hours and I was on a retro bus with my friends heading to Cemara. I expected the gathering to be attended by a lot of the seniors and with the other newbies of Intec and by the time we got there I was surprised that those who attended the occasion were less in numbers than what I have in my imagination, but what lack in numbers they made up for in other activities such as praise n worship and some brain tingling games. I was actually amazed how CA actually tries to help others to be more aware of worldly issues and enlighten us on how it has to do with our faith in Christ. In the end of the day i got to meet quite a number of new people, get to know a few others better and more importantly became more interested in the future CA gatherings.

God Bless Us All ,


August 4, 2012

My First Time…=)

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Hey! So, hmm.. i’m supposed to write a testimony on the first ever iCA meeting for this sem, held last Thursday, 26th of July. Initially I had no idea what will happen during iCA, as it was all very mysterious. Suspense made me go all the way to Cemara for the gathering; and of course, i want to be part of the CA family, so that’s why i decided to go- despite the piling up of assignments. We were given a short briefing, it seems, the boys are supposed to meet up in cemara whereas the girls in one of the rooms in akasia. But this first meeting for this semester, I guess it’s a special one? So there you go, girls+boys.

iCA started of with a short praise and worship, followed by a few ice-breaking games. It’s a little kiddy come to think of it, but I guess sometimes it’s still those kiddy things that brought laughter to everyone, aite?

Then it was the topic of the day! Environment. Yup, it’s a pretty general topic whereby we hear about it everywhere, on the radio, in the internet, newspapers, magazines etc. In fact, if i were to list down the possible topics which might be discussed in meetings like the iCA, environment would be one of the last in my list. I guess it’s a pleasant surprise. So we were divided into groups and we were supposed to share our thoughts on what can we do to sort of make the world a better place- environmentally. As the saying goes, it’s easier to say than to do it. I bet everyone would agree with the statement. There were many many suggestions on how to save electricity and how to keep the environment clean and green, etc. Easy to say, but sometimes, even the simplest thing for instance, picking up rubbish from the floor, we feel reluctant to do it.

Very quickly, time passed; and we closed in prayer. I thought we would all head back to our hostels, but nope, there seemed to be a tradition going on- ICE CREAM! So most if not all of us took a ‘night walk’ to stall beside Mydin, and we had ice-cream for supper. Kind, caring and generous seniors took care of the bill. I’m not sure about others, but Sharon paid for mine. Kamsahamida Sharon! While we savour our desserts, as usual, the never ending chit-chat session took place- all crowded there. Then it’s time to say goodbye.

Overall, it was quite an enjoyable evening. Although the mind is worried about the assignments (some even had exams the following day), for that 2hours that we spent together, the stressed up feeling was sort of forgotten. At least for that moment, we got to relax and destress a little and at the same time took a step closer to God. Right now, i can’t help but wonder what’s gonna happen on the next iCA meeting- feeling excited since all the girls will gather in a room. Female-bonding time! *no offense*

Whatever it is, girl or boy power, the meetings ahead will certainly be better, greater and just awesome, knowing that God is Always with us. [:D]

Elaine Pang

August 3, 2012

God Provides!

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God is a real provider. A week ago I wrote that Jehovah Jireh has provided us a field to work in, a people to grow together with and to live and share our lives with. And just last night, God showed himself even more to me.

You see, in times of loneliness, God will send a friend for us.

In times where we walk alone under the rain, God will send a friend to hold that umbrella and shelter us from rain.

And he will inspire you and motivate you in different ways when you need it.

(The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. – Psalm 19:1.)

And truly God has provided again for CA! I praise God for this testimony. Just last night as I was passing the love gift to the speaker, the speaker asked me if there was money inside. I said yes, there is. He asked, is there anything else in the envelope…I replied no. Without skipping a beat, he asked me to put the money into the offering bag. Shocked as I was I actually asked him, “Are you sure you want to do that?” He affirmed his decision and started looking for the offering bag.

Looking back I knew that it was God working and knowing how much CA needed the money. We give love gifts to the speakers for we want to appreciate the knowledge and the teachings they have imparted on us. We were trusting in God to provide for our every need and to ensure that CA will have enough money to continue running.

Little did I know, God used the very speakers to bless us to ensure that we have enough money to continue meeting in Kota Kemuning and to bless those in need. I praise God for he has provided and I would really like to thank Mr Chew Phye Keat for really blessing us with his generosity.

