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February 28, 2010

Loving with All Our Soul…just as He has LOVED us

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...exchanging-stories time ^_^...

Yeah…another gathering with our beloved family in Christ!

It was pretty rush-y that evening because ALM juniors had Chemistry test and the Ausmatians finished class at 6 p.m. His heavenly blessing was the reason everything went so smoothly on that night.

As the tradition of Campus Alive, the Core team and everybody that served on that night had a group prayer led by Cedric. The fellowship kick-started by a warm welcome from the emcees—Ming Kai and Grace—and opening prayer. Then it was time for game. The game masters were Daniel and Vincent (super seniors ^_^). We were divided into four groups. The leader from each group was asked to order the members to follow what they did—which was joining anything that they had or can find to make the longest bridge. In the end, everybody was a winner since each one of us was ‘awarded’ with chocolates from Germany!

Game Masters

CA bridges

"time to re-dress!"

After that, our (way) super, super, duper senior—that’s how Steffie described him—, Zhang Zhi shared his testimony on the journey he had to go through while studying in Germany. He had just completed his degree and going to take Master soon (wow!).

(Super, super, duper senior) Zhang Zhi sharing his testimony about the journey climbing up the ladder of success

The sermon from Pastor Mike Ngui was awesome! It was about how to love God with all our soul, how to love others just as God has loved us and on top of all, to love ourselves for who we really are. We do not have to put on a mask, just be yourselves (^_^). Let’s hear what my fellow friends said about what they have learned from the night of Loving with All Our Soul



Indeed the last CA was yet another blast for me. Though the attendance was fewer than expected, I was really encouraged to see people devoting that Thursday night for Campus Alive despite their hectic schedule in school. It felt good to see the ALG super super seniors back, as well as some super seniors from IMU. To me, it really is a blessing for us to have these seniors, uncle and aunties, and pastor Mike Ngui to be in CA to minister to us, both directly and indirectly.

Pastor Mike Ngui ^_^

When pastor started off by saying that it is simple to just say ‘I love you with my… everything lah’. I totally agreed with him and thought that it is easy to love a person, or to be loved by someone. As he continues his sermon, one particular phrase that caught my attention the most is ‘Do you really, really love me? Do you really, genuinely, and authentically love me? Or do you love my mask? (with his left hand moved across his face)’.  Immediately the thing that came through my mind is – have we been living a life which we are being our true self? Or have we been putting on a mask, so that we can please others, or so that others can please us more?

It is time to remove that mask. Jesus said ‘love me with all your soul’. It is time for us to really, genuinely, and authentically love Him and his people, not because it is the right thing to do, not because our masks requires us to do so, nor is it because by doing so, it will complement our masks,  but because it what the ‘true us’ really want to do.

♣brother Howard♣


“and thou shall love Jehovah thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might. And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be upon thy heart;”
Deuteronomy 6:5-6

The recent Campus Alive gathering wouldn’t be great without all of our brothers and sisters that came with their faith to be there and lay their hands upon receiving the blessing they deserve. With that, I praised the Lord for this recent Campus alive as it was a remarkable and enjoyful night to have!

The main focus for every single CA meeting is that there will be guests and speakers that been invited and served to God, to come and gave us a brief of Christianity stories, Love, power and faith that we always have towards our Lord Jesus. In this CA meeting, we welcomed one of our seniors from German that had just finished his degree and he came just to share with us his testimony of his life, where he encountered lots of barriers and difficulties that can cause his carrier to be vanquished. His testimony makes me felt energetic once again and at the same time, to keep have faith to ourselves that we can just do it no matter what obstacles we faced, yet of course we need to always have faith towards our Lord Jesus because He can soften our heart when we’re down, and He’s the one who can answer our prayers for everything that involves tough decisions. From that testimony we heard also, we’ve learn to always pray for our studies and keep remain faithful to God wherever we are!

