Campus Alive


Ephesians 4:16

from whom the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does its share, causes growth of the body for the edifying of itself in love.

Transport Ministry

To get to New Life, we need you who love driving and careful when handling a car load of lives! If you do not know your way to church, fret not for we have experienced drivers who can spend time patiently guiding you and resolve your queries. But make sure that you have your P driving license before you sign up for this!

Contact Darryl at 0143951743 or Sharon at 0178721712.

Refreshment Ministry

We dig out easy-to-do-or-prepare-but-confirm-satisfying recipes and drool you after CA. Interested in filling our tummies after our hearts and minds have been fed?

Contact Rachel at 0122145233

Worship Ministry

The worship ministry is basically a team of people who are responsible to lead people into a time of worshiping god and to meet with Him. So, as long as you have a heart to lead people into god’s presence, you can appraoch us and join the team.

Contact Chris at 0138439466

Publicity Ministry

Every week we squeeze brain juice hoping to see some creativity in designing flyers for Cell Group meeting and CA gathering. NOW, we are waiting for you who may or may not be borned with such talents in designing to join our ministry. This ministry will also require you to write CG/CA reports and post relevant CG/CA photos on the CA blog. You do not have to write like the famous  bloggers, God sees your heart for the ministry not your English!

Contact Julia at 0149310017 or Tina at 0165929416

Multimedia Ministry

What we do can be divided into two main parts, taking care of the PA system and being the LCD projectionist. To ensure things are smooth during CA, we attend worship practice on Monday/Tuesday night. We ensure that all PA system/instruments/amplifiers/microphones are switched off after CA. We get the song list from the worship leader a.s.a.p. to prepare the Powerpoint slides for song lyrics (We make sure the words are big, clear and visible for viewing during worship!) In addition, we prepare the Powerpoint slides for announcements. Under this ministry, we ensure that the projector is functioning properly before CA begins and we MUST have a laptop.

Contact Julia at 0149310017 or Tina at 0165929416.

Missions Ministry

The current mission ministry of CA spreads God’s love by helping others in need. We go through World Vision (an International Christian Relief Development Organization) as our channel to alleviate the sufferings of those in undeveloped countries. Currently, we’re sponsoring the lives of two children – from Thailand and India respectively. Also, mission ministry aids in the follow-up and shepherding of newcomers in CA.

Contact Cindy at 0168833022

(in Campus) Campus Alive (iCA) Ministry

iCA is a brand new ministry in CA, basically it is to draw us closer to each other even during the week we do not have Campus Alive on in NLRC. Come and find out more about us! :)

Contact Esther at 0125422218 or Yu Seng at 0179331842

Hospitality Ministry

Basically, the Hospitality Ministry functions like like a hospital. The only difference is that our scope is a little bit bigger. We care for people no matter they are sick or not. Every CA, we are responsible to look for Emcees (one or two), a game master, and a number of ushers. We are the ones who welcome people and make them feel like they are home. Emcees are masters of ceremony. They are the main “speakers” in every CA. They talk and create atmospheres. Game masters are responsible to break the ice between the family members. They will think of games which are both interesting and bond-forming (between the members). Last but not least, ushers are responsible to welcome people into the sanctuary every CA. Some of them will be collecting offering during the allocated time. They are to attend to any need of anyone. Anyone out there who think that they can perform any of the above tasks may join us.

Contact Kar Suan at 0173823938

P/S: If you can’t find the person under the Ministry that you want to serve, you can find anyone else in the committee, and we would love to help! (:

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