“And this same God who takes care of me will supply all your needs from his glorious riches, which have been given to us in Christ Jesus.”-Philippians 4:19

Read the Word! :)


July 29, 2012

Big Family I found in INTEC

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Hi everyone! I have been asked to write up for Campus Alive last week. It’s such a great honour to be able to share with all of you here. I do not intend to make this a lengthy post however. To date, I have been in INTEC for 3 weeks. Surely in the beginning there were feelings of homesickness and a dire need to call my parents every morning and every night. I had always thought that this new college life would be exciting. I never really did expect the long hours of loneliness and isolation.


I first heard of CA on the internet, as part of my extensive research on the life in INTEC and again, during orientation. Fast forward to the part where CA held its first meeting at Kota Kemuning, I was uncertain of whether or not to go considering the amount of assignments I had. It was God’s plan for me to be there I suppose, because I disregarded everything I had to finish and the assignments that were due, followed my heart and went ahead with Kezia and Elaine to CA.


CA was amazing! I had a real good time in CA during the games and praise and worship. It was warm and welcoming.

College life would not be so easy now that I am away from my family, but it wasn’t as hopeless as I thought knowing that CA itself is a big family.

There were many times in the previous years I gave up on joining youth groups in church because I had no friends. CA was entirely different. It was really a great experience to be with my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ knowing that I have people I can count on.


I really thank God for putting me here in INTEC. For it was in INTEC that I found CA.

And it was CA that renewed my strength, my hope and my faith in Christ.

I am looking forward for more CA meetings in the near future! The games, the praise and worship, the sharing, the people and most of all, God’s presence among us.


July 27, 2012

Jehovah Jireh

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I don’t know where to start and I guess I can only start by praising God. God has really provided, as the new academic year starts and I’m glad he has. Previously, my whole CA committee and I were worried that we would not have any juniors who will carry on the vision and dream of Campus Alive! But God has blessed us with many juniors. Some handsome, some beautiful, but all and I really do mean all, full of life and love of God

From Melvin’s sister Magdeline to Kevin Jay Singh, CA has people who have the foundation in God and who will go the extra mile for Him! Also in this picture is Jo Ee and Valerie with Audrey a little hidden behind.

Kiren was the latest addition to the CA family of Christ late last sem and this sem, he seems to have to ongoing fire to keep bringing others to Christ, or at least strengthen their walk in Him. He is pictured here with Koah Kien, John and Johnny.

Here are other juniors, I can’t remember all their names and this group has not came for any CA meeting yet but I believe as God has provided the people, He will bring the people to Him!

Jeanette and Ceazann are latest additions to the CA family. Seniors who previously did not come for CA came this semester even though they had Minds meetings and I praise God for their dedication.

So welcome back seniors and juniors! :D May this new sem in CA bring you to a closer knowledge of God!


April 28, 2012

Grow and Change in FAITH

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Campus Alive has always kept my campus life alive. I never regretted for being His servant. In fact, I made a promise, to serve Him forever. (Long story, even before I came to INTEC)

I first heard of Campus Alive during the Minggu Mesra Siswa from my seniors. I couldn’t really recall my first impression to CA.

What kept me going is not so much of the place, or the food, or the people, or the music, or because everything was so new to me, but just the right feeling – the sense of belonging, the comfort that a family could give.

I tried to give my best in serving. I would get frustrated over the small mistakes that I made when I served in praise and worship team, or in Campus Revolution, or in driving because all my skills and talents are not what I deserved, but what I owed God when He gave them to me for free. He could’ve made me a lesser man, but now here I stood, a complete soul, so I always ask for God’s favor to teach me how to utilize what he has given me, even my weaknesses. He humbled me.

What I learned the most from CA is that when God has chosen you, it means you and no one else. Whenever I’m at the brink of giving up, whether it’s in academics, at a tough crossroads, in relationship problems, or any challenges, I will always be reminded of this – why did God put me in that situation in the first place? I was first an activist in voluntary work before He put me in Mission Ministry. But it was not always something that you’re already equipped with. I never really read bible before God put me as the leader for Campus Revolution.

When God chooses you, He said, “Go and I will show”.

During the Torch Run Session on the last CA, I wrote my story and put it in a box, together with others. I remembered this line the most – “Even the darkest darkness cannot put off a single light source.” A light is meant to light up a dark place. I caught this and began living out my principles, even if sometimes I felt like I am the only one. People observe what Christians are doing. Ask my roommates and they’ll tell you that I rarely sleep. As most of my friends have more than enough time to finish their work, I would spend my weekends in church, in volunteering, or in people’s ministry. What kept me going is just the satisfaction of giving. People often ask me, why would I make my life so hard? Well, Jesus didn’t complain that it was hard when He died for me on the cross.