Our Seniors & Super, Super, Duper Seniors! Wonderful People... ^_^

Our speaker on that CA meeting had given a talk to us about faith, love and soul. Here, we learn that to have faith, we need strength, we need confidence especially our soul to worship God and we must know that for every reason, there will be answers and for every love that we had, there will always happiness and sadness among us. Although we have love towards our friends, our husband/wife, our fiancée even to life, there is always one Love that we can’t cherish just by saying it. It is the love towards our God and religion. surely this time around I learned a lot about love, and be faithful to our God with our soul by just hearing what the pastor had given us. Thank You!

The CA meeting ended when we sang a worship song, Amazed. Yes, its true that Lord, I’m amazed by you and every blessing you pour out, I turn back to praise… Blessed be your glorious name! Amen!

Worship Team, Led by Jan

♣ brother MORGAN♣


There’s nothing as wonderful as meeting our brothers and sisters in Christ! CA is where we get to be revived in the Lord together. This week’s CA has been a blessing for me, as always. The worship and the teaching and not to forget the fellowship we have is just wonderful. It’s just great to see how we have the chance to celebrate God’s love! I believe God has a plan for us together. Let’s continue in loving and serving Him! Hots for Jesus…

Zombie-man & His Assistant (eyes massage, very effective to revive your eyes) O_o

♣sister Abigail♣


My mouth fell open and consternation filled my soul as Abigail and Ivy told me what an emcee’s job was. “It’s the master of ceremony, “ Abigail said as I stood rooted to the ground, not knowing what to do and say. When both of them came and asked me whether I could be the emcee for the CA this week, somehow because of my poor English I had misunderstood and I thought that they were asking me to be the usher for the night. So without much hesitation, I agreed. I wanted to turn down the offer later as I was never a good speaker. The last time I spoke on stage was in a story-telling competition when I was seven, which I failed miserably. However, I knew that there must be reasons why God had let me accept this task and that He would only give us tasks that we could handle.

Ms & Mr Emcees

To be frank, I had always envied those emcees in CA who could speak fluently and calmly on stage and I prayed to God that some day I would have the courage and be given the chance to be one, but I never thought that my prayers would be answered so quickly. “No, not this week. I have my English presentation and Chemistry test at the same day and I would never be able to pull all these through, “I quipped to myself but I was immediately reminded that with God, all things are possible. Many times in a day I had the thought to chicken out but had decided against it, and I was glad I didn’t.

Rachel sent me the flow of the event and later I met up with Grace (another emcee for the night) to discuss about the details. She was so fun to work with. I prayed hard and several times a day and I doubted God had listened to my prayers as I was still very nervous. That night when I got off the stage, Abigail told me that it was much better than my English presentation that morning, and phew—relief. When the song “Amazed” was performed by the worship team led by Jan, it suddenly dawned on me that God always listened whenever we prayed.

“You dance over me

While I am unaware

You sing all around

But I never hear the sound”

I was really touched by the love of God and I hated myself for even doubting the presence of God with me. He was there with me all along and I myself did not realize it. I thought I couldn’t make it through tonight but He proved me wrong. I had learnt so much from Him on that night. He had His plans for every one of us and sometimes, He might work in ways that we could not fully understand, but He would always be faithful and be there for us to guide us through all the challenges and obstacles in our lives.

The sermon later by Ps. Mike Ngui was wonderful as he said that we should love our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. He really had a sense of humour and everyone burst into bouts of laughter every now and then. A special thank to Ghai Xiong and Jonathan for the great refreshments after the CA.

“The Lord my God commanded me to be strong and courageous. I will not be terrified; not be discouraged, for the Lord my God will be with me wherever I go.”

Joshua 1:9

♣brother MING KAI♣


The last Campus Alive, themed “Loving God with All Your Soul” was another awesome gathering. I could really see God’s hand in this CA as in every CA. Even more inspiring, was when I saw people who were committed and willing to come on a Thursday night despite how tired they were.

That night, our invited guest, Pastor Mike gave a fantastic sermon on loving God with all our souls. After his message, I began to ponder on many things. I realized that in everything that we have achieved, we can see God’s love for us; and in everything that we possess, we can see God’s blessings for us. Sometimes, however, we do not give enough credit and gratitude to God.