After the Jubilee Torch Run, we were asked to write down things that we couldn’t stand and ways we are going to deal with them. I always have issues with discipline. The guards hated me for that and I can’t stand some of the INTEC rules. Although I was self-righteous about that, I chose to change myself for God, because I’m holding a banner under His name. It would not be fast, but I choose to follow what Jesus would do.

I’m a changed man. I will keep changing to be better, for Christ.

Jasson Shin

April 27, 2012

Passing the Baton

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Nearly two years ago, I stepped into INTEC, as a teenager and a stranger. Little did I know what I would discover there, and how much I would change. The truth is, I was not merely changed.

Yet, I was transformed.

I found myself a second home in Campus Alive, not because of the place itself (delicious Chinese food can be found here), but mainly because of the people and the spirit of unity. Above all, I found God. So real. So good. Two years passed in a blink of eyes. From a member, to a committee member, and to an ex-committee member, I see CA grow and change in its own unique ways. As generations after generations lead and impact CA, I believe CA will grow into a powerful tool for God to reach out to people, in love and in spirit.

Attending the last CA meeting was both an enjoyable and ambivalent thing to do. I would say the last CA went on quite smoothly, with a very energetic praise and worship session together with some special performances and a video presentation. It was indeed, touching to see how people change or are changed through Campus Alive. The last meeting was brought to a greater height with the Jubilee Torch Run conducted by FES Malaysia. Listening to how the torch has been passed and will be passed reminds me of how the “leading torch” is passed from one generation to another. It’s really heartwarming to see how God brings changes to people through people. Reading the different stories from different colleges is like tasting the delicious local food from the different states in Malaysia; you never get enough. And contributing our own stories to the story-containing box is yet another experience. I believe the stories, or rather, the facts and the histories, will bring changes to the people who read them, and they will then continue the stories left untold. And I pray that it goes on and on like a wildfire.

Receiving gifts from the juniors is a joyful thing to do. Who doesn’t like presents? Each of us was given a photo frame with a photo of all the committee members from our batch. The frame will definitely remain standing on my study desk until the day I go home. Although feeling sad that my journey in CA has come to an end, I know that God has a greater journey planned for us in the near future.

Be it trough or crest that we will be going through, His love and His blessings will always be enough.

This faith that I have, will forever be my guide and the light on my path. Glory be to God on high. Amen.

Sing Kiet

April 23, 2012

Searching for God in Japan

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Hey guys. I just wanna share something that happened to me recently and I believe our Lord Jesus had worked in me. =D It was on friday after got back from my class, I somehow had this feeling that i should go for a ride around my place. So I took my bike and ride along the road. While enjoying my sightseeing, a voice told my heart: “let’s find a church”. At that moment I knew it was Jesus who told me. It was my first time riding around the town alone and I took the challenge to find the church on my own. After 20minutes, I came across a beautiful church. It was an old church built of wood having an old-fashioned design.
               So I attended the mass on Sunday. It was really good despite the fact that they used Japanese for the entire mass. I was quite shocked when I first entered the church. Everyone including the ALTAR BOY is ‘aged’. It wouldn’t sound nice if I said they’re old. The mums are like 3 or 4 today and I was the only ‘teenager’ there. The ONLY ONE! Well, it was kinda awkward at first, but Lord Jesus had sent the Holy Spirit upon me to continue praying despite my awkward thinking. God sent people to places for His reasons. He has a plan.
               There was this father who had just been transfered to this church a week ago. To my dismay, I got to know that he is from Indonesia and he can speak both Japanese and English very well. I was really glad for meeting him, in case if I’m lost, I can just refer to him. Praise God for this.
So people, let us not give up on the Lord in any situation.
Keep the faith and He’ll truly guide you through.
 I have been praying to God that I may find a church in Japan and look, He answered my prayers and He even sent someone there to guide me through everything in Japan, especially in my spiritual walk with Him. Praise the Lord! Keep the faith! =DD

March 29, 2012

God’s Word- Standing on and under the Word

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“Grant us a safe journey, Lord,” I prayed in my heart.

It was a privilege and a cherished experience to be behind the wheel of CA’s infamous sports car for the first time this week. Though the boys from Cendana were late due to several complications on the way, I was grateful to God for our arriving in one piece – figuratively, of course.

Having gobbled down our dinner, we made it to New Life in time to witness the final moments of the icebreaker session.  I was immediately drawn by the cheers and laughter that filled the hall. Forgive my ignorance, for I had no idea what the game was about; it just seemed to be a Pictionary-like game in which three groups scrambled to be the quickest to answer correctly. Nevertheless, I smiled as I watched fellow CA members enthusiastically battling it out with their incessant guessing, one of which was “Adele”.

Campus Alive that evening proceeded with a wonderful session of worship followed by the usual announcements. Next was the message by our guest speaker, Pastor Sam Ong. He commenced with a brief yet humorous introduction, before posing this question:

“What is the Bible to you?” (May not be verbatim, but that’s the gist of it.)

Initially, I thought it was a rhetorical question, but I soon found out that Pastor Ong expected answers.   As I recall, someone said that the Bible is a manual, while someone else believed that it is a collection of God’s plans for us. Pastor Ong then explained how our conceptions of the Bible dictate the way in which we read it, and so it’s important for us to have the right attitude toward the Bible. He referred us to 2 Timothy 3:16-17.

“All Scripture is inspired by God and is useful for teaching the truth, rebuking error, correcting faults, and giving instruction for right living.” 2 Timothy 3:16 (GNTD)

Pastor Ong’s message that day was indeed an eye-opener. I learned that having the proper mindset when reading the Bible will make Scripture more meaningful to me.

After all, the Bible that I read on a daily basis contains the invaluable words “breathed out” by the mighty God Himself.

As usual, CA ended with refreshments. Kudos to the refreshments team for preparing the scrumptious curry rolls to top up the evening. After some chitchat with one another, we journeyed back to our respective hostels for a good night’s rest after yet another fulfilling fellowship in CA.



February 17, 2012

Standing On The Word

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Hi, all! For the first time I was given the opportunity to write in our CA blog, feeling blessed but also in mixed feelings – it’s always a challenge for me to describe my thoughts and feelings clearly.   May God grant me wisdom, honesty and love.

Thank God that last CA was another amazing one. For this time, I was invited to serve as an usher. Arriving early, I came with some papers in my bag (academic work to-do), besides bible, as I began to feel worry about the upcoming A-level trials which is in the end of February. Yet, I believe that God will remove my worries when I get together with all the brothers and sisters. Recently, I just realized the importance of true fellowship.

Being able to be closer to each other, bringing relationships to the next level.

I realized that it is by supporting each other that the relationship will be strengthened. Brothers and sisters, share out your problems or struggles, if you do, and of course, always pray to God, and the Word of God will truly guide us and show us the right path.

As it is written in Phillippians 4:6-7, God reminded each and everyone of us: ‘Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Trustworthy is an important element in a person whom you will share it. To ourselves, be a trustworthy person, let the love of our Lord grow in us, so that we can really support each other, in prayers, in lending your ears, could be just simple as that.

Well, let’s come back to the topic. Initially, to some of them (our dear student drivers and other committee members), it might be discouraging when one look at the number of people just below our expectation. As for me, yes, number does matter as we always aim for a big gathering especially with non-Christian friends joining—to know God thru CA family and events. But, brothers and sisters, I always think that challenge that what we see with physical eyes is not what it really is. To see beyond, we need to ask God to open our spiritual eyes.  And also, time to remind ourselves, are we ready to be agent of God’s love for His people-regardless of physical appearance, race, and faith? In CA and everywhere else, we should be carrier of God’s love, right? I ask God to pardon my sin when I always find myself fall short of His glory—not giving of my best to the Master. Brothers and sisters, let us help one another, to grow to be a better follower of Christ. Read his words diligently, pray for a deeper understanding, and an open heart, and let his words alive in us.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind…” the first song in the worship again reminded me, or rather, prompted me with this question: ‘Have I loved the Lord with all my heart, soul, mind, ALL?  There is a small cardboard/banner laid in front of the stage—with the words written: Love God, Love People. Being judge mental is one weakness in myself which I have always been asking God to remove it, because that’s part of reason I find it hard to get along with people. I came to realise that I am sinful and imperfect, yet God still loves me. Well, with that, I think the same I should have done and continue doing to others right? In fact, I asked all brothers and sisters to come back to the basic- love. And let it be pure and simple, without selfish ambitions.

That night itself, Mr Phua delivered the message and shared some inspiring testimonies which I believe, it has spoken to hearts of many. He came to speak about Daniel, a man of good example on standing on God’s words. He challenged us to read the book of Daniel. Daniel, as described, was a man of purpose, a man of principle, a man of perseverance, a man of prayer. Mr Phua also shared the testimonies when he visits prisoners in jail, regularly. When one comes to know and accept God, miracles happen. A life was transformed into a new being, in Jesus Christ. Praise the Lord, God of Almighty. One more thing we can learn from the speaker is his willingness to serve the Lord even he is 66yrs old. I hope that young people including to myself, will be able to serve to the Lord from now on, until the day we’re called to meet Him.

Commitment has no age limit.

Shine on! Light of the world. We are His followers.


Shu Ying

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