In Romans 5:8, “But God commendeth his love toward us, in that, while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” There are no conditions placed on God’s love for us. He created us to have a loving relationship with Him, and He sacrificed His own Son (who also willingly died for us) to restore that relationship. Indeed, we can see how great our God is. Thus, it is time to truly love God with all our souls, shine for God and show others how much God has loved us.

As for those who served in the last CA, you guys were brilliant. The emcees, Grace and Ming Khai did a superb job even though they were both nervous wrecks before CA (:P). The games were marvelously carried out by the ALG seniors – thanks to them we all had chocolates! The worship was beautifully led by Jan and the rest of the music team. PA system was splendid. Ushers were fab. Refreshments were great. And also, thank you, Zhang Zhi for your wonderful testimony that encouraged us all to stay faithful to God.

Woship Team!

Most importantly, a big THANK YOU to you, Jesus for touching all our lives! :)

♣sister Rachel♣


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February 22, 2010

Loving with All Your Soul…

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It’s the month of love! We love because God first loved us. If we say we love God, but hate others, we are liars. For we cannot love God, whom we have not seen, if we do not love others, whom we have seen. The command that Christ has given us is this: whoever loves God must love others also. (1 John 19-21)

It is not easy to love others with all our soul but the grace and the sacred love of the Heavenly Father is always with us. Therefore, we have to open our heart and our soul to accept others for who they are because God’s love is unconditional…

Come along and celebrate the season of love! See you at the same time and at the same place. Together we learn how to love just like how He first loved us…because His LOVE is FREE, FABULOUS and CONTAGIOUS!!!

Loving in obedience, Making a difference…

February 1, 2010

The Second CA of 2010: Loving the Lord Your God with all your heart!

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Photo credits: Chen Liang


First of all, I am thankful that I have received a lot of positive feedback from my friends after leading for praise and worship during the second CA gathering.  And, believe me or not, they were not the only ones who were moved by God’s presence on that night. I myself was overwhelmed by what He had done through me and my worship team tonight.

Anyway, I had once asked the Lord to make me lead the worship team for the first CA gathering this year. Well, I was not ready (and not too sure of myself) to lead during the first gathering, so I told Him again to ‘postpone’ my service for a while.  However, I did not expect His calling for me was so soon that I freaked out when Abigail messaged me to lead the praise and worship on Saturday night before the gathering. I did tell her earlier that I wished to lead for praise and worship but it will only be done after CNY break because I felt the need to fully prepare myself for it. Even though I freaked out, I still accepted the task since I believe that that was His call to me, and I should answer His call.

However, things did not turn out as I wanted. (I bet) Satan is very quick in messing around with my plans for that gathering. On the next day (Sunday) after I accepted the task, I had fever due to over-exhaustion. My whole body was aching and very hot, and I could barely walk. I dragged myself to church and I could not concentrate during the service. I could not even smell the food and I lost my appetite ever since. Still, I just dragged myself to come to class on Monday to go for worship practice in the evening. Miraculously, I felt better during the practice because I could not feel my body aching and feeling very weak. I only turned weaker and I almost lost my voice after coming back from the practice later that night.

My ‘spiritual battle’ went on through Tuesday and Wednesday. However, I got better on Wednesday’s night and I was delighted to have my own self back again. I was happy that I managed to recover just in time for the gathering.  But Satan launched his second attack: I woke up the next day with a slight migraine. I prayed to God the whole day so that the pain will leave me soon but it got stronger as time passed. I was worried. I need to be physically, mentally and spiritually prepared before 8pm. I was frustrated because I could not find any solution to this. I felt down. All that was left for me was to leave and to depend entirely to God. I still remembered that I told the Lord to just take over my entire body and mind so that I could go through everything during the gathering. I was hopeless, and all I could do was to surrender myself to Him.

And once again, the enemy was finally defeated. After taking my meal and my medication, the pain was gone within an hour. Normally, with the high intensity of pain and the feeling of throwing up, I can only recover from the illness on the next day. Nonetheless, all my pain had been taken away from me within one hour only. I was finally managed to get myself prepared for the praise and worship! Praise the Lord!!

Surrendering my entire self and letting God works through me would be the turning point of my service that night. Frankly, I did not feel that I had total control of myself while leading on that night. I could feel that I was moved by a strong force from within me. This force made my heart to beat faster and I bet my adrenaline level was high too. I did not sing as exactly as planned during the practice…it was just different. Personally, I was emotionally affected while singing “Bagai Rajawali”. I could even hear a voice that asked me to keep repeating the chorus while I was singing this song. The Lord had touched me with His love that He almost made me cry at that time.  After such a long time, I had never experienced the vibrant presence of The Holy Spirit within me. The Spirit was the one that had moved me throughout the session, and I was glad that those that came admitted that they did felt a strong presence with them on that night too. I was also glad that I finally able to share His love and to glorify His name with those who came on that night. I bet this was the best evening that I have ever had because up until now, as I type this testimony, I could feel the Spirit’s lively presence deep within me. (And honestly, I think it’s contagious!) I would like to thank my worship team members for their guidance and their support.

Last but not least, I would like to share with all of you from Ephesians 4:30-31 that reads:

And do not make God’s Holy Spirit sad; for the Spirit is God’s mark of ownership on you, a guarantee that the Day will come when God will set you free. Get rid of all bitterness, passion, and anger. No more shouting or insults, no more hateful feelings of any sort.

Let the Spirit that is in you rejoice and praise the Lord. By doing that, then we will always be in touch with Our Lord and will be able to walk (and live) in His presence. Let us also continue to serve Him and to spread the Good News to others. (Amen!)

-Maritha John


My first experience with Campus Alive was a good one. From the start, the commitment shown by both the pastor and the pastor’s wife (they drove me to Kota Kemuning and back!) was mirrored by the dedication of my fellow INTECiansin organzing and participating in CA. The game ‘Cars on a Busy Road’ had us running and shrieking crazily, while worship was uplifting and inspiring. Pastor Ron Hee had us laughing as he talked, but his message truly stayed with me: ‘guard your heart. live beyond yourself.’ Everyone at CA was friendly and although I was new there, I felt included. The spirit of togetherness in the room was amazing, and ultimately that was the part of the night that stayed with me.


Ju Vern


The second CA of 2010 started off with an invigorating game, led by Larry & Grace. Praise God for a wonderful time of praise and worship. (Oh yes, I must add, one of the highlights would definitely be the part when David rapped =D)

Next, we had an encouraging sermon by Pastor Ron Hee, a senior pastor from New Life. In accordance to the theme of CA, love the Lord your God with all your heart, we were reminded that everything should be done on the basis of God’s love. He also urged us not to allow rejection to hinder us from achieving God’s higher plan. Even when circumstances seem to be against us, God still loves us and everything happens for the good of those who love Him.

After an announcement by Jan about the upcoming ‘Ops Gegar’ event, we had a birthday celebration for all January babies. Each received uniquely designed cards (courtesy of Carol) with the CA logo on it =). Refreshments were awesome (courtesy of Ming Khai)! Oh yes, there was a special testimony from Phillip, who miraculously recovered from one of the worst cases of denggi fever! Praise God, for his mercy endures forever!

It has been such a blessing to be able to gather here as a family, once again. Thank God for his endless grace and mercy!

A big thank you to all who made this CA possible!

Sarah =)


Please note that:

1. Prayer Meeting this Wednesday will be held at:

a) Dataran Cemara at 8pm for all girls and senior guys

b) TV Room, Block 1, Cendana at 8pm for all Cendana-ians =)

2. Combined Cell Group for all guys and girls this Thursday.

a) For girls and senior guys, wait at the Akasia bus stop at 7.30 pm

b) For the Cendana-ians, be at the guardhouse at 7pm. Transport will be provided.